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David Bowie Month Forecast

David Bowie Month Forecast – PCA Argus – Interpretations

David Nowie Month Forecast


David Bowie: 8 Jan 1947 AD Wed 9 00 00 0 00 E GBE

Introduction to David Bowie Month Forecast

There are two types of transits or movement of the planets – long term, and short term daily transits.

The long term transits can effect your birth chart for up to two to three months, and due to astrological cycles, these transits will occasionally recur during the year. The main thing to remember is that these transits represent trends and it is up to the individual to make the best of them. A good guideline is to take advantage of the good periods, and turn the not so good periods to your advantage! For example, if you are aware that you are likely to be argumentative on a particular day, then you may be able to divert your energies and avoid arguments or disputes before they happen. Astrology is not a tool of fate – it doesn’t rule your life – it should be used as a guide. Ultimately, it is up to every individual to take control of their lives.

The short term daily transits usually only last a day or two – occasionally up to one week.

There will be times when several long term transits overlap, and may even counteract each other. The best thing to do is to read through the information carefully, and then integrate that information to create a whole picture for the period the transits are in effect.

Please bear in mind that unless the time of birth provided was exact, then it is likely that the exact effect of the transits may be felt either several days before or after the dates given. You will soon be able to regulate the pattern by following the transits carefully.

 From about: 1 Jun 2013 to about: 1 Jul 2013

*Transiting Pluto Square your Natal Neptune

At this point, in your later years, the direction of your life may become somewhat unclear and muddled almost as if a force greater than yourself has taken control. You will be left questioning exactly why you are doing what you are doing.

Dissatisfaction could leave you feeling disgruntled, dissatisfied and depressed. But it is very important that you don’t give in to feelings of depression – face the realities that you are trying to avoid and then make any necessary adjustment or changes to your life to put you back on the right track.

However, as some drastic changes may be forced upon you against your will the occasional outburst of erratic and unstable emotions may be hard to avoid. Nevertheless if you now feel you are being swept along towards a new life – then don’t swim against the tide many changes will actually prove beneficial.

Drained physical energy and excessive self inflicted worry could now make you prone to nervous illness or disease. However, do beware relying too heavily on drugs or alcohol. Perhaps it is time to escape to a more tranquil setting in order to rest, relax and realign mind, body and soul.

As you will be incredibly generous, less scrupulous individuals could try to take advantage of your extreme sensitivity. Beware deception from others – someone may be deliberately trying to cause you harm. Also avoid taking unnecessary financial risks – avoid dubious characters promising “get-rich-quick” schemes.

From about: 1 Jun 2013 to about: 5 Jun 2013

*Transiting Uranus Opposite your Natal Neptune

Peculiar moods and unpredictable emotions could cause bewilderment, strain and tension. You will now be thrown off balance by unexpected events and changes – and your sense of reality could be turned inside out. Hidden secrets may be revealed. Goals, ambitions and future plans may suddenly become confused and irrelevant.

Although you will now be drawn to the mystical and religious side of life, avoid foolhardy psychic and psychological experiments – they will only add confusion as will an excess of alcohol and drugs. This is not a time to put too much trust in others – especially those you don’t know very well. You could become the victim of deceit and dishonesty.

Sometimes this transit brings a time of reckoning – a time to come to terms with your life so far and how well you’ve integrated the physical and mystical side of life. If one has been ignored for the other – then you still have time to make amends and redress the balance.

Sudden financial difficulties could concern inheritance, insurance or tax matters.

 From about: 1 Jun 2013 to about: 1 Jun 2013

*Transiting Saturn Square your Natal Saturn

This may not be one of the easiest times of your life. Your confidence may be easily shattered, and self inflicted feelings of self doubt could create problems where there are none. In other words, you could go looking for trouble – and worrying about events and possibilities that haven’t even happened. However, you could be creating a “Catch 22” situation. By actually worrying too much, you could create anxiety attacks and problems which should never have existed in the first place.

Whatever you started in the last major aspect of Saturn, which would have been seven years ago – may now be put to the test. This could affect any area of your life – your job, personal relationships, business or family life. Whatever the case, you will now be devoting much more time to deep soul searching thought – questioning the direction and value of your life. In some cases, drastic changes will need to be made.

However, you may find that obstacles are put in your path. You will either decide to jump these hurdles – or lay low until your strength and confidence returns, which should be after this transit has passed.

Avoid making business or property related decisions around now, as you may find problems with the legal side of the transaction. You may also have problems with parents, or older people in authority – either in your personal or business life.

 From about: 1 Jun 2013 to about: 2 Jun 2013

*Transiting Sun is Trine your Natal Neptune

Compassion will be your keyword today. You will be less concerned with materialistic values and more concerned with helping friends, family .in fact, anyone in need. Any kind of creative talent could also be inspired over the next few days – so make the best of your artistic and literary skills. A special romance could begin with this new lover just strolling into your life as if they’d always belonged.

From about: 2 Jun 2013 to about: 5 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mars Opposite your Natal Venus

Jealousy and possessiveness could cause conflicts in romance and marriage yet at the same time heightened passions will increase your sex drive. This combination could either produce fiery passion, strengthening inextricable bonds of love or blazing tempers and rows – which could tear an unstable relationship apart. If unattached, you could now be attracted to the most unusual of people!

From about: 2 Jun 2013 to about: 4 Jun 2013

*Transiting Sun is Sextile your Pluto

This could be a day of significant changes. Cultivate contacts, especially with older individuals or people in authority. Now is the time to start thinking about moving up the career ladder or starting your own business. Today, logic and intuition should be well balanced, creating a greater self understanding of your own personal needs, motives and goals.

From about: 3 Jun 2013 to about: 1 Jul 2013


*Transiting Uranus is Trine your Natal Pluto

Planetary aspects affecting you now indicate some degree of leadership qualities – you will be able to work as a manager or team leader, with enthusiasm and motivation that will be contagious. Others will both respect and understand your opinions and actions.

This is a time in your life to make any necessary changes, without pain. If these same changes are forced upon you at a later time against your will, you may consider them far more disruptive to your life – and may fight against them.

You will be creating situations which will bring much more fun, excitement and interest into your daily routine and you are likely to find yourself doing things or meeting people that you’ve only dreamt of in the past. You will feel ready for anything!

Take advantage of any sudden and unexpected opportunities – they may be just the chance you’ve been waiting for! Don’t dither – now is the time to be quick and decisive – be willing to take a few risks grab the opportunities and make the best of them before they disappear! Planetary transits also indicate that travel is likely during this time.

From about: 4 Jun 2013 to about: 6 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mars Trine your Ascendant

Get your running shoes on as you are now likely to be feeling energetic and sporty! Treat your body to a fitness programme! When dealing with others, you will get straight to the point and will not mince your words. You will be more independent, confident and far more self assured than usual.

From about: 4 Jun 2013 to about: 7 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mars Sextile your Natal Moon

Your emotions will be a power-house during this time. You will not be satisfied just to think. You will now want to feel as well. Personal relationships and new love affairs will be intense, sensual and passionate – many of you making romantic fantasies and dreams come true. Much activity will centre around the home – you could decide to redecorate.

From about: 4 Jun 2013 to about: 7 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mars Opposite your Midheaven

Others may be envious of your achievements and may therefore erect barriers and put obstacles in your path to prevent you from getting any further ahead. Don’t play into their hands and react with anger – that is exactly what they want. Instead, keep your head down well out of the firing line but continue making steady progress. Deceitful competitors will soon be left well behind.

From about: 5 Jun 2013 to about: 6 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mercury is Opposite your Natal Mercury

In trying to achieve too much too quickly you may end up achieving nothing at all. Therefore if your mind is racing ahead of itself slow down this frenetic pace to avoid mental overload and nervous exhaustion. Postpone important decisions until you can consider issues more carefully, and take particular care when travelling.

From about: 7 Jun 2013 to about: 8 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mercury is Square your Natal Neptune

Lacking clarity and direction in your life you may feel as if you are lost in a cloud of fog not being able to clearly see what is directly ahead. Beware deception and dishonesty. Unable to concentrate for any significant length of time, duties and responsibilities may be neglected. Drained physical energies could drag down vitality. If possible, take a few days break.

From about: 8 Jun 2013 to about: 11 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mars Sextile your Natal Saturn

During these few days you are capable of much hard work, channelling a great deal of energy and drive towards achieving goals and ambitions. You will give everything your best shot and interference will not be tolerated. You are on your way up, and that is exactly where you intend to stay. Long standing problems and difficulties should finally be resolved. Competitors will be left standing as you shoot ahead into the fast lane.

From about: 8 Jun 2013 to about: 10 Jun 2013

*Transiting Sun is Conjunct your Natal Uranus

In search of excitement, drama and adventure you will now demand personal freedom and independence. Today may herald the beginning of unusual new love affair and friendships with individuals who will broaden your personal horizons as never before. Career prospects also look extremely promising.

From about: 9 Jun 2013 to about: 10 Jun 2013

*Transiting Venus Opposite your Natal Mercury

News is likely to come your way that will affect your love life – perhaps via an unexpected letter or phone call. This may not necessarily be bad news, but it may temporarily shatter the peace and tranquillity of your home life. Be careful not to spread gossip during this time.

From about: 11 Jun 2013 to about: 13 Jun 2013

*Transiting Venus Square your Natal Neptune

Rocky and unstable relationships could now crumble, or you may look elsewhere for emotional and physical satisfaction. Therefore secret love affairs are now possible. You may also now choose to escape into the past as a welcome relief from the problems and responsibilities of the present. Postpone major financial decisions until stability returns into your life.

From about: 12 Jun 2013 to about: 14 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mercury is Opposite your Natal Mars

Although your own feelings could easily be hurt over the next few days, no one would know it as you will be hiding inner emotions and thoughts behind a protective emotional barrier. Feeling irritable, moody and bad tempered in retaliation, you are likely to verbally strike out against anyone and everyone within shouting distance often being contrary just for the sake of it. Take particular care when travelling or handling sharp instruments.

From about: 13 Jun 2013 to about: 15 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mercury is Opposite your Natal Sun

Although compromise may be almost impossible during this next few days, try to remain open minded and tactful. Don’t allow ego conflicts and misunderstandings to permanently damage long-standing friendships or business relationships. If possible, postpone important negotiations and discussions until the mood becomes more tranquil.

From about: 14 Jun 2013 to about: 17 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mars Trine your Natal Neptune

This is a time to help others. Increased psychic sensitivity should now give you a deeper instinctive understanding of the needs, emotions and wants of others. Your outgoing and happy nature will be contagious, and should draw friends and loved ones to you. This is also a time when you will try to make dreams come true.

From about: 16 Jun 2013 to about: 17 Jun 2013

*Transiting Venus Opposite your Natal Mars

Even if you are not normally a jealous person, the green eyed monster could get the better of you during this time. Intense emotions could either lead to an aggressive, torrid sex life, or blazing rows! In any event, there is likely to be man/woman conflict leading to passionate emotional confrontations.

From about: 16 Jun 2013 to about: 18 Jun 2013


*Transiting Venus Opposite your Natal Sun

Don’t attempt any hard physical work – you simply will not be in the mood. Why not treat yourself to some rest and relaxation – take it easy and indulge yourself a little! But this could also be a time of dangerous romantic liaisons – the temptation to be indiscreet could be hard to resist. Lose yourself in some kind of creative work instead – and keep your head well out of the firing line!

From about: 17 Jun 2013 to about: 20 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mars Sextile your Natal Pluto

This could be a time of tremendous achievements. You are both ready and able to work extremely hard towards successfully reaching personal goals and ambitions. Self confidence and a sense of adventure will urge you to take action in areas only dreamed of in the past. Logic and intuition will be well balanced.

From about: 18 Jun 2013 to about: 23 Jun 2013

From about: 30 Jun 2013 to about: 1 Jul 2013

*Transiting Mercury is Trine your Natal Jupiter

Unexpected good news may disrupt your daily routine. This is certainly a time to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way, especially if they involve travel. If travel isn’t possible then in some way you could find yourself in contact with overseas visitors or business contacts. Starting a new study of retraining programme could also work to your advantage.

From about: 20 Jun 2013 to about: 21 Jun 2013

*Transiting Venus Trine Natal Jupiter

During this time, you will put others before yourself and will be seen as sympathetic, generous and out-going giving support and love to those in need. Planetary transits are also signalling the beginning of pleasant, romantic love affairs. Strenuous work should be avoided, as you will be feeling unhurried and carefree. But watch your diet – as weight could easily be gained.

From about: 25 Jun 2013 to about: 28 Jun 2013

*Transiting Mars Conjunct your Natal Uranus

Feeling a sudden need for personal freedom and independence, any restrictions on your actions will now seem unbearable. Irritability and temper may be difficult to control as previously hidden pent-up emotions are finally aired. Unexpected events could disrupt your daily routine. Be very aware of what is happening all around you, as you are likely to be accident prone.

From about: 28 Jun 2013 to about: 30 Jun 2013

*Transiting Venus Trine your Natal Venus

Lady luck could be calling during this time, so make sure that you leave your door wide open! Feeling relaxed, easy going and sociable – many opportunities will seemingly just land in your lap – but they actually are the accumulation of previous hard graft. Spend as much time as you can with your lover – this could be a tremendously romantic period.

From about: 29 Jun 2013 to about: 1 Jul 2013

*Transiting Sun is opposite your Natal Mercury

Although compromise may be almost impossible today, try not to lose your temper and remain open minded and tactful. Don’t allow ego conflicts and misunderstandings to permanently damage long standing friendships or business relationships. If possible, postpone important negotiations and meetings until your mood becomes more tranquil.

From about: 30 Jun 2013 to about: 1 Jul 2013

*Transiting Venus is Conjunct your Natal Moon

Feeling dreamy and romantic, you will want to spend time with someone you love – probably in the comfort and security of home. Nostalgia will cause you to contact friends from the past – or just talk over “the good old days” with close loved ones. Contact with women, especially your mother, could bring positive results. The temptation to overeat or drink may be hard to resist.

From about: 30 Jun 2013 to about: 1 Jul 2013

*Transiting Venus Opposite your Ascendant

Avoid arguments today – you will not have the physical or emotional energy to cope with the trials and tribulations of life. If possible, stay at home and surround yourself with life’s little luxuries! Avoid confrontations at work – if you manage to keep the peace, then your skills of tact and diplomacy will make a greater impression.

From about: 30 Jun 2013 to about: 1 Jul 2013

*Transiting Venus Trine your Midheaven

Being fair-minded and balanced in your opinions, you may find yourself the mediator in a family quarrel during this time. Your sensible advice will be needed. Creativity at work should also be enhanced. Take advantage of any opportunity that enables you to work from home – either on a temporary or permanent basis

This concludes David Bowie Month Forecast Transit interpretation