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Solar Writer

Solar Writer’s Exciting birth-chart readings – you can sell

Solar Writer has insightful and comprehensive text written by qualified internationally-renowned astrologers, as well as accurate chart calculations by the creators of Solar Fire, Solar Maps and JigSaw.

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Solar Writer’s Report List

The Modern, Dynamic, Zodiac Child, Solar Return, My Pets and Synastry versions have been written by Australian astrologer Stephanie Johnson, as well as beautiful illustrations by artist Janet Bridgland. Other reports include Kindred Spirits and Vocation written by Brian Clark and Health and Well-being by Michele Finey.

The Solar Writer  Academic reports include

  •  Classical and medical texts written by US astrologer J. Lee Lehman and Fixed Stars by the late Diana Rosenberg. 
  • Goddess based on the Asteroid Greco-Roman goddesses (written by Brian Clark and Stephanie Johnson) and Solar Writer – Angel written by Stephanie Clement.

Solar Writer features include the ability to

  • Customise the style of titles and body text: You can choose the colour, font style and size of the headings and body text in each of the Solar Writer reports. These are then set for every report produced, until you change them again.
  • Switch astrological titles on or off.
  • Switch Illustrations on and off. Beautiful colourful illustrations by artist Janet Bridgland are included in the Modern, Zodiac Child and Synastry report writers. These can be switched on and off as you prefer.
  • Lookup places in the full ACS Atlas: Solar Writer has the full ACS Atlas built-in. This includes more than 250,000 places with longitudes, latitudes and time zones.
  • Produce either full explanation text or include text relevant only to current chart: Each Solar Writer report includes text that explains some of the astrological placements or techniques. You can choose to include this text or only include the personalised report writer text.
  • Preview and edit report before printing: As well as viewing and printing reports as RTF files, Solar Writer now has the ability to export reports as PDF files. These can also be emailed, and have the advantage that the recipient is always guaranteed to see the report formatted exactly as you have created it.
  • Use a Toolbar: Menu icons and toolbar options are now available, making selecting program options easier and quicker.
  • Use Improved Chart Handing Features: Solar Writer now keeps a list of then ten most recently used chart files for quick re-selection, and includes a new Search All Chart Files option.
  • Use Instant Internet Options: Solar Writer now gives you the ability to check automatically for the availability of any program updates, get technical help, make software suggestions, and register via email from the menu.

Solar Writer reports are ideal for:

  • professional astrologers
  • beginners and student astrologers
  • friends and family
  • clients
  • the general public

You can learn more about the wonders of modern and classical astrology, or simply produce reports for family, friends, and clients.