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Life Destiny Special Deal

Life Destiny Reading Special Deal 3 reports for the price of 2

Life Destiny Special Deal

 Your Life Destiny special deal special deal includes:


(1) Life Destiny – developing your most positive talents -Shed light on certain facets of life . . . Your sensitivity and how you communicate with others – Your relating skills – How to make the most of your abilities and find inspiration that will motivate and challenge you.

(2) Soul Profile – the true nature – 12 Chapters about your personality . . . How you appear to others, your personality together with your motivation and purpose in life plus what you need most and the emotional responses you are likely to make. Your Soul Profile continues with chapters on career and status, your powers of perception and your intellect.

(3) Forecaster 12 months – future experiences – What’s coming up in the days ahead . . . With prior notice of important opportunities, you can identify the right time to handle any changes in your relationship, job or home. See through deceptions and realize you can to say no when you need to.

Life Destiny Special Deal – Terms of Supply

You can order your Life Destiny Special Deal Reading using Paypal or by Credit or debit card using a new banking gateway called STRIPE

You are given the opportunity to check the data you provide before proceeding with your Life Destiny Special Deal Reading. However if by any chance you enter the wrong information i.e. date or time or location of birth  send us an email and we will redo your Life Destiny Special Deal Reading with your newly supplied correct information and update the links to your readings as soon as ossble.

If your card is declined triy another day when you are likely to have cleared funds available.