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Astrolabe Astrology Reports personal report writer you can edit. 

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*Please note this report is NOT editable

 Astrolabe Astrology Reports – What You Can Do

Astrolabe Astrology Reports combines great text and a beautiful presentation to provide the finest astrology and numerology reports anywhere. Create highly salable color or b&w printouts with your own choice of wheel styles, fonts, graphics and page formats …. and do all kinds of reports automatically, in a single batch!

The unique Astrolabe Astrology Report System interface allows you to choose from your stable of reports with just a few clicks of the mouse. Since each report comes with this unique interface, they can also stand-alone. You can customize each report individually allowing for the greatest flexibility. You can even insert your own page(s) that can be used to describe or promote your astrological services.

The sophisticated “umbrella” program gives your reports true “industrial-strength” capabilities. With it, you can create unique report products to sell, and can print them out with incredible speed and ease.

The Astrolabe Astrology Reports System allows you to:

  • Keep all your reports accessible from the same screen so all it takes is a mouse click to attach any of them to a chart.
  • Do any mixture of reports on any chart. Click on reports A and B for the first chart, C and D for the second chart, something else for the third chart, etc., then leave your printer to do the rest!
  • Create different versions of each report: full and short reports, decorative reports, special-purpose versions with text you’ve rewritten for specific needs (teenage report, midlife crisis report, etc.). It’s like having many reports for the price of one!
  • Dress up reports with fancy fonts, color, graphics and decorative wheels.
  • Save graphic wheels as BMP or WMF.
  • Add your own pages to the printouts: an ad, price list, order form, decorative title page, introductory letter.
  • Update your programs automatically for your Nova and Solar Fire-style charts!
  • Create and retrieve in organized or Solar Fire format. No file conversion necessary! Plus, you can access charts from anywhere on (or off) your hard disk.
  • See an instant on-screen wheel by clicking twice on any chart, or pop up a constantly updating chart wheel for the present moment.
  • Instantly find charts by typing a few letters from the name. Now you don’t have to remember which file a chart is in, and you can easily find and eliminate duplicates.
  • Organize all your chart files with drag-and-drop ease. Drag Nova charts to Solar Fire chart files, and vice versa–an instant copy is made in the other chart-file format. The ability quickly to view full chart data, chart wheels, and even Solar Fire chart comments lets you see which chart is which, what needs to be corrected, etc.

Editable vs. Non-Editable Astrolabe Astrology Reports

The Astrolabe Astrology Report System includes two types of report:

Editable reports are completely customizable, down to the very wording of the report. You can change any individual report, adding special comments for your clients. You can also change the text database itself, so reports always come up in your own words.

The Report System’s own Astroloabe Astrology Report Editor lets you see minor changes you make instantly reflected in all reports from then on. For extensive rewrites, there’s an extra copy of the text database thoughtfully provided in MS Word format so you can take advantage of the advanced text handling features this and compatible word processing programs.