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Mercury Facts

Mercury facts – all you need to know about Mercury and Astrology

Mercury Facts

Astronomical Mercury facts

Mercury’s Mean Distance From Earth: 57,909,175 kilometers (35,983,095 miles).
Orbital period around the Sun: 0.241 Earth years (87.97 Earth days)
Composition: Mercury is the second densest planet after Earth. It has a large iron core with a radius of 1,800 to 1,900 kilometers (1,100 to 1,200 miles), about 75 percent of the planet’s radius. Mercury’s outer shell, comparable to Earth’s outer shell (called the mantle), is only 500 to 600 kilometers (300 to 400 miles) thick. Mercury’s magnetic field is thought to be a miniature version of Earth’s. Scientists are uncertain of the strength of the field as it speeds through space at nearly 50 km per second, faster than any other planet.

Astrology and MercuryFacts

Mercury rules the signs of  Gemini, &  Virgo

In the birth chart, Mercury represents the urge to communicate with and exchange information with others. In the mind, it represents our rational thought processes, or the ability to analyse and reach logical conclusions. In the body, it is the nervous system, which coordinates and unifies all the different bodily functions into an organised whole. Mercury can be said to represent electricity in the form of information. Mercury therefore rules all forms of communication and exchange of information. The ability to organise facts into a consistent view of the world.

In mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods and is the closest planet to the Sun. Along with Venus it is one of the inferior planets, that is, its orbit lies within the earths orbit.

Mercury’s sign position and aspects to Mercury in the chart show how one thinks and communicates. The way in which our thoughts are expressed, and the way in which we receive such information from the world around us.

Personal Mercury facts free chart

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