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Justin Timberlake – Pathfinder – PCA Argus Interpreter

31 Jan 1981

Sat 18 30 00 6 00 W 35 09 N 90 03 W

This is your Pathfinder Report, personalised to the date, time and place of your birth; based on the principle that you are happiest when you are doing what you want to do most.

The ancients believed that, at the moment of birth, as the soul journeys to the earth, it brings with it the influences of the planets which it passes on its way. This set of influences becomes the individual’s map or horoscope. It becomes their internalised path.

Purposelessness is perhaps the greatest dis-ease of our time. Without meaning life is empty. But what is the purpose and meaning of this life ? Why are we here ?

We are here to walk our path, on the earth, beneath the sky. The inner sky becomes our path on

Pathfinder Report asks the questions:

Who Am I ?
Which describes your being, your central core, your ‘I’ and your ways of declaring who you are.

Why Am I Here ?

Which looks at your purpose.

Where Do I Come From ?

Which deals with roots and ancestry, the foundations of your spiritual and psychological make-up. Your personal history.

Where Am I Going ?

Which portrays your direction in the world and your spiritual unfolding. The place where you ground your vision and your manner of increasing wisdom and evolution.
How Do I Get There ?Is about your path. How you channel, filter and focus who you are. The place where you find your vision and identity; your separateness.

Who Are My Helpers ?

Considers friends, enemies and lovers; relationships and what you learn from them. How you die as an individual and are reborn as a child of the universe; losing your separateness and merging with the other-than-you.

What Will Heal Me ?

Describes how you heal yourself and others by becoming whole.

Ultimately, it answers the question, How can I find my integrity and live my life fully and effectively? The answer is a marriage of the heaven and earth within.


Pathfinder Report is not a personal description. It is more of a ‘How To’ manual, attempting to clarify your potential and tell you how you can fulfil it.

There may seem to be some contradictions in the report, because human beings, and their lives, are full of paradoxes. Pathfinder Report shows you how to marry these differences within yourself.

Look out for themes and patterns that emerge in your mind as you read the report. These are your focal, strong, points of emphasis in your life.

As you read the report again, from time to time, more information will emerge.

You may find the report wordy. Words have been used intentionally, not only to convey meaning, but to create the magical effect of sounds woven together. They are the interpretative tool, used to capture the essence and the influence of the astrological symbolism. They are the channel. The effect is the path.

A note about parents. The nurturing, or inner, parent, more likely to be your father, with whom
you relate on an unseen, spiritual level, in essence. can also be your mother, or anyone else who fulfilled that role in your life. The dominant, or outer, parent, more likely to be your mother, with, and through whom, you relate to the world, on the material plane, in so-called ‘reality’, can also be either. You will know which role has been played by whom or whether they have shared or alternated in these roles.

Each parent can take either role at different times. What is important is that your parents, or carers, have shared a parenting attitude and dynamic, and you have been influenced by it.

If there are parts of you portrayed that you do not readily recognise, think about denial and what you are not owning as your own. You may be attracting other people to fulfil parts of your chart that you are not fulfilling for yourself; eg the male role, the female role, your worldly image. Where you are given alternatives, they will not usually all be true for you.

Remember that, whether you are male or female, your will have both male and female parts of yourself, which need to function in relationship with each other. Otherwise you can never be a complete person and will always be dependent on someone else to fulfil these roles for you. In this way you can never take up your own power, but remain trapped in dependency.

For this reason this report does not have separate interpretations for men or women.

Finally, if there are parts of the interpretation with which you cannot identify, this may be because they are in potential and have not yet been developed to their fullest possibility. So do re-consider. You may not be conscious of these things at this time and they may become apparent later. Your potential will unfold in time, as you mature. So you have an idea of what is in store for you and what you need to develop.

Walk in beauty and happy travelling.

Who am I?

* Sun in Aquarius

You are the individualist, the non-conformist, the revolutionary and the reformer;
original, unusual, unpredictable, spontaneous; sudden, changing, impatient and shocking.
You are the challenger of authority and the breaker of rules; the rebel, wanting to change
the world. You are the eccentric, the genius, the inventor, the analyst, the scientist;
the awakener, pouring out your knowledge upon the world; sharing it with humanity; seeking advances in all walks of life and areas of human achievement. You are the explorer of the unknown, the irrational, the bizarre; the occultist. You are the open-minded thinker of new thoughts and ideas; the intellectual, the idealist and the ruthless seeker of truth.
You are intuitive knowing, visionary, aware of future possibility; often absent-minded or
preoccupied, professorial. You are the altruist, the humanitarian, the philanthropist and
the friend; more concerned with humanity than individuals; impersonal, detached, distant
but not indifferent; the outsider, the exile and the loner; and the icy bolt of
compassionate truth.

* Sun in Aquarius

You find your true Self through the assertion of progressive ideas about
deep truth and emotional honesty
in your roots, culture, family, home and inner life;
projecting a personality which tends to exaggerate
balance, harmony and mutual co-operation
in your self-evaluation, use of possessions, wealth and resources;
whilst your soul seeks the power of
balance, harmony and mutual co-operation
in communication, exploration and understanding of your environment.
* ASC in Leo

You express your personal identity when radiating
innovation, altruism and individuality
in daily work;
and your social identity through your progressive approach to
deep truth and emotional honesty
in your roots, culture, family, home and inner life;
projecting your public image through the refinement of
steady work, stabilisation and materialisation
in creative and re-creational activities.
* Mercury in Pisces

You have a kind, considerate and willing mind which is rather chaotic and disorganised at
times; not very practical and open to the thoughts of others and their influence. Although
your mind is pleasant and gentle, your thoughts empathetic and compassionate, you can be
confused, distracted and absent-minded. This is because you tend to think in images and
through perceptions, impressions and feelings. Your thinking is transcendent, diffused and
you find it difficult to define your thoughts or convert them into words, which, for you,
are too logical and limiting; communication can be difficult, although you communicate
well on psychic levels. Hence you tend to waffle; or talk too much. You appear to be
forgetful, but impressions that you receive can be indelible. Your lack of verbal clarity
can lead to dishonesty, in an attempt to cover up your mistakes, or to deceit and
delusion. You often feel misquoted or misunderstood and find yourself in messy situations,
where explanation becomes even more difficult; until such time as you have come to terms
with your unique way of thinking and have learned how to use it in practical ways. Your
thinking processes add originality, vision and flexibility; consideration and softness to
your individuality; also clairvoyance and the ability to utilise dreams and imagery.

Why Am I Here?

* Sun in Aquarius

You are here to develop the ability to use collective power; by the fixed concentration of
thoughts, to realise them; to change the quality of energies released in interpersonal and
social interplay; to be used in the name of and for the sake of society; through your
conception of the future; making man aware of new possibilities. You are here to shake up
old institutions which have become rigid. You are a functioning agent of society; bringing
the social activities of society to a cultural flowering; inventing for the benefit of
society; studying humanity; evolving social and group togetherness; developing the Utopian
dream, the future; cutting with the past and discarding bogus authority and outworn
traditions, ushering in the new order. You are here in the interests of developing world
service, not in the interests of developing your self; although your may experience
loneliness, being unable to personalise divine love. You are here to fight for liberty,
justice and equality; your own freedom, that you may serve the needs of humanity.
* Sun in 6th House

Your purpose is best expressed through flexibility, adaptability, understanding, analysis,
communication, intelligence and mental expression; material and objective goals; the
earning of your daily bread; work, skills, precision, daily routines, mundane matters;
health matters, care of the body; and attention to the messages that it gives you;
discipline, discipleship and personal service; adjustment to necessity; self-purification,
self-perfection, self-transformation and completion of your individuality; living your
original nature in simplicity;
* Leo in 1st House

and through direct action, self-awareness, your appearance; the establishment of your
personal identity;
* Sagittarius on 5th House Cusp

by radiating love, joy, creativity, vitality and power; expressing your will,
self-motivation and spontaneity; experiencing personal fulfilment and happiness through
expansiveness, enthusiasm, sociability, optimism, trust and faith in the future;
* Venus in 5th House

and through your receptivity, femininity, beauty and self-evaluation; your validation of
life, love affairs and validation through love; your emotional need to be mirrored in
love; self-projection into your creations, which can result in attachment and
* Sun in Aquarius

You have the ability to reflect your potential for humanitarian ideals, forward thinking
and genius
in your daily work and service
through expansiveness and optimism
in your home, family and inner life.

Where Do I Come From?

* Leo Ascendant

You came into this world with great expectation and elation. You were wanted, valued and
accepted. Consequently you automatically expect love, admiration, to be the centre of
attention, to be applauded, having been treated as rather special, although not
necessarily spoiled. Being encouraged to develop your considerable talents and abilities,
your were also subjected to a rather authoritarian regime, from one parent at least, and
expected to conform to certain traditional and possibly religious family standards. There
may have been competition between you and your father. There would have been material
comfort and security, respectability and high standards in your childhood, but you may
have felt isolated, slightly apart, due to your specialness, and the exploitation of your
talents, feeling loved only for your performances, not for you as you are.
* IC in Scorpio

You come from a background of raw emotions, traumas and subterranean dangers, seething beneath the fabric of your family; hidden power, violence and frustration. You may have been influenced by death, suicide or raw sexuality in your early home life; by jealousy, greed and manipulation; the need for personal gratification.

Your ancestors were mysterious, powerful people, living dangerously and exposed to the
hazards and perils of life. They may have had some connections with witchcraft or the
occult. You have inherited courage and the ability to confront your emotions, however
dangerous the death of your ego may feel to you.

Your father or dominant parent was powerful, possibly violent, dominated by what he failed
to face, his shadow; a dark force in your life; sexually threatening; raging,
impotent, frustrated, inadequate. You may have been influenced by his sexual relationship
with your mother; his selfish need for gratification; or by his death.

You are a soul with hidden power, smouldering in the depths of your unconscious; an
indestructible phoenix who rises again and again from the ashes of your emotional
destruction, rebuilding, regenerating, your inner resources.

Your life will be based on intensity; courage; truth; emotional honesty; self-knowledge;
unveiling pretences; taking up authority; facing fear, immortality; letting go of control;
balancing feelings with actions; re-orientations, transformations, upheavals, crises;
connecting to the earth, its mysteries, and the secrets of human nature; passion,
sexuality, fusion with another.
* Moon in Sagittarius

Your father has given you the inspiration and ability to use your instinct for enthusiasm
and exploration
in your home and inner life
by bringing independence and humanity
into your daily work, service and self-purification.
* Jupiter in Libra

He also taught you to consider challenges well; to weigh up situations and make fair
judgements. He inspired your kindness, generosity, warmth and love; social interaction,
relationship to others, awareness of their beliefs and realities and consideration of
their needs; and encouraged a relaxed and pleasurable life style, with plenty of fun; but
possibly also a blind optimism and refusal to face reality; a degree of laziness. However,
he instilled in you a love of elegance, comfort and a refined life-style; the love of
beauty for its own sake; and inspired you to find meaning and purpose in diplomacy and the
creation of harmony. However, you may now portray yourself as more just and unbiased, less self-interested, than you really are.
* Saturn in Libra

However, deep down, you experienced your father as well-balanced, diplomatic, just. But
you may have found him to be indecisive, weak-willed, non-confrontative; with a tendency
to idealise or rationalise emotions; dependent upon his relationship with your mother for
his identity and authority; and for love and intimacy. He has not given you a model for
dealing adequately with anger, although he has given you some help in self-understanding
and sorting your own problems. You may have felt restricted by the lack of relatedness
between your parents; and threatened by your inability to live up to the perfectionism and
idealism of your father. You therefore tend to feel inhibited, weak and inadequate, when
it comes to standing on your own two feet; or asserting your individuality; and have
learned to hate your gentleness and lack of confrontative ability. You feel sensitive and
vulnerable when trying to express your love; powerful emotions and anger. Because he could not fully unite his own ideals and emotional energy, your father could not give you an adequate model for uniting your own creatively, However, he did give you the seeds of gentleness, peacefulness and equanimity to develop for yourself.
* Moon in 4th or Conjunct IC

Your home and family, roots and culture form the basis for your emotional life, inner
processes, rhythms and fluctuations. You are emotionally tied to the past and its
influences upon you, including ancestors and figures of authority. You need to search your
deepest soul; to find inner light and love, for real security.
* Uranus in 4th or Conjunct IC

Deep within you is a genius with a deep-seated need to make changes who, through
insecurity, can leave or destroy what is dear to you. Detached and eccentric attitudes in
your upbringing have left you unsettled, moving house often, yet open to innovations and
the development of exciting new ideas. Finding your inner roots and beingness, your
universal family of like-minded people, will give you security.
* Neptune in 4th or Conjunct IC

You are an idealistic and compassionate soul, feeling psychically connected to all of
humanity. The absence of your parents, either physically or emotionally, in childhood, has
left you idealising, dreamy, unrealistic. Your security can be found by finding your
rootedness in spirituality and marrying this with material reality.
* Chiron in Taurus

Your parents came either from a moral and critical background, which has been imposed upon you; morals which do not fit for you; or they came from a promiscuous and permissive generation who had few morals, leaving you to struggle with no given values and a possible invalidation of your own. Theirs was a crisis of morality, values and worth. Material wealth was valued in your upbringing to the detriment of spiritual values; or, it was shunned completely, frowned upon; leaving you feeling insecure and awkward,
valueless and of no real consequence, with little to offer creatively. You were not quite sure what to do with your body, which had no proper place in either set of values. You have inherited the pain of their feelings of worthlessness; their struggle to find appropriate values that would relate them to nature and humanness, physical instincts and the senses; passion and beauty; the inability to express love through physicality, manifested as strict control of the body or an effort to transcend it completely.
* Moon in Sagittarius

Your mother, or nurturing parent, was flighty, expansive, unorthodox, unreliable, lenient,
independent, adventurous, like a gypsy; but intelligent, wise, well-read or travelled; she
inspired you to seek knowledge and experience, expand your understanding, broaden your perspective. She was a friend to you, but easy-going, lacking discipline, rather
irresponsible, with little self-control or boundaries. You had rather loose family ties,
from which you distanced yourself anyway, for the sake of freedom and self-sufficiency.
Your family may have come from a country, culture or religion different from that in which
you grew up; with a very different outlook to yours.
* MC in Taurus

You may have experienced her as gracious, stylish, sensuous, practical; opinionated,
materialistic, determined, possessive; valuing tangible reality; possibly selfish or
acquisitive; but beautiful and loving. She encouraged you to strive for sensual
comforts, material possessions; to build stable foundations and orthodox values, possibly
influencing you through her own sense of poverty, worthlessness or lack of inner
resources. You may have felt the need to compete with her attractiveness.

You may be unaware of these conditioning influences in your upbringing; but they have
affected your current attitudes and expectations; and may be preventing you from moving on now.
* Moon in Sagittarius

Emotionally, instinctively and innately you are quick, active, independent and idealistic
– enthusiastic, eager and optimistic – but escapist, scattered, rebellious and unsettled –
restless, romantic and adventuring – often unrealistic, overextending or overestimating
yourself and your capabilities, not always able to finish things, promising more than you
can offer, thinking big; unreliable, disappointing others, making promises you cannot
keep; but candid, sincere and outspoken – religious, honourable, philosophical, eloquent
and prophetic – kindly, witty and good-humoured – affectionate, fun-loving, sociable and
humanitarian. You have many acquaintances, many superficial interactions, but few very
intimate relationships.

You yearn for space, freedom, movement and an understanding of life, which you seek by constantly expanding your horizons; loving to travel, expose yourself to foreign cultures,
learning, further education. You also yearn for God. You like to be engaged in meaningful
activities; stimulating the minds of others; teaching; and are nourished by universal
understanding and relationship. You are fond of activity and people. You hate to be tied
down, making commitments, inactivity, being alone; but will evaluate your experiences
conceptually in order to formulate your life-philosophy;
* Moon in 4th House

and find emotional comfort, safety and security in your home and family, domesticity; the
past and your original family. Your father may have been the original carer and nurturer.
You are influenced by atmospheres and seek peace, calm and safety in your environment, being somewhat fearful of the world, insecure, retreating easily, gathering your own around you. If your home life is happy, then you will find that your outer life is happy; but you may suffer from early coddling and protectiveness. Although love was not lacking, worldly models may have been and you may not have been encouraged to venture far from your home and family; the ties being somewhat incestuous and restricting; also guilt-producing. Now your own resentment can hold you back.
* South Node in Aquarius

In the past you have increased your capacity for vision, inventiveness,
innovation, detachment, humanitarianism, involvement with collective ideals and goals; creating new
institutions for the future of society; developing awareness through your interactions
with groups of people; revolutionary ideas; solid beliefs and altruistic life principles,
which incorporated fairness, equality and possibility for the growth of humanity.
Functioning collectively, you have leaned on other people, sometimes dissipating your
energy through achievement orientation or over-diversification; taking advice from others,
but rarely following it. You have explored your own freedom, independence and originality
daily, routine work, skills, attention to detail; care of your body; devotion and
self-purification; through transformative illnesses; often caused by dissatisfaction in
your work; having felt victimised, used or unappreciated in some way; bitter and
resentful; having created martyrdom and self-pity; yet often having overworked anyway in
an attempt to control the chaos that you have always seemed to find around you; and your
confused feelings about sexuality, being torn between permissiveness and prudery; or
exhausted yourself through nit-picking and over-attention to detail. You are familiar with
this area of life and revert to it instinctively.

Where Am I Going?

* MC in Taurus

Your destiny is to transform the conception and accumulation of social wealth into the
conception and accumulation of personal wealth; social desires into personal possessions.
You will find your own wealth, worth, value and resources through the work that you do.

You will find fulfilment through accumulating and preserving personal resources and
wealth; generating and producing bounty; bringing stability and love; romance; material
security; sensuous and physical matters; being seen as worthy; public recognition of your
beauty, vitality, healing, strength, loyalty and dependability.

Your career will be based on the provision of beauty, comfort and appearances; inner and
outer peace; caring; building and stabilising; producing, using and doing good with
wealth; owning; providing the material goods, values and resources for physical and
spiritual growth; personal ritual; hard work; stability, predictability, reliability;
sensual pleasures and indulgences; involvement with the arts and music.

You will approach your goals slowly, quietly, deliberately, methodically, with care,
calmness, caution, practicality, simplicity; tenacity, stubbornness, determination;
persistence, possessiveness, rationalisation, productivity; flair and compassion.

Your talents will be best used through staying with one career; sometimes glamour,
entertainment, fashion, films; food; touch, massage, care of the body; using your voice,
speaking, singing; art; form, sculpture, pottery, woodwork, clothing.

You have the potential and staying power for steady and fixed pursuits; stable business,
medical or government activities of a well-established, old-fashioned nature, where you
can use skill and tact through legitimate means. You should not change your work

You will strive to symbolise substance; good taste, serenity, beauty, harmony, unitive
love; bounty, abundance, fertility, fecundity; down-to-earth practicality; femininity;
* MC in Taurus

and will develop your vocation in accumulating and sharing personal wealth and resources,
beauty and comfort, through your validation of
responsibility, maturity, work and materialisation,
in your self-expression, personal creations, children, re-creative activities; speculation,
love affairs and playful activities which enable you to feel more of who you are; where
others can see and enjoy your talents; your enthusiasm, attractiveness, ego-expression and
use of emotional energy;
* Moon in Sagittarius

You will approach your career with intensity, independence, a sense of adventure and
exploration, intuition, and a need for freedom; liking communicating, teaching, sharing
your understanding on a collective level. You like work which is professional, honourable,
dramatic, communicative; and which allows you to be flexible, adaptable and to travel.
Having the gift of the gab, you would make a good salesperson, entertainer, even gambler.
You would also do well in sport, usually having a strong and athletic body. If you believe
in the product you sell, you will be enthusiastic. You are attracted to journalism,
foreign cultures, law, government, politics; but any work you do must be meaningful.
* Capricorn in 6th House

And will find vocational expression through work and service, daily routine and health
* Mercury in 7th House

You will gain perception and find intellectual stimulation, mental expression and
communication through the exploration of relationships and the experience of partnerships;
relating yourself to significant others; meeting interesting people; understanding their
thought processes and feelings; the working through of differences; the sharing of
perceptions and information; social and intellectual intercourse; integrating yourself
through social interaction and relating.
* Libra on 3rd House Cusp

Approaching experience, enquiry and education, the sharing of information with an
intelligent and tactful mind, but often using strategies; a fair and balanced mind; always
weighing up opposites and finding it difficult to make decisions; yet seeing grace and
beauty in many things.
* Capricorn on 6th House Cusp

Your approach to daily work and routine is responsible, disciplined and hardworking. You
use initiative and have executive qualities, being able to direct others in a practical
and sensible way. However, you may tend to take too much on and feel put upon at times.
You are able to function with authority, but may feel that you lack ability and
underestimate the importance of your contribution. You are ambitious and can stick to what
you start through a sense of professionalism and integrity. You do not like to let others
down. With colleagues you may be aloof, even timid or shy and possibly find it hard to
feel a part of a team, even when you are functioning in one.
* Sun in 6th House

You also approach work and routines with enthusiasm and feel well and happy, vital and
alive when you are engaged in meaningful tasks, or mastering and perfecting skills.
Amongst colleagues you work creatively and with fairness, magnanimity and leadership
qualities and brighten up any work situation.
* Mars in 6th House

You also approach work and routines with energy and enthusiasm. You are a hard worker, can
be workaholic and expect others to work hard too. However, you may be aggressive and
wilful, expecting others to work at your speed. You may also channel sexual or emotional
energy into this area of life. With co-workers you have the ability to assert yourself and
also have leadership qualities. Overwork can cause you to suffer physically.
* IC in Scorpio

—————————————– * ———————————————-

You will express your inner longing for personal truth, transformation and power, by
idealistically expressing
peace, harmony, relatedness and diplomacy,
in the exploration, formulation and development of your own ideas, thoughts and
experiences; the acquisition of knowledge and understanding; learning from, exchange with,
teaching and communicating what you know in your immediate environment; interactions with
relatives, neighbours and friends; speaking and being heard in your own locality; the
freeing of your mind from your body in abstract thought concepts; and its integration back
again through physical and material life;
* Cancer in 12th House & Moon in 4th or Conjunct IC

and soul’s need for feeling, sensitivity and security through work with the unconscious,
personally and collectively; transformation through the dissolution of boundaries;
understanding infinity, oneness, divinity; self-sacrifice and spiritual enlightenment;
healing, sensitivity, feelings; dreams, visions, imagery; meditation; retreating and inner
work; overcoming personal limitations; work within an establishment or institution; or in
confinement, isolation or seclusion;
* Aquarius in 7th House & Uranus in 4th or Conjunct IC

and soul’s need for independence, innovation and freedom of thought through intellectual
communication and action; partnerships, joint, social, collaborative, co-operative and
communal activities; awareness of the significance of others; serving others; creating
social identity and beingness; projection of your image into relationships and having it
reflected back at you; dealings with apparent enemies; what you learn from those
experiences and the results of your actions;
* Pisces in 8th House & Neptune in 4th or Conjunct IC

and soul’s need for self-sacrifice, spirituality and compassion through deeper level
relationships; primal emotions; mergers and group rituals; the use of other people’s
money and joint resources; sexual union; traumas, crises and changes; your relationship
with death; the group and personal shadow; how you recycle psychic debris; and your
sensitivity to psychological material;
* Cancer in 12th House

and will find emotional expression by working with the unconscious, personally and
collectively; dreams, visions, meditation, painting, artwork; retreating and inner work;
overcoming personal limitations, possibly working within an institution.
* North Node in Leo

—————————————– * ———————————————-

Having focused on collective ideals in the past, the support of friends, you need to stand
alone, developing goals of self-awareness, personal expression, creativity, individuality,
personal love, will, vitality, satisfaction, ego, optimism, nobility and magnanimity; to
rely upon your own strength, rather than that of the collective; identifying with your own
core, your loving nature; taking pride in your uniqueness and individuality; facing
loneliness at times, without close friends, in order to realise and develop your many
gifts and talents; and to stand by your own creations, rather than contributing to
collective creativity; focusing your energy on present projects, in a disciplined and
determined way, rather than planning endlessly for the future. You will build your own
confidence, develop strong leadership qualities and inventively contribute much to
humanity when you begin to surrender the will that you have developed, in generosity,
self-sacrifice, self-transcendence, hidden resources, essence, uncertainty and trust;
working with images, dreams, and the collective unconscious; inner reflection; in
seclusion, retreat, isolation, or confinement within an establishment or institution;
often finding the physical world very tiring, chaotic, confusing; not always living up to
your idealism and critical perfectionism. You need to use your organising abilities to
empower yourself, bringing through what you know intuitively in practical ways; healing
yourself and others in the mundane world, rather than trying to keep yourself aloof as a
spiritually perfected being. You will find the essence of everything that you need within
you when you cease to complain about not having it given to you. You need to come to terms
with restrictions and to learn to live with imperfections and discrimination; when you
surrendering your victim consciousness and taking responsibility for creating your own
life; letting go of your preoccupation with physical matter and transforming your mind
through purity and the essence of divinity, which you have the ability to know well.

How Do I Get There?

* Leo Ascendant

You deal with changes, crises and new beginnings with dignity, presence, graciousness,
self-confidence, vitality; slow, measured capability, reliability, organising and
leadership qualities, but tending towards grandiosity, dramatising your actions, expecting
recognition and applause, often making much of very little.

Your path is to create a personal ego; to develop personal creativity, identity,
individuality, magnanimity, power and authority; the power of your own Self, the
enlightened personality; becoming the most of what you can personally be; recreating
yourself in what you produce, children, relationships, works; functioning effectively;
becoming a person in your own right; unique, proud to be who you are; giving of your true
self with love, with generosity and warmth – unconditionally. You inspire others with your
positive, sunny, optimistic and commanding attitude, generating enthusiasm; and confront
challenges in order to succeed, not to win; taking control and command of all that is
yours, self-control of your vital energy, in order to function effectually, with modesty
and humility, not in order to compete or gain mastery over others, but in order to earn
self-esteem from the experience of your own actions.

You need to focus your life through your life-giving energy; your spiritual self-sufficiency, your ability to heal through love, life and vitality; your inner radiance; the power of your personal will; generosity, sincerity, loyalty and expansiveness, stemming from your inner resource and ego strength, your moral decency; the divinity of your own creative force, which makes you a shining example for others; to take responsibility for what you produce, knowing it as the power of God within you, seeking expression through you, and through all that you possess and express. Only giving of this freely, unconditionally, will give you the inner recognition, the recognition of your own Self, and its expression, by yourself, which you need, in order to feel fulfilled; and the reflection of that in your creations; the feeling of well-being that results from full creative functioning; the pride that you feel in your self-propagation.
* ASC in Leo

Your path of personal identity will evolve through the radiation of
innovation, altruism and individuality, in your daily, physical work, practical routines, mundane activities, service to others; adjustment to necessity; discipline and discipleship; practise of meaningful skills; taking care of your health; listening to the messages you receive from your body; self-purification, self-perfection, self-transformation and completion of your individuality; living your original nature in simplicity;
* Mars in Aquarius

separating and differentiating yourself; forming individuality and an independent
identity; self-definition and self-centredness; direction, drive, momentum, focus and
one-pointedness; confidence, will and courage; projecting your Self outwards; developing
assertiveness, self-sufficiency and models of effective action; potency; attaining
short-term, material and worldly goals; with enduring, open-minded thought and
revolutionary mental activity; through innovation, altruism and philanthropy; with
caution, intellect and enterprise; progressive ideas and unconventionality; a passion for
intellectual challenges, new ways of thinking, freedom and the future of humanity;
channelling your desires into inventiveness and individuality; your sudden insights and
rash decisions into social creativity; political causes, social changes, fights for the
rights of humanity, freedom of speech and avante guarde ideas; advances and modernism in
art, literature, science or technology; needing to temper your tyrannical fanaticism and
stubborn opinions with compassion for the human state. You express your ego-centredness through arguments and debates; inciting others to action; needing to exchange your passionate beliefs for a dose of the other fellow’s point of view; your eccentricity and rebellion against tradition and authority for maturity and inner authority; and your abrasive, self-righteous outspokenness for a little tact and diplomacy; as you can be cold, cutting and alienating in your quest for change;
* Mars in 6th House

channelling your energy and enthusiasm; dealing with conflicts; accepting challenges and
confrontations; with vitality and youthful optimism; through organisation, efficiency,
industry and activity in daily work routines; mundane and mechanical matters; vitality and
health of the body; patience with employees and co-workers and their methods of operating;
* Aries on 9th House Cusp

asserting your individuality and initiating action through the expansion of your horizons,
mind and understanding of life, the search for meaning and purpose, your relationship to
the universe; the building of a religious or spiritual philosophy; your psychological
* Venus in 5th House

attaining inner and outer wealth; accumulating personal resources; expressing yourself
artistically; attracting and expressing love, through your personal attractiveness and
self-expression; personal creations; beautiful children and the pleasure that they give
you; the wealth that they bring to you; hobbies, artistic or musical abilities;
re-creative activities; the ability to attract love affairs and romantic encounters; to
share fun and sensuality with lovers; and playful activities which enable you to feel more
of who you are;
* Virgo on 2nd House Cusp

building material stability and security, using your personal resources through work and
service; skilful means and practicality;
* Taurus on 10th House Cusp

bringing pleasure and beauty; ritualising; stabilising; giving form and value to your
public or professional standing and status, your social position and image, what you
achieve and contribute to the community, vocation and responsibility.
* Saturn in Libra

In time, with caution, commitment and discipline; restraint and hard work; by throwing off
parental expectations and social conditioning; and by taking responsibility for your own
path, you can realistically channel your inner authority into your ambitious ability to
balance your will through justice; bringing peace, harmony and equanimity into the world;
possibly art or music; fairness, equality and truth; diplomacy; consideration for others’
feelings; developing your artistic and aesthetic talents.

By accepting separateness, aloneness, and differentiation, which initially means exposing
your vulnerability, you can build self-confidence, by developing sound and intuitive
judgement; seriousness and loyalty in relationship and partnership; co-operation and
collaboration; greater intimacy and intellectual understanding; commitment; allowing
ambition to outweigh your fear; slowly; ultimately serving society through the mastery of
your own life and the lessons which you have learned in it.
* Saturn in 2nd House

You can enjoy the satisfaction of this learning process and the rewards and experience
that you gain from it; the insight into and understanding of your meaning and purpose,
when you have found it; the truth about yourself as opposed to what you were led to
believe; and then the living of it by building new boundaries as you grow through the
experience, burdens and responsibilities of the accumulation and use of wealth and
resources; the establishment of physical and material stability; and the establishment of
your own values; the validation and use of your own, inner, resources; the establishment
of a security based on those inner resources.
* Jupiter in 2nd House

You can break negative ties with the past, developing optimism and broader vision,
planning for a brighter future; expanding out of repression and fear, beyond the bounds of
your family; into a wider universe; gaining understanding of life’s purpose and meaning,
of your social relatedness and your place in the plan of things; and faith and trust in
life’s supportiveness; developing your own philosophy and intellectual expression, by
exploring and taking up challenges in your approach to finances and material stability.
Somehow you get your needs met, even though you spend carelessly and do not respect your
possessions, because your attitude to money is optimistic and trusting. You will take
risks financially and usually cope, often with the help of friends to support you when you
are broke; nor do you lack generosity and will give away your last penny to help a friend.
You like to gamble and often win, but are unable to hold on to these winnings. Your urge
is to get beyond material needs and not have to deal with them; to find an easy solution
to these problems;
* Aries on 9th House Cusp

expanding your consciousness and understanding through self-assertion and a sense of your
individual identity; through courage and personal authority.

Who Are My Helpers?

* Aquarius Descendant/Leo Ascendant

You will be influenced by people who are independent, altruistic, innovative, unusual and
generally concerned with the future of humanity. People with an individual outlook;
self-reliant; who do not mind playing second-fiddle to your varied interests; sharing
attention equally with your many friends and acquaintances; forming relationships that are
about more than the personal gratification of the participants; with people who are
free-minded, open, out of the ordinary, friendly.

Those who teach you most will treat you in a caring, compassionate, but detached way;
teaching you self-sufficiency; giving you the space and freedom to develop your own
identity through having to fend for yourself; enabling you to understand that there is
more to life than your individual personality; allowing you to function as part of a
larger system; sharing common goals with others, without oppression; friendship and

You will form relationships with people who encourage you to stand on your own feet;
developing individuality; they will not let you be the centre of their world; or allow you
to live through them. They will be fascinating, capable and successful in their own right,
causing you to curb the competitiveness in your nature. You will have to share them with
other people, as they will have a varied amount of interests; and be highly intellectual.
They will balance your passion and enthusiasm, with cool, quiet, patience and enduring
tenacity, helping you to use insight and clear thinking in marrying your vision of
personal identity with the need to create a social identity, within which you can function
with co-operation and community, balancing your rampant egoism; allowing you to support
and be supported by others; merging your personal authority and leadership qualities into
joint ventures that allow the expression of many identities.
* Mercury in 7th House or Conjunct Descendant

Also clever, articulate, educated, people; quick-witted, keen, alert, with whom you learn
about relatedness; through your mutual exploration, mental and physical; interesting,
intelligent, curious, inquisitive, people who like to formulate their own ideas about
things; exchanging them with you and teaching you to make your own mind up; define
yourself accurately; question and understand your motivations; working through problems
with you; willing to sort things out; talk them through. Friendly, playful, youthful
people, with active minds, who never grow old, or lose their sense of humour. You like
variety in your associations; and need people to listen to you; also practical, skilful,
organised people.
* Mars in 7th House or Conjunct Descendant

Also people who are bold, challenging, pioneering, adventurous, daring;
independent, outspoken, straightforward, direct; lively, energetic, hard-working,
confronting people who will not act for you, but with you; ready to defend you, but
leaving you to learn responsibility; taking their own; sexually active, dynamic and
stimulating, not letting you rest on your laurels; or live your life through them.
* Aquarius Descendant/Leo Ascendant

Your enemies and inner tyrants will be eccentric, erratic, egocentric, subjective,
self-centred, selfish; needing and demanding to be the centre of attention; full of their
own importance; dramatic, affected, showy, making extravagant gestures; rebellious,
revolutionary, impatient, cold, cutting, detached, non-committal, unfeeling; stubborn,
pushy, bossy, autocratic, authoritarian; proud, aloof, snobbish, arrogant, vane;
particular about surface appearances; about being humanitarian; yet having a cruel streak
to their nature; and a tendency to use people to further their own aims.
* Mercury in 7th House or Conjunct Descendant

And also narrow-minded, argumentative, provincial people, who do not think, at least, not
for themselves; make their own minds up; copying other people’s ideas; collecting
information, details, opinions, and swallowing it wholesale, never digesting anything;
gossiping; slow, stupid people; unable to make their own decisions; indefinite,
non-committal, not explaining themselves; ambivalent, tricky, slippery and impossible to
pin down; always finding excuses for not feeling, not getting involved; finding fault,
picking; living in their heads; objective, irrational and therefore impossible.
* Mars in 7th House or Conjunct Descendant

And also angry, frustrated, bossy, demanding people who seek marriage, partnership,
relationship in order to avoid taking responsibility; as proof of their worthiness; hoping
that the other person will complete them; fulfil their inadequacy; but not compete with
them; wanting things their own way. Competitive, impotent, powerless people who use
aggression to get their own way, when their models for action fail them; bullies;
egocentrics; playing games; involved in power struggles; manipulating; and rubbing people
up the wrong way.
* Aquarius Descendant

In relationship with others you will be attracted to unusual people. You will need space
and freedom; being able to leave suddenly, if necessary, in order to follow a cause or new
opportunity, or make a change of direction; as these things matter to you more than any
individual person. However, you will be honest, faithful, a good friend and companion;
inventive, adventurous, experimental, open to new ideas and concepts; humanitarian,
kindly, intuitive, intelligent, good in conversation; persevering, possibly dominant,
enduring; but not suffering fools gladly. You are multi-faceted and extremely varied in
your interests; being open to all races and creeds of people.

Through relationships you will be able to create freedom and equality; liberation from
prejudices of convention and tradition; and the restrictions of your youth; independence;
progression; marrying the need for the creative expression of the self with the creative
needs of humanity as a whole; the collective will be more important than the individuals;
but space will need to be made for individuality and its need for expression, within the
collective, partnership, or other co-operative collaboration. Your relationships will be
unconventional, where the differentness, uniqueness of the partners must be balanced with
the uniqueness and individuality of the relationship entity; marrying personal ego desires
with altruistic motives and the need for perfectionism; creating ideal man/woman;
balancing individual goals with goals for humanity; equality with natural inequality. Your
relationships must serve the greater need of humanity; evolution. They must have purpose,
outside of personal gratification; merging with a higher ideal; connected with other
groups, societies, like-minded social, scientific or spiritual institutions. You and your
partners must have something to do together which will further the brother/sisterhood of
man/and woman; the collective whole; causing changes in the established order; through
discoveries, visions, reforms and innovations. You will often experience long separations
or frequent changes, feelings of coldness, isolation and estrangement, until these
prerequisites are recognised and accepted.
* Mercury in 7th House or Conjunct Descendant

Your relationships will help you to find and express your ability to gather and distribute
information; sharing what you know; exploring with another; operating within the local
environment; expanding your thinking process; conversation; sharing analysis;
communication; mental agility and alacrity; skilfulness; serving through doing; dealings
with mundane matters; finding mental stimulation as exciting and enlightening as sexual
stimulation; focusing your ideas; and formulating personal concepts.
* Mars in 7th House or Conjunct Descendant

Your relationships will help you to find and express your identity, potency and power; to
know yourself as a separate person, working industriously and energetically alongside
another; making clear boundaries; being clear about your needs and desires; allowing space
for your partner’s; giving each other personal freedom; developing courage and
assertiveness; getting what you want out of life.
* DESC in Aquarius

Your relationships of social identity will evolve through your unorthodox attitudes to
truth, transformation and regeneration; depth and intensity,
in your emotional beingness, feelings and sensitivity; the exploration of your imagination
and inner, personal life; your past and links with ancestors; your home and base of
operations; your own soul, race, roots and family; the development of an identity which is
separate from, but not necessarily different to, theirs; finding your inner light and
shining with it;
* Gemini in 11th House & Mercury in 7th or Conjunct DESC

and your sharing of personal concepts through enquiry, investigation and communication, in
your social aims, achievements and ambitions; involvement with collective ideals, goals
and visions; intellectual understanding and interaction with groups, friends and
organisations; social, political and humanitarian causes; alternatives, innovations and
reforms; using your vocation and standing in society to contribute to the future evolution
of humanity;
* Virgo in 2nd House & Mercury in 7th or Conjunct DESC

and your sharing of personal service through precision, detail and devotion, in your own
values and sense of stability, self-worth and self-esteem; the accumulation and positive
use of money, resources, talents and possessions; material and objective goals; body
awareness and building of physical foundations;
* Aries in 9th House & Mars in 7th or Conjunct DESC

and your sharing of an individual identity through initiation, action and assertiveness,
in writing, travelling, higher education and exploration; foreign cultures, philosophies,
expanding consciousness, awareness, intuition and understanding; sociability and
relationship with the entire universe; developing spiritual and religious meaning and
purpose to life; your personal image of God;
* Venus in Capricorn

You value and feel open and receptive to people who are serious, responsible, mature,
conscientious, hard-working, traditional, conservative, realistic, practical and
sensible; loyal, reliable, trustworthy, dutiful, steadfast and patient; sometimes
mercenary; holding onto conventional values; somewhat narrow-minded; rather cold,
cautious, reserved, constrained, aloof, hard to get to know; not trusting easily; lacking
self-esteem and faith in their own abilities; but hiding great affection, spiritual
aspiration and steadfastness; ambitious, desirous of public recognition, public spirited
and willing to make a contribution to civilisation. Their image of femininity is cool,
calculating, wise and mature; often career-orientated, professional, impeccable; capable,
refined, sensible, earthy and sensual; but dignified, proper, and secretly passionate.
They have no time for fools or frivolity; needing helpmates, useful people with whom to
relate; people who will help them fulfil their ambitions in hard-working partnerships.
They will work long and hard at relationships; sometimes taking all of the responsibility;
persevering; even when the relationship is difficult or even impossible, stagnating;
pushing against their own blocks and fears of failure; which they expect; yet wanting to
succeed at all costs, to make a good and enduring relationship; which makes practical
sense; with clear boundaries and definition of purpose; stability, security, permanence,
constancy, predictability; taking great care of their loved ones; wanting financial
stability, status, recognition from a partnership. They tend to be unromantic, replacing
passion with pragmatism; although a deep earthy sexuality exists beneath their fear of
rejection. Often they marry older people.

You are attracted to these people because they have the makings of your perfect mate;
matching your ideals of love; and its purest form of expression, for you; people with whom
you would desire a workable love relationship; an earthly partnership; because they
reflect your bounty, beauty and resourcefulness; the feminine in you; your personal brand
of attractiveness. People with whom you can share your giftedness.
* Venus in 5th House

These relationships will develop and mature through the growth of your personal
attractiveness, self-expression and creativity, children, personal creations, hobbies,
re-creative activities, love affairs and playful activities which enable you to feel more
of who you are.
* Libra on 3rd House Cusp

You will develop a sense of balance and harmony; love and unity; evaluation and
relatedness; sharing, in your relationship with and integration into your close
environment; and the intelligence and understanding that you gain from your interactions
there; what you teach to others.
* Moon in Sagittarius

Your soul’s mate will be enthusiastic, optimistic and adventurous; a seeker and a
searcher; a free spirit. They will be humorous, sociable, entertaining and tremendous fun.
But they may have difficulty in making commitment and may flirt. Being curious they tend
to wander and can be promiscuous. But they will be honest, outspoken, spiritual and often
prophetic and philosophical. However, you may find them unrealistic, over-ambitious,
scattered and unreliable; difficult to pin down. They mean well but often overextend
themselves or promise more than they can deliver. However, when they do, they bring the
sunshine with them.
* Mars in Aquarius

You are sexually attracted to and stimulated by exciting, open-minded, intellectually
stimulating people with new ideas; frequent changes; surprises; friendship, shared views
and causes; a few debates and arguments to clear the air in your relationships.

You like to express your sexuality in exploratory, experimental, innovative ways; gaining
excitement and stimulation from unconventional, and shocking, attitudes; anything new or
untried; getting bored easily; liking variety and diversity; but disliking changing
partners; preferring to be kept interested and entertained in one relationship.

Your image of masculinity is unique, intelligent, professorial, breaking new boundaries;
free-thinking, egalitarian, revolutionary; forthright, progressive, independent; unusual,
eccentric, politically active; different, unconventional, surprising, unpredictable;
political, scientific or involved in the paranormal.

What Will Heal Me?

* Sun in Aquarius

Because you care for all humanity, you tend to find it more difficult to be caring in
one-to-one relationships and can be experienced as cold, detached, aloof and selfish. You
seem to want quite a lot of attention for yourself, because your energy tends to be
electric, brilliant; but often sharp and cutting. Sudden, inspired behaviour, your quality
of genius, makes you appear to be erratic, which is difficult for others to understand.
You live a lot in the world of ideas and are inclined to forget that you, and others, have
feelings. You are usually extremely altruistic, but also need to develop compassion and
warmth; learning to love with your heart, as well as your head. Your inclination towards
rebellion, revolutionism, shocking, attention seeking, can stem from an extended
adolescence. You may need a more mature attitude and less impatience in attaining your

Because your mind moves at great speed, you often feel different from others, out on a
limb; but can also use this differentness as a defence against your feelings of isolation
and rejection, to keep yourself aloof and superior; or to draw attention to yourself as a
compensation for feelings of lack of love and acceptance. You want people to like you,
accept you; and often rationalise, reasonableise, your feelings in order to live up to
humanitarian ideals; leaving no room for your own humanness and needs; disguising your own
ego-centredness and selfishness, which becomes hypocrisy. You need to be less rigid in
your expectations of yourself and stop pretending that you don’t bleed and weep, make
messes and goof up, like other people. If you cannot practise what you believe in, then
you need to find out what is stopping you. Sometimes your rationality can be irrational,
unbending, intolerant. Perfecting your own technique would serve you better than trying to
perfect the world that we live in. For you, charity needs to start at home, with your own
attitude to yourself.

Your aspirations and ideals are high; your goals are personal and collective; your
intentions are humanitarian; but you need courage, heart, deep feelings to strengthen your
purpose, rather than the mental conceptions that shut others out. Without your own needs
met, anything you try to do for others will be a patronising sham. You will not be
genuine; only escaping from your own unhappiness in trying to do good for others; becoming
the worst, rather than the best, kind of person. You need to learn to deal with your own
feelings, or you will become intolerant of the feelings of others; to learn that all men
and women are not equal in all senses and cannot, therefore, be expected to slot into
idealistic moulds that may not fit them. Nor can you expect this of yourself. You need to
learn to pace your aspirations according to your emotional development, maturing and
capabilities. Otherwise your ideal of fairness becomes unfair; you discriminate against
those whom you see as discriminators, which defeats your own object in the end. You can
hurt others deeply in the way that you have been hurt; through the rejection of their
truth and ideals; through the rejection, the dismissal out of hand, of that which has the
deepest meaning for them, even though it does not for you; in this, through the denial of
their feelings; and therefore their existence which is dependent upon them. Eventually,
you will receive the gift of freedom, which is yours by right.
* Moon in Sagittarius

Because your freedom is so important to you, you find commitment difficult. This tends to
make you superficial in your relationships and unable to gain the intimacy of shared
experience, learning and understanding that you crave. For you, learning on your own is
not satisfactory. Often your need for freedom from commitment and burden is an escape from
your inner emotional burden. It is an escape from the pain of inadequacy and inability in
your desire to transcend all boundaries and expand your consciousness to infinity. The
limitations which you feel are often inner ones. Your own inability to reach as far as you
want to, because of fear and insecurity. You are adventuresome and fiery, but you still
need containment, stability, foundation. You need a nest to come back to and a base to
take off from. Without first exploring inwards, seeking self-understanding, you will
always be restricted in your outward search. You need to understand and come to terms with
your material and instinctual needs, which you would prefer not to deal with, as they get
in your way and restrict you.

If you tie yourself to a relationship, you will also tie yourself to your needs and you
would prefer not to do this. So, in the name of experience, exploration and knowing, you
tend to hedge your bets, play the field, trying to expand your own personal potential
through variety and change. This, however, deprives you of the experience of mutual growth
in relationship and prevents you from becoming securely rooted emotionally because, in
order to function this way, you have to develop a detached attitude to emotional
involvement, your relationships becoming physical, intellectual and spiritual, but never
deeply emotional, which, you feel, would slow you down and hold you back. Being ambitious,
you tend to use people to climb social ladders, name-dropping in the process. This can
make you opportunist. Being the slave to this kind of behaviour means that you have no
real freedom. Only when you can make choices, take responsibility and accept limitations,
will you have true freedom, inner and outer. Only then will you live your ideals and
aspirations in the present, relinquishing futuristic optimism and gullibility, developing
objectivity. Only through emotional maturity can you ground your ideas in reality. Until
then, they are like childish whims, ever changing. You will only ever need to assert
freedom when you do not feel it within as a self-renewing state of mind.
* Moon in 4th House

There is a danger that you may use your home as a defensive retreat from the outer world,
rather than as a base of operations, from which you can meet the world. Because your early
life was harmonious, specially that with your father, you may wish to remain immature, or
hide behind a partner, ignoring your own role in the world. Links with the past and
ancestors are necessary links with the present and future for you and should not be used
to cling to, which will prevent your progress and evolution. You should also be careful
about clinging to your natal family and parents for security. You would do better to enjoy
their support for the new life that you need to build. You may also use your present
family and children as an excuse not to follow another vocation, which will eventually
lead you to bitterness, resentment and frustration, when they try to break away from you.
You need to examine your feelings about your own family, their clinging to you and their
contribution to your own feelings of impotence and inadequacy. When you cease to blame,
you will cease to be held back, even though you may have to venture outside of what feels
safe and secure for you. But you will have taken responsibility for carrying that safety
inside you, embodied in the love that they gave you and which is now your own love that
you take with you; fulfilling your own soul, rather than using your family to fulfil you.
* Leo Ascendant/Aquarius Descendant

Needing to feel important, to have a sense of being ‘somebody’, you require rewards,
applause, attention and thanks for what you give of yourself; and are attracted to tinsel,
glamour, melodramatic and theatrical, superficial and hysterical situations, which give
you no real importance at all, being dependent upon outside influences; not being fuelled
by your inner resources. You like beautiful surroundings, good clothes and a high standard
of living; but can use these in excess to aggrandise your own being; creating a facade to
cover ego weakness; a sense of not being; a need for recognition and maximum exposure. You
need to be seen. You also need to be esteemed by others and often use life as if it were a
stage on which you perform your own personal dramas. You are prone to over-enthusiasm,
erring on the side of over-stimulation of the self, ego-delusion, leading to emptiness and
the void eventually, when your bubble of fantasy bursts and letdown ensues; the fall from
the horse of pride.

You like to keep at hand those at whom you can sneer and look down upon; treating them
regally, as your ‘subjects’; creating a pseudo sense of power; creating an illusion of
magnanimity and generosity; instead of developing those which are innate in your nature.
In the same way you can use your generosity and magnanimity to control those less
fortunate; also creating competition and power-struggles with others of false, but weak,
ego-structure. Others, considered more important, you seek to please, trying to be what
you think they want you to be, rather than what you want to be for yourself; in this you
can give a perfect performance, seeing yourself as the brightener of lives; but expect, in
return, great admiration and ego-inflating rewards; also fame, fortune and renown. When
all else fails, you use your ‘specialness’ to place yourself apart from, better than, and
above, those with whom you can no longer contest, becoming cold, lonely and precariously
dizzy on your pedestal.

You need to learn to be an individual in your own right; to assert your uniqueness and
accept your sameness; to express your personal creativity and many talents; reach for your
own goals; find your niche in society; where you can be of benefit to humanity; sharing
your gifts freely for the pleasure of others; broadening your world vision to include more
than your own identity; but reducing the grandiosity of your plans; to include a human
identity; the brotherhood/sisterhood of man/woman.

You have much to learn from your enemies; by studying their behaviour; owning what you
dislike in them as your own distorted potentialities; as well as recognising, honouring
and accepting what you find in those you admire, as undeveloped gifts of your own.
* Venus in Capricorn

Your power comes from pursuing your desire for mature and respectable
emotional expression, creativity and spontaneity
through the progressiveness and altruism of
your daily work and routines.
* Chiron in Taurus

You have the potential to preserve what is of value in society; to make good use of
accumulated resources; and to function well with scanty finances. Your gift is to give
value and form to what already exists; specially beauty, the body, sexuality and the
earth. This comes as a result of your own healing; of learning to value yourself; your own
body, its gifts and abilities; grace, beauty, earthy practicality. Unless there are other
influences in your chart, you will be the holder and protector, rather than the creator,
of bounty, wealth, material resources, as well as comfort and pleasure; teaching their use
and value to others; helping the needy; teaching others to value themselves and express
their beauty and inner values; upholding the rights of everyone to the necessities of
life; a fair distribution of resources.

Your deepest wound is the loss of self worth; the area of inner and outer values; finding
out for yourself what is right for you, what is wrong and what is lasting and endures
through time and changes; what your worth is in realistic terms and what is solid, safe
and stable for/in you. For you this is a life or death issue; acquiring what you need to
survive, spiritually and materially. Without the sense of substance that comes from your
own morality and self-valuing, without a personal value system, you cease to be. You
cannot operate in the world honestly or realistically. You become a sham and lack
substantiality. You need to separate your own values from those with which you were
brought up; which were either too materialistic or too spiritual, ungrounded, a denial of
the necessity for financial stability. You may have trouble understanding money; and the
naturalness of your sensuality and sexuality and will have to overcome either strongly
repressive moral attitudes or overindulgence and permissiveness in valuing yourself
sexually; your inner beauty and need for sensuousness and pleasure; your connection with
your body, the earth and humanity. The earthy or pagan spiritual disciplines can be
helpful to you.

Your healing comes through the pain of clinging to outworn values which stifle you; the
fear of letting go and facing your emptiness; then developing your own resources; the pain
of rejection; facing the rage that you felt towards confining and controlling parental
values; mourning the loss of your own; finding and standing up for your own beliefs and
values; illogical logic; facing material insecurity and trusting your inner worth and
spiritual values; the power of love; trusting your body and its impulses by facing the
pain of its demands upon you; and your fear of nature dominating you; accepting its lack
of beauty; but coming to terms with personal need, without feeling guilty; trusting your
inner resources and personal magnetism, regardless of your outer appearance. By releasing
old burdens of judgements upon you; by befriending materialism, money and your body; you
can enlighten your life and therefore the lives of others; feeling freer to enjoy;
bringing enjoyment to others; by sharing your resources liberally and graciously, without
fear or insecurity; taking part in creativity, rather than holding it tightly; using
wealth, rather than identifying with it personally.
* Chiron in 9th House

You experience initiation through this pain which teaches and ultimately heals you in the
area of your life where you seek meaning and understanding; purpose; connection with your
higher self and your wiseness; where you try to bring through your innate and spiritual
wisdom into your daily life; searching endlessly and restlessly for universal truth and
your own connection with it; your connection with the collective and your place in the
plan of creation; for freedom, a personal philosophy and a god who matches it. Your
searching may take the form of escapism, leading you to travel and explore many religions,
but preventing you from grounding your experience in the material world; leaving you
feeling painfully hopeless and despairing. You need to live the divine in the here and
now, rather than searching for it outside of yourself; hoping for it in the future.

When you have healed the crisis of meaning in your own life, the pain of your search for
the divine in everything, you can teach others, sharing your understanding and philosophy
of universal truths. You need to ground your spiritual knowledge in pragmatic reality for
it to work for you; embodying your spiritual philosophy and living it; practising what you
love to teach to others; materialising your visions and aspirations; making a commitment
to what you believe in. Otherwise your life is unbalanced. You suffer from divine
discontent; become addicted to gurus. You need to embody your soul, marrying spirit with
matter, philosophy with practical action. Otherwise you become scattered and your life
lacks meaning and purpose and your searching and questioning leads to emptiness. Religion
is important to you, but you can be confused by the religious beliefs with which you were
brought up, finding that they do not fit for you; that they conflict with your own
* Chiron in Taurus

You are striving to bring value and resources
to the search for purpose and meaning.
* Saturn in Libra

You gain greater consciousness and fulfilment; wholeness and completeness; and the ability
to integrate all of your qualities through the way that you use the pain, anguish,
limitations and restrictions of relationship or the lack of it; the desire to be loved and
accepted socially.

You will exchange self-love for the self-hatred which you once learned; as the
self-achievement that you have worked hard for materialises and withstands the trials and
tests of time; the achievement which, as your inner integrity, is more solid and enduring
than any false integrity which you have had to make do with in the past as a compromise.
This love emerges from the gradual freeing of your will to relate.

Because you look to relationships to give you authority and social standing, you may be
socially ambitious, which results in shallowness in relationships. You will have to work
at partnerships and relationships. They will not come easily to you because, although you
long to express your love, you have an intellectualised ideal of how love should be, which
is not always realistic and is, often, a defence against your fear of intimacy and the
disappointment which loving has brought you; the belief that you are not loveable or
acceptable. You seek the perfect partner who will make you whole, but you need to be whole
in yourself first. You need to relate your thoughts to your feelings; your heart to your
intellect. You trend to use strategy, forgetting that the other person has feelings which
may not comply with your plan of how they should be. When you learn to love yourself, your
grace, beauty and inner harmony, you will be able to make an outer marriage which is a
reflection of your inner unity. You also need to let go of some of your rigid ideas and
opinions; to allow the other person to be what they, rather than what you, would like them
to be. Otherwise you will find your relationships burdensome and your partners critical
and judgmental. You will find them shallow, closed, unable to love you. You also need to
channel your talents into artistic outlets, even though you may lack confidence in your
abilities. You have diplomatic and peace-making abilities and can make a good listener, if
your heart is open and you do not lead with your head. Learning not to intellectualise
your feelings away enables you to better understand the feelings of others. Otherwise you
tend to ignore them through your over-rational approach. Through self-discipline you can
build a bridge between individual identity and social identity in relationship.
* Saturn in 2nd House

The defensive boundaries that you have built to protect yourself from your fear of
disintegration grow too tight and rigid. Periodical crises, throughout your lifetime, will
cause you to feel that you will die from the inertia and stagnation in your life; you will
become frustrated and angry, attracting experiences that teach you to let go; to reform
your boundaries; to contain your emotions and realise your ideals in a different, less
repressive way; which leads to greater wisdom, maturity and self-confidence; a sense of
rootedness and stability; better foundations than your original ones. But you are forced
to make decisions and choices, to assert your will and take up your authority in your
self-evaluation and use of resources.

In your childhood there was a feeling of poverty. Even if there was enough money around,
there was always a feeling of not being able to create material stability, or anxiety
about this. You feel as if you do not have the resources; and faith in your own body and
its abilities is low. You may be anxious about your health. You will tend to be
materialistic and look to money and possessions for stability and security; even having a
safe family around you. But you need to look inwards and value your inner resources,
developing these and using them well. Then you will develop inner stability and lose your
anxiety; learning to value yourself and to use what you have well.

When your achievements become a product of your own self-love, rather than your love being
dependent upon your achievements, as it may have been in childhood, there will no longer
be any blame. The past will dissolve into forgiveness as you take up true responsibility
for your own actions now; which is the ability to respond with love; rather than through
conditioned reactions. As you find your own integrity, you will become less defensive and
more able to sacrifice your Self to the willing service of society. Then your desire and
your will will be one; personal desire and selfishness will become unnecessary, with the
consequent ending of fear and isolation; a stability based on sound experience over time,
slow growth and progress through adaptability to changes.