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EroScope Sexuality Report

The Gateway to Human Sexuality

EroScope Sexuality Report is as naughty and tantalizing report is an insightful delineation of one’s lovemaking style and sexual needs. It begins, “If you are looking for a romantic, lovey-dovey astrology report, you won’t find it within these pages.”

Instead, you’ll find a scent that’s musky, and a feel that’s moist — a feisty and free-wheeling romp through the sexual side of your chart unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

The report delineates everything from “Your Animal Skin” (the Ascendant), to the Sun (your vital and energetic glow), Moon (that swirling tropical cocktail of milky needs), to Pluto’s scalding cauldron of death and rebirth. The report offers all kinds of kinky and spirited suggestions for ways to have fun and challenge your boundaries. Prints out to about 25 pages.

Here’s what people are saying about their EroScope Sexuality Report:

  • “Eroscope was a hoot! I enjoyed all that good-natured raunch and passion. I think it will indeed be a hit with the younger, randier crowd.” — M.M., Boston MA
  • “Absolutely fabulous! You are amazing. Uncannily accurate and personal. I was sorry when it ended — I wanted more. Keep up the insane work!”– P.B., New Milford NJ
  • “I laughed out loud, grinned, blushed and got indignant once or twice (which is a good thing!!). I loved the report’s sassy, feisty style and the proactive suggestions were usable. Clever job!” — C. H., Oakland, NJ
  • “EroSsscope Sssizzles!” – R.W. Huntsville, AL

Check out a full sample EroScope Sexuality Report: Madonna

Extract form Madonna’s EroScope Sexuality Report:


“You have a lot of planets in the earth signs in your chart (Virgo, Taurus, and/or Capricorn). Practical and loaded with common sense, and also with a heavy dusting of carnality, you revel in the senses. Sex is a voluptuous experience, like rolling in a mud puddle and getting slippery and wet and very lush. Foods, smells, and touch affect you deeply. While there may not be too much romanticism in your approach, your partner’s desires will not be wanting in the physical arena! You may tend to get stuck in ruts, and will need an imaginative partner to encourage you to try new positions or circumstances in the game of hot tamale sex.”