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Solar Fire Relocation Astrology Astro Mapping

Solar Maps

Relocation astrology astro mapping with Astro-Locality Mapsthat  have lines showing where on earth the planets at the birth moment would be rising, setting, culminating and anticulminating — in other words, locations where the planets would tend to be particularly active. Choosing one of the 16 maps included in Solar Fire, you can project on it lines for any planet, asteroid or hypothetical body from Solar Fire’s regular point set. In addition, you can see the location of eclipse paths and print out local space charts.

 Local Space Map

Solar Fire Map

Local Space maps and wheels show azimuths (compass directions) of a chart’s planets as seen from any specified location. You can view these lines on the maps by themselves, or combine them with astro-mapping and eclipse lines.

 Local Horizon Chart

Solar Fire Local Horizon Chart

 Relocated Charts

Using Solar Fire’s “Locality” feature, it’s easy to recast a chart for as many different locations as you wish. Plus, in the regular chart view, you can use the “Rectify” button to nudge the chart’s longitude and/or latitude to get the Asc, MC and houses that you’re looking for.

 Geodetic and Johndro Charts

Adjust the MC of the natal chart according to a symbolic projection of the zodiac onto the Earth’s meridians. You can calculate either type of chart in longitude or right ascension. You can also specify the longitude on Earth where you want the zodiac to start.