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Soul Mates Sample

 Soul Mates – Relationship Report

PERSON B  Radix1 Justin

PERSON  A Radix-2 Cameron

 Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz’s 

Soul Mates – The Chemistry Between You Both

Above is astrological data for Person A and Person B. This report defines the interactions between the Planets in one person’s birth chart and the Planets in another person’s. Please note who is ‘A’ and who is ‘B’, and then check the Birth Data is correct.

The interpretations mainly focus upon sexual/romantic relationships, but friends, family and even business partnerships can also be looked at.

Key Contacts

These are usually the most powerful and dynamic points of interaction between you, but do not be put off if you find little or none, as other interactions will provide strong connections. Key Contacts can be seen as: First, Second and Third Impressions.

The report proceeds with:

Major Challenges and Strengths, Minor Challenges and Minor Strengths

The Golden Rules

When viewing a relationship report, it is important to bear in mind that there will be:-

Interchangability – individuals will swap roles in relationships, due to psychological projection, gender roles, individual status and inclination, etc..

Double Whammies – when certain interactions are repeated, because that interaction goes both ways it affects the relationship very strongly.

“Birth Time Sensitive” interactions, means the interpretation will be correct only when the birth times are accurate to within fifteen minutes. Also, if a birth time is only to within several hours, then any interactions involving the Moon of that person should be regarded as possibly being unreliable.

The Chemistry Between You Both

No one interaction can make or break a relationship – In a healthy relationship, there is always a strength to deal with a stress or a strain, through time and love challenges if met, can always be overcome.

Key Contacts First Impressions

*A’s Ascendant Conjunct B’s Moon

Familiarity Birth Time Sensitive

There is an instantaneous emotional link between the two of you. This means that you feel like ‘family’ to one another – and in fact, you could actually be related. Whatever the case, you ‘go way back’ either literally or figuratively. And so the water-under-the-bridge issue can be an important one for you both, as memories of past experiences, be they shared or individual, form a great part of your lives and relationship together. On the positive side, you have an easy rapport as you share, instinctively or experientially, common emotional attitudes and habit patterns. Negatively though, it can be difficult for either one of you to break out of, or be seen to break out of, the mould in which each has cast the other. The making of a little distance, in time, space or both, can be very helpful in your both getting a clearer idea of who each of you are as distinct individuals rather than merely jigsaw pieces, with no identity of their own, that fit into each other’s puzzles.

*A’s Mercury Conjunct B’s Ascendant

Food for thought Birth Time Sensitive

One individual will act as a sounding board to the other, who will in turn give them back food for thought. In fact, ‘food for thought’ describes well what you both are to one another, in direct proportion however, to your current states of mind as individuals. You put one another in touch with not only ideas and ways of translating the meaning of things, but also introduce one another to interesting people. You also stimulate each other’s wits, and humour can be a strong component to your interaction. Together you can bring alive the phrase ‘body language’ as you connect so well through word and physical expression. But this does not mean to say that what is communicated is always pleasant, you may even get on each other’s nerves – a case of the media being good, but not necessarily the message.

*A’s Ascendant Conjunct B’s Neptune

Psychic rapport Birth Time Sensitive

Because, on first meeting, this interaction allows you both to see through each other’s masks, defences or smoke screens, the subsequent reaction of each of you can vary enormously. A great deal depends upon what it is that each of you senses within the other person. The chances are that whatever each of you do see will reflect or enhance some highly sensitive issue of your own. Your individual emotional reactions that follow upon this, are what then characterise this interaction, rather than what actually happened in the first place. There are usually two extremes here: one is where a glamorised image or some other smoke-screen is quickly put up in order to protect yourself from the other person’s psychic perception of your inner truth. The other extreme is that a great openness remains, allowing a wonderful psychic rapport to manifest between the two of you. This psychic rapport causes you to feel as one, to identify very closely with one another, and to detect at any distance the state of one another. However, it must be pointed out that it only takes one of you to adopt the first extreme in order, sadly, to preclude or at least greatly diminish the second one. And even when the second extreme has been maintained by one of you, the psychic defence screen erected by the other person could eventually become actually offensive, which would cause the ‘open’ person to close down defensively too. The outcome here is then a ‘psychic war’ of projected and imagined fears, which can be quite sapping, physically and emotionally, to both of you. Generally speaking, because most people are not yet prepared to see clearly their inner truth as distinct from their outer display, the remedy to the negative expression of this interaction is not very acceptable. All the same, here it is. If you are experiencing the negative expression, cast your minds back to when you first met, and visualise slowly and closely what actually transpired at that time. If you can do this, without defensively reacting again, you will gain a great insight into the truth of who you both are, as individuals and to one another. This interaction reminds me of the Mayan greeting ‘In lak’ech’ which means ‘I am another (like) yourself’. One way or the other this interaction will bring you both an insight into spiritual reality or the mystery of being. How you respond to this determines whether you experience it as fascination or confusion, identification or alienation, love or hate – or a strange combination of some or all of these.

Key Contacts – Second Impression

*A’s Jupiter Conjunct B’s Moon

Emotional abundance

There is a great and natural feeling of understanding for one another. Whatever might be occurring in your lives, together or individually, it is always within both of you to explore it if it is positive, or to accommodate it if it is not. There exists an innate faith and trust in one another, to whatever degree it needs to be there. For these reasons, this interaction has more the nature of furthering and maintaining a relationship rather than initiating or creating one. And so, if your relationship is ongoing, then you can be sure that together you will progressively overcome any difficulties, and prosper in the process. It also favours child-rearing and caring for the spiritual or physical health of anyone or anything – as long as you avoid doting on each other and pious do-gooding or proselytising. But do not expect this aspect alone to fire you up. Indeed, the ultimate expression or energy of this interaction may go beyond emotional and physical gratification, as it leans more and more towards altruism and philanthropy. Kindness towards one another, and to those around you, is the great key to emotional well-being bestowed upon you by the benign effect of this interaction.

*A’s Venus Opposition B’s Venus

Opposit poles attract

This is rather like two magnets coming together in that both pull together at once rather than just one attracting the other. So this is a classic mutual attraction, but after the initial clinching has occurred, both of you will find that you are a strange mixture of similar and dissimilar tastes and social standards. This can give rise to either being very happy doing the same thing together, or being annoyingly out of sync. What lies behind this is the need to become increasingly aware of what turns each other on – or off. In the process of doing this, both of you can become more aware of what appeals and doesn’t appeal on a general level rather than just a personal one. This means that your combined sense of what is popular can give rise to a more commercial awareness – something about which your partnership may become quite astute. As hard aspects go this isn’t particularly ‘hard’ because it is about the pursuit of happiness and harmony and this is what you consistently drive one another towards. A very real danger is simply that you will overindulge in whatever it is that you both like. Conversely, one of you can be happy indulging in something when along comes the other and looks on disapprovingly, thereby spoiling their enjoyment. But probably the greatest hidden asset of this interaction is that whatever happens between the two of you, those two magnets keep you together – at least until you have had your fill of one another. Studying your respective Venus-Sign positions would tell you a great deal about differences and similarities.

Key Contacts – Third Impressions

*A’s Uranus Conjunct B’s Jupiter

A marriage of minds

This is primarily an interaction that suits or indicates friendship and a ‘marriage of minds’ – at least, in one area of your relationship. As such it tends to by-pass or rise above physical, sexual, or even emotional involvement. Yet because you tend to fire one another up with respect to subjects like metaphysics, religion, education, new age thinking, etc., you could be forgiven for feeling that the fire is a bit lower down than it is! Any forays into the sensual are probably isolated incidents or are just titillating prospects that hover around – or more likely down to other, more emotional and physical, interactions. When such misconceptions of your interest in one another are put behind you, or if they never arose in the first place, this interaction can enable you to discover together very unusual and encouraging insights into life, the Universe and everything. So what can start out as a very lively interaction that promises all manner of exciting and unlikely things can evolve into something quite cerebral. However, there will probably always be that frisson of ”what if’ whenever you are in each other’s company. None of the above is to say that yours cannot be an ongoing relationship. If it is, then this interaction would help to keep it refreshed, not least because your individual opinions cannot resist good-humouredly vying with one another, thereby upgrading your respective viewpoints and ideas of one another – and life itself.

*A’s Jupiter Conjunct B’s Neptune

Divine association

This is a subtle interaction that can give you both a sense of connectedness that goes beyond the day-to-day circumstances and requirements of life. A mutual interest in the mystical or unseen realms is present, along with shared experiences in these areas. This can give your relationship a meaning and direction that puts the more mundane ups and downs into perspective, especially if metaphysical practices such as meditation, hypnosis, trance-work, or the investigation of such things as dreams and previous lives is embarked upon. On the other hand, this interaction can make for fanciful and escapist ideas about yourselves as individuals and about your relationship itself. For example, one of you may encourage the weaker side of the other under the mistaken idea that they’re being easygoing or compassionate. Or indulging in the idea, that you as a pair are somehow more special than others. A great deal depends upon how down-to-earth you each are as individuals, for the ability of at least one of you to distinguish a vision from a mirage, or an ideal from an excuse, can make the difference between your having a gentle and spiritual bond, and merely living in cloud-cuckoo land until the bubble inevitably bursts. Whatever the case though, and sooner or later, yours is a coupling that should aspire to finding its higher reason for existing, simply because it has one.

*A’s Uranus Conjunct B’s Saturn

Old friends, old enemies

The parts of you that come, or are forced, together by this interaction are quite dissimilar – but curiously you often ‘swap’ these roles. One of you, being the ‘provocative’ one, will help the other, ‘reserved’ one, to come out of their shell and loosen their inhibitions. The ‘provocative’ one could do this intuitively or with shock tactics. Sometimes the ‘provocative’ one can appear icy cold and detached in the way they do this. But the ‘reserved’ one can understand coldness and impersonality, and so can respond strangely well to the ‘provocative’ one ‘s provocation – just because they are impersonal. Stranger still, the ‘reserved’ one’s solid response to the ‘provocative’ one’s off-the-wall behaviour gives the ‘provocative’ one permission to be the unique and maybe shocking or unusual person they feel themselves to be, but may not show others generally. However, with all this ice and cold around, it should come as no surprise that your relationship can go very cool sometimes. Again, this may be, or should be seen as being, all very well because there is a kind of impersonal, on-off process that goes on between you. In this way, you can remain friends until the end – with any romantic, sexual or warmer interludes being just oases along the dusty way. If your two charts are elsewhere seriously lacking in harmony and understanding, then indeed your relationship could go into an ice age and never come out. But even so, much as you might disapprove of one another, the radical ‘provocative’ one and the conservative ‘reserved’ one just cannot resist one another.

*A’s Neptune Conjunct B’s

Mutual awakening

If one or both of you are not interested in the metaphysical or mysterious side of life before, then this interaction should herald experience and involvement with it, somehow or other. It may even have had something to do with the way you actually met. One of you is instrumental in making the other far more aware of their psychic or compassionate nature – and of their weaknesses and blind-spots too. In turn, this person can suggest to the other a gentler and more collectively appealing way of giving expression to what is unusual, valuable or even brilliant about them. But they will also show them how hurtful and inappropriate they can be when insensitively, although truthfully, pointing out the frailties of anyone, especially them. Although this interaction can be quite far-reaching in its effect upon the lives and personalities of each of you – because it quickens your awareness of the more subtle side to being and relating – it can also be quite easily resisted and reasoned away if one or both of you is of a particularly conventional and scientific bent. If this is the case, then shocking and apparently unwarranted events could dog the relationship.

Major Challenges

*A’s Sun Opposition B’s Mercury

Monarch and advisor

Essentially, one of you feels in a superior intellectual position to the other. The ‘inferior’ person then feels they only have their point of view to offer the other person or confront them with, whereas the ‘superior’ person has their whole will and life-style to either overwhelm, ignore or approve of the other with. Of course, if the ‘inferior’ person is very sure of themselves mentally and the ‘superior’ person’s will is not that developed, it would be a different story – but it would not amount to a balanced or satisfying relationship. This interaction is therefore about the each of you learning to take on board what the other has to say, and not just resisting or criticising out of wounded or threatened pride. One or each of you should be seen as some sort of advisor to a dignitary, and not presume upon their mental connection or prowess. Bearing all this in mind, you can learn a great deal from one another.

*A’s Sun Challenging B’s Uranus

The autocrat and the outcast

One of you is inclined to see the other as being interestingly eccentric, but at the same time, as being a bit of a loose cannon. They, for their part, have mixed feelings of admiration and rebelliousness towards that person. This interaction could be called “Royalists versus Republicans”. One of you is especially outraged by any signs of autocracy from the other, and will do all they can to rattle their cage. In return, the so-called ‘autocrat’ will patronisingly humour them, or depending upon their personal influence or social position, cause them to feel an outcast and an outsider whose ideas are totally off the wall. But the ‘outcast’ will respond to this with renewed revolutionary zeal. This can amount to anything from actually sabotaging the ‘autocrat’s’ position, to more subtle psychological tactics, such as detaching themselves in a way that piques their pride. In the end, the ‘autocrat’ needs to be more honourable, and the ‘outcast’ absolutely truthful. The ‘autocrat’ is, or appears to be, in the ‘ruling position’, and as such, should grant the ‘outcast’ credit where it is due for their laser-like perception of how things actually are. And if the ‘outcast’ is reacting and uptight, then they themselves should wake up to the fact that this is because they are unable to detach themselves, and so are therefore part of the problem that they are so ready to accuse the ‘autocrat’ of creating.

*A’s Moon Challenging B’s Mercury

Thinking versus feeling

This interaction seriously affects the day-to-day affairs of both of you because the more feeling orientated person lives life in an instinctive, emotionally led fashion, while the more thinking orientated person bases their activities on logic and work routines. There can therefore be disagreements over mundane issues like what food to eat, how to run domestic matters, personal cleanliness, use of time, etc. Habits such as the proverbial ‘leaving the cap off the toothpaste’ can aggravate the ‘thinking’ individual, while this kind of order seems irrelevant to the ‘feeling’ person. The ‘feeling’ individual may be seen as lazy and dominated by emotional issues such as past involvements and family problems, while the ‘thinker’ is regarded as clinical and insensitive. If some kind of domestic or mundane, and therefore emotional, harmony is to exist, then the ‘thinker’ has to either get accustomed to doing all those little tasks which the ‘feeler’ leaves undone, or become a little bit more laid-back with respect to these issues. On the other hand, the ‘feeler’ could learn to partly organise their lives along more rational lines rather than solely instinctual ones, and recognise the advantages of the everyday maintenance of things. This interaction is very much a case of meeting each other halfway, which is the basic remedy for all conflicts. With such a sense of grace, each of you can benefit from learning from the other: the ‘thinker’ to become more emotionally aware in the sense of being perceptive of feelings rather than merely being technically ‘right’; and the ‘feeler’ to appreciate that having some kind of method or intellectual overview would actually assuage the emotional aggravation that the ‘thinker’ gets blamed for inflicting with their demand for mental order.

*A’s Moon Challenging B’s Mars

Fire and water

If in close proximity for any length of time, you will bring out the worst in each other: in the one of you, over-sensitivity born of childhood and past experiences; in the other, residual anger and desire to get and act in spite of circumstances. It could well cut both ways. If you are contemplating getting together for a protracted period, be warned and give yourselves a trial period with ‘get-out clauses’ – or just back off altogether. Barbed remarks and acutely hurt feelings having already arisen would be a danger sign here. If you are already in such a situation it is because your respective unconscious minds deemed it necessary. This means that you both had to become more aware of your emotional fears and impulses, and these very things drew you together. So it is a case of the fat being in the fire. Ideally, and put simply, one of you probably needs to toughen up a bit and not be so phased by the slings and arrows of emotional life – or alternatively, not be so comfy or complacent. Equally, the other person had best get in touch with their anger and the reasons for it in some way other than using their partner as a punch-bag. Again, these roles could alternate. Both of you, if you value your relationship or yourselves at all, may well need to seek professional help in dealing with your respective emotional difficulties. Two hurt children are only too able to hurt one another – and other children, perhaps your own.

*A’s Saturn Opposition B’s Moon

Child versus adult

The sense of order and social correctness of one of you, the ‘saturnine’ person is totally at odds with natural behaviour and free-flowing responses of the other, ‘lunar’ person. The result is that the ‘lunar person feels controlled and thwarted by the other, experiencing them as being judgmental and unsympathetic. The ‘saturnine’ person sees the other as childish and irresponsible. It would seem that a difficult lesson is here in the learning. And just because it is a difficult lesson this interaction can go on for a considerable period of time – until the lesson has been learned or the inherent difficulties make the relationship untenable. The lesson itself is that each of you should learn to accept that what is different to oneself is not wrong. Yet at the same time, the ‘saturnine’ person probably does have a point in that the ‘lunar’ person needs to grow up and get the hang of the way of the world. Conversely, the ‘saturnine’ person needs to let the child in them out more, have more fun, and remember their dreams – as per the ‘lunar’ person’s example. The actual reasons for becoming involved at all are most likely down to insecurity on the ‘lunar’ person’s part, and loneliness on the ‘saturnine’ person’s – a sad, but not very promising, recipe. If there was enough objectivity, a deal could be made here. But alas, objectivity is the very thing the ‘lunar’ person is learning, and the ‘saturnine’ person would have to shoulder most of the worldly responsibilities.

*A’s Moon Opposition B’s Uranus

Emotional awakening through apathy

This is not an interaction that you should invest in for the future, or at least, expect to have a conventional lifestyle with. One of you needs security and comfort, family values and emotional receptivity. The other wants change and excitement, friendship values and mental freedom. So it is no surprise, or rather it is, when the ‘needy’ person discovers that after finding the ‘cool’ individual such a turn-on that they are also unpredictable and hard to keep to anything solid or routine. Furthermore, the ‘cool’ person is liable to react in this way to an even greater extent when the ‘needy’ person tries to mother them or be mothered by them. The sooner the ‘needy’ person realises that they unconsciously became involved for reasons of freeing themselves from any such blind and immature security needs then the less likely they are to have such a hard time of it. The ‘cool’ individual, for their part, should endeavour to go a bit more gently on the ‘needy’ person’s feelings, and consider the possibility that their reason for allowing themselves to become involved are the opposite to theirs – that is, to recognise that their blows for freedom are more to do with a fear of emotional commitment. It is also possible that one or both of you need to search for and explore something less cosy and more unusual in a relationship. Ultimately, you are in the relationship to show one another that the combining or confrontation of freedom and security takes a great deal of emotional honesty on both your parts. Without waking up to the ’emotional clearing’ that this interaction poses, you will find the extreme ups and downs that you experience very hard to endure or understand.

*A’s Pluto Challenging B’s Moon

Susceptability versus manipulation

One of you, the ‘susceptible’ person is likely to feel held in a kind of psychological arm-lock by the other person, the ‘manipulator. They will probably not let on, or even realise, that this is the case, and this makes it all the more incapacitating. The probable reason behind this is that ‘manipulator’s’ attitude to the ‘susceptible’ person can be one of disdain, because they see them as being weak or pathetic in some way. It is also likely that the ‘manipulator’ is projecting their own emotional vulnerability here, something which they deny. And so, the ‘susceptible’ person will instinctively retaliate in an indirect or passive way. But in both cases, it would not be too obvious what was going on or why. Possessiveness and jealousy are also likely to raise their gnarled little heads, sooner or later. Again, suspicious looks and subtle sneers or jibes would, initially at least, are the only signs. This interaction makes for more or less constant erosion of whatever your emotional links are, but with a view to renewing them in the process. This obviously necessitates some pretty good mental and emotional rapport supplied from elsewhere. If this is so, then neither of you will allow the grass to grow under the feet of your relationship, and it will consequently last and last, yet probably with occasional ‘black-outs’ of communication. The mean alternative is, unfortunately, stagnation – or worse still, destructiveness.

*A’s Moon Challenging B’s Ascendant

Habit versus manner Birth Time Sensitive

The manner of self-expression of one of you rubs up the wrong way the emotional sensibilities of the other. In return, their reaction to this invites more of same. Also, your respective habits and routines can also prove somewhat annoying to one another. This vicious circle needs to be broken by at least one of you to prevent such disharmony developing into an outright breakdown of any kind of positive interaction. In other words, self-control and some compromises are called for in both of your behaviour patterns. Failure to do this can additionally preclude doing anything together that caters to others or the public. Neither is this interaction that favourable for domestic co-existence.

*A’s Mercury Opposition B’s Mars

Sharp words

You consistently confront each other’s ideas and what they say, and how they say it. But as you find yourselves being more and more critical of what the other does and wants, this interaction can develop into an ongoing war of one person’s thoughts versus the other’s actions. In a phrase, you argue a lot. If you can both look at this as being ‘worthy opponents’ then you might benefit from having your respective points of view and manner self-assertion sharpened and improved. Furthermore, such a way of handling it could mean that you as a couple became rather effective in putting across your ideas and also acting upon them.

*A’s Neptune Challenging B’s Mercury

A need to re-attune

This can be a bit like trying to plug the telephone into the television. Both are wonderful transmitter/receivers, but without some radical rewiring (profound change in perception of how you view life and one another) they are not going to communicate very well with each other. The logical approach of one of you, the ‘thinker’, is annoyed or baffled by the more sensitive and holistic view of the other, the ‘dreamer’. The ‘thinker’ wants to see everything and everyone as separate, categorisable, entities, whereas the ‘dreamer’ feels everything and everyone to be totally interconnected. What this does for your perception of one another is that the ‘thinker’ holds the ‘dreamer’ to be unrealistic and self-deluding – and therefore unreliable, possibly deceptive, even mentally unbalanced. Conversely, the ‘dreamer’ sees the ‘thinker’ as not seeing the whole picture, over-simplifying what is complex but beautiful, and generally enchained by intellectual tyranny. The ‘thinker’s’ tunnel-vision of the ‘dreamer’ as a person is what can be really troublesome for the ‘dreamer’, because they seem to be seen only as someone who must fit, or will not fit, into the ‘thinker’s’ linear landscape. Eventually, rather than argue the point, the ‘dreamer’ will, possibly unconsciously, go along with the ‘thinker’s’ idea of them, which ironically means that the ‘dreamer’ becomes the very shape-shifter that the ‘thinker’ cannot handle. This is because the ‘thinker’ is putting out myriad expectations that their rational perception overlooks. But all the while, the ‘thinker’ thinks they’re the one with a firm grip on reality. The point is that they well may be, but they will have to prove it in the face of the ‘dreamer’s’ possibly neurotic and evasive antics. But the reality is not that either of you are right or wrong, but that the telephone and the television are vaguely similar but quite different, and very unlikely ever to make lasting or meaningful contact – unless that ‘radical rewiring’ is done. For the reason why you experience this interaction at all is so that you can hopefully appreciate the existence of both these modes of perception/communication, and not simply become alienated by getting stuck on the illusory fence between correct and incorrect, real and unreal. Incidentally, the crossed lines that this interaction produces can also manifest as the two of you having some kind of breakdown of communication with others, like neighbours or colleagues. Overall, and basically, this interaction causes a misconception of what one of you is to the other, and the glitches in communication that follow upon this.

*A’s Venus Challenging B’s Pluto

Possessive love

There is a compulsive or oppressive quality to your relationship that is based upon a heavy need to be loved on the part of one of you, and a need to deepen their sense of what love is on the part of the other. And so possessiveness, jealousy or resentment are the unfortunate hues which colour this interaction. Money too can come into the picture as an issue that makes matters worse, is used as leverage, or actually creates the problems. One of you can feel coerced into being loving and affectionate by the other’s desperate pleas, bribes and/or threats. Initially there may well be strong passionate feelings for one another, or at least, one or both of you could be so swept off their feet so as to mistake lust for love. Although this interaction can bring a certain satisfaction, or at least a greater emotional understanding, the price can be very high in terms of soul-searching and deep hurt – or money.

*A’s Neptune Challenging B’s Mars

Sexual confusion

You both initially feel that there is something strange and wonderful about your coming together, or you feel drawn to one another but something seems to confound your getting closer – or then again, it could be a case of pursuer and evader. Whatever the case, it has to be said that this interaction is very tricky and deceptive. One of you is more likely to make the moves, and the other either all too easily submits or tries to escape in some way. When and if you do actually get together, this pattern persists, which means that eventually it can devolve into a state of affairs that is highly frustrating, alienating or both. The one keeps insisting on using the direct approach while the other becomes harder and harder to pin down, probably for subtle reasons that escape their partner’s straightforwardness. Such bluntness can be very wounding to their sensitivity, even though they have probably attracted it by being so hard to pin down. If your is a sexual relationship, all this can make things impossible, with the one charging in and overlooking a peculiarity or aversion of the other, who can find sex gross or boring in comparison to the ideal they have in mind. This interaction can start off in a highly sexual vein, only to later make do with abstinence born of confusion. So it can be seen here that you are both up against very different energies in each other, which can cause you to be awkwardly out of step. This may even literally manifest as you being poor dancing partners. As ever, the only way of learning or gaining anything worthwhile is to take a leaf out of each other’s book. The one of you who pushes must learn to be more sensitive and circumspect, and be more aware of their ego’s way of fouling things up. The other needs to be more direct, and manage their weak and sensitive spots better. Failing this, this can be a disastrous, even treacherous, interaction.

Major Strengths

*A’s Saturn Supporting B’s Sun

Sober and industrious

This interaction lends itself well to any kind of organisation. As a couple you can function in a businesslike way, with each determining and knowing what roles to play or responsibilities to fulfil. This is by no means a romantic connection for it emphasises the importance of the mundane and material side of life. Because of this, you as a couple can create stability and durability in so far as any more emotional contacts will allow or demand. In terms of what you do for each other, one of you can bring some light and play into the overly serious or even downcast areas of the other’s life, while they in return provide a sense of order and tradition. If the one of you is somewhat older than the other, then this coupling will accentuate these positive attributes, which means that the sense of order provided by that individual is more likely to be quite real and substantial. In any event, the stability and order, which is the hallmark of this interaction, can be attained if the two of you establish some rules and limitations that you are both happy to keep to. Notwithstanding other interactions, this aspect does confer mutual trust and reliability.

*A’s Uranus Supporting B’s Sun

Friends until the end

You have a very positive interaction because it has something that all too many relationships lack: a true sense of friendship. This means that you allow each other room to be yourselves, are open with one another, and that there is little or no possessiveness about each other. One of you has a liberating and awakening effect upon the other, giving them new ideas and directions. Alternative or metaphysical subjects are very likely to be the means through which this effect happens, and you may well have met in a situation that was related to such matters. Groups involved in esoteric or unusual pursuits can be a significant part of your time together. In return, the ‘liberated’ individual validates or furthers the other’s more original expressions and qualities, rather like a monarch would patronise an artist. All of this positive interaction makes for a mutual attraction, mentally and/or physically, yet it does not necessarily confer the emotional stability that ensures a lasting tie. Paradoxically though, because you are always surprising one another with hitherto unknown facets of your characters, this relationship has a self-refreshing quality about it. Whatever the case though, that outstanding friendship should remain.

*A’s Mercury Supporting B’s Moon

The ‘working’ relationship

You have no trouble in communicating how you feel or the point either of you wish to make to the other. The difficult interactions that you have with one another are to a large degree sorted out because you are able to be rational about matters but without becoming divorced from the emotional issues involved. As a rule, the more rational of the two of you is the one who contributes a clear mental viewpoint, while the other, more instinctual person provides a sense of emotional awareness and security, which aids the rational thinking of their partner. Similarly, the rational one helps clarify the instinctual one’s feelings, while in return, they help out when the ‘thinker’ gets stuck in their head. This interaction also favours the workaday environment and makes for a common touch with regard to sensing what appeals to others in general, and what they feel comfortable with. Obviously, this can greatly benefit the job and emotional security of you as a couple, and for the same reasons you could work together well. Running through all this there can be an ongoing banter and sense of childlike fun.

*A’s Moon Supporting B’s Venus

Pleasant and pleasing

There is a soft and gracious feeling between the two of you, which others around you appreciate as well. This lends itself particularly well to romantic, family or friendly relationships or any dealings with the public, but because this interaction is quite ‘female’ in quality, it places the accent upon affection rather than sex. The man, if there is one, in your relationship, is able to get in touch with his female side through this partnership. So both of you are receptive and tender towards one another, showing respect for each other’s sensitivity. Again, because this is very ‘yin’ in feel, such empathy could be entirely passive and not necessarily acted upon. If there are more dynamic or passionate interactions indicated elsewhere, then this one provides a soft base for those harder desires. The home and family of one of you can be beautified or graced by the other, and they in turn provide a vehicle or receptacle for such loving feelings.

*A’s Jupiter Supporting B’s Mercury

A meeting of minds

You have an excellent mental rapport here because one individual can help the other to contact and express their visions and beliefs in a more effective way, while they in turn enable that individual to see how their ideas and attitudes fit into some broader, cultural perspective. These roles are also interchangeable. Put more simply, you both support and further the minds of one another. As a result you can work together on projects where both the general and the particular need to be equally considered. You can also fruitfully discuss ethical matters and reach an understanding that oils the wheels of day-to-day, mundane matters. Literally or metaphorically speaking, this is rather like a positive relationship between writer and publisher.

*A’s Mercury Supporting B’s Neptune

Telepathically attuned

Each of you represent the two sides of the brain – the ‘psychic’ right and the ‘logical’ left – when paired harmoniously as in this interaction, the two of you can be expected to evolve progressively toward a greater and greater understanding of one another, and of life and people generally. What facilitates this process is a psychic rapport that you have, which means that you are consciously or unconsciously attuned to where each of you are at mentally and emotionally. The old adage ‘Do as you would be done by’ is made real with you two as you deftly give each other space and avoid stepping on one another’s toes. Not surprisingly, you are capable of working together on literary pursuits, with the ‘logical’ individual editing and finding the right words or avenues of expression for the ‘psychic’ person’s visions and ideas. In turn, the ‘psychic’ one shows the ‘logical’ one that there are subtleties and incongruities to life that the ‘logical’ may overlook through being too ‘scientific’. As is so often the case with all interactions, the roles of each individual can be interchangeable – but it is particularly so with this one. Art and music are an important part of your relationship together, either in terms of actually being creative or being simply appreciative. This interaction is not dynamic in itself, which means it can recede into the background when more hot, forceful and negative interactions come to the fore. It is therefore vital to give yourselves time after any such altercation for this psychic connection will automatically right things in a quite mysterious way.

*A’s Mercury Supporting B’s Pluto

Mental regeneration

One of you can be very instrumental in regenerating or even transforming the other person’s career and/or everyday attitude. This may take some time to develop, but its effects are long-lasting possibly beyond the span of the relationship itself, for this is no indicator of emotional durability, one way or the other. In return the first person benefits from seeing their ‘pupil’ burgeon under their influence. This is not an ego-trip on their part, but just that it is gratifying for them to know that their deep and often invisible ‘ray’ is effective and not just their lonely point of view. On a more mutual level, your discussions are relatively quite profound, and probably include occult subjects, psychology, and anything dealing with the invisible or unknown. Because of this you are usually quite happy to be alone with each other’s intellectual company.

*A’s Venus Supporting B’s Uranus

Love and duty

Love and freedom coexist relatively easily, so this interaction is non-possessive – or at least, it diffuses any other indications of jealousy. There is a friendliness between you if you are lovers, and you are loving if you are just friends. One of you really appreciates and is turned on by the other’s unusualness, causing them to depart from their usual social or sensual style. This can actually cause fluctuations in this person’s affections however, as they swing back and forth between their old and new values. To the ‘unusual’ person, their partner is the perfect playmate, as they seem able to pick up on their odd or intuitive ideas – particularly in the sexual department – as well as being excitingly unpredictable. Not surprisingly, such an interaction is a little too open or loose to ensure fidelity and durability, but it is extraordinarily pleasurable. If you are involved artistically in any way, this gives a zing of originality to whatever you create.

*A’s Neptune Supporting B’s Venus

Creative love

Here you have a feeling between you that is so loving and harmonious that it is really quite fine and spiritual. You bring to one another the mysterious and the beautiful. One or each of you can take on the form of the other’s imagination and longings, while you both inspire each other socially and/or artistically. This is a wonderful interaction for making music or being creative together in any way. There is a subtle attraction that gently persists, and could well exert a healing influence upon those around you too. This is not a ‘robust’ kind of interaction and so does not in itself confer physical durability, but whatever the outcome of your relationship, there is always likely to be a wistful connection and sweetness between the two of you.

*A’s Pluto Supporting B’s Venus

Deep love

There is a profound and deep bond between you that can heal rifts or take you through other difficulties. In fact, such is the strength of this bond that it may insist that you endure and push on through any ‘night’ of emotional isolation and confusion. One of you can show the other how to come out of their cave of despair or feelings of unlovableness. They in return can lend more weight and authenticity to their partner’s affections and emotional values. This interaction is the kind that occurs when one or both people are ‘about to believe in love again’ after having endured painful experiences in the past. They must tell themselves that this interaction represents the underground river that can take them there!

*A’s Jupiter Supporting B’s Mars

Mutual encouragement

There is a confident and loping quality to your being together that enables you to get a lot done with ease. It is as if the one of you has the drive and the other knows how to direct it – and then you feed each back to one another. You are probably quite keen on outdoor activities and sports, or failing this, get out and about a good deal and know how to enjoy yourselves in a pretty physical manner. As is often the case with ‘healthy’ interactions like this, they supply energy and decisiveness and therefore a minimum of complications. But a great deal depends upon how much meaning such activities have for you, and whether such ease ever forces you to look within. Hopefully, other more emotionally or psychologically significant interactions will be present to supply this. When you do fix your sights upon some higher goal, the chances are that you’ll not only achieve it, but show others how to as well.

*A’s Saturn Supporting B’s Mars

Energy and control

This is what you could call a very useful interaction because it bestows practicality and industriousness. Apart from favouring a business relationship, it also means that you are well able to assist one another in getting things done or off the ground. This feeling of ‘things to be done’ that exists between you is of inestimable value for it counteracts any woolly or overly romantic notions that are so common in many relationships. This is a no-nonsense aspect. One of you is very good at spurring the other to action, even or especially in the area where that person feels inertia and doubt. In return, they show their partner, in a way they can accept, how to be more mature in the choice of their activities, and how to be more responsible where they are possibly selfish or headstrong. Because together you link energy and control, you can become a very effective team.

*A’s Ascendant Supporting B’s Mars

Physical attunement Birth Time Sensitive

This interaction contributes to compatibility with regard to physical and sexual activity. You will find that there is a ready response to each other’s desires and bodily movements, with a minimum of inhibition relative to any innate reserve on either of your parts. This is not a strong interaction, but it can certainly oil the wheels of any endeavours you choose to pursue together.

*A’s Jupiter Supporting B’s Ascendant

Mutual furtherance Birth Time Sensitive

You both blossom in the light and warmth of each other’s attention. There may even be a ‘master and protege’ quality about your relationship, rather as if one of you has the wisdom while the other has the image or looks to carry it off. Metaphorically, or perhaps even literally, the one of you is the cultured and socially experienced person who grooms the naive youth. The creator and the created – the ultimate relationship, made possible because you both have the grace to recognise each other’s individual qualities.

*A’s Ascendant Supporting B’s Pluto

Mutual empowerment Birth Time Sensitive

One person makes the other person more deeply aware of how they express themselves physically, how they appear, etc. However, because first person’s effect is deep, such an effect may not be immediately noticeable, but the feeling that the second person experiences upon first meeting the other person is felt to be significant in that something ‘moves’ inside of them. How they continue to respond to such a movement will depend greatly on other interactions between the two of you. If the first person is aware that they do have this influence, then they can help the other to become more aware of the hidden side that lies behind the outer façade, not just of themselves but of appearances generally. The first person, in return, can feel pleasantly conscious of how they are able to penetrate to the core with both ease and intensity.

*A’s Ascendant Supporting B’s Ascendant

Seeing eye to eye Birth Time Sensitive

You see eye-to eye and are physically at ease with each other. However, this effect may only last long enough to get you interested in one another. You may hit it off on the dance floor or in bed; or there is simply plenty of times when your paths cross, giving rise to opportunity. Physical compatibility is what this aspect is all about. So much so, that even if you go for long periods apart when the initial intimacy has worn off, you still feel that immediacy of physical connectedness. Looked at another way, even if there are storms on emotional or mental levels, this physical accord keeps you on intimate terms or gives you the feeling that you had when you first met.

Minor Challenges

*A’s Saturn Opposition B’s Neptune

Realist versus dreamer

In one respect at least, you are in natural opposition with the one of you, the ‘realist’ representing material order and responsibility, and the other, the ‘dreamer’ symbolising spiritual reality and obligation. And so one of you could see the other as being vague and afraid to make certain types of commitment, while the other sees their opposite number as dull, limited or suppressive. It could well work the other way around as well because each of you acts as the shadow of the other and tends to catch their projection. So the ‘realist’ could conveniently load some of their material shortcomings on the ‘dreamer’, and the ‘dreamer’ their emotional weaknesses on to the ‘realist’. Consequently, your relationship can often get caught in a muddy pool of not seeing one another at all clearly. On the face of it, you could learn a great deal about how you could be more balanced and stable if you owned up to this projection on to one other of something each of you finds hard to admit to having in themselves. Such self-honesty is best exercised early on, for in time that ‘muddy pool’ can turn into a veritable swamp.

*A’s Pluto Challenging B’s Neptune

Intensity versus sensitivity

One of you, the ‘intense’ one, in their urge to impress or get what they desire, may overlook the subtleties and protective veils that the other person, the ‘sensitive’ one, has around their being. So what can happen is that in looking for strength in the ‘sensitive’ one, the ‘intense’ one finds what they see as weakness or evasiveness, overlooking the fact that their emotional missile was misguided at the outset. To make things more confusing, the ‘sensitive’ one just might become quite addicted to these shows of power, yet at the same time try to avoid such invasions. If the ‘sensitive’ one was given the chance, they could show the ‘intense’ one how to go more gently into the night – that is, into the unknown of someone’s emotional interior. However, unless this interaction is part of very intimate relationship in itself, it will probably just amount to a general conflict created by the respective differences in your respective world-views as established by your formative years occurring at different times in social history.

Minor Strengths

*A’s Neptune Supporting B’s Jupiter

Compassion and Goodwill

At a very basic level you have spiritual compatibility. This means that as human beings you are always human towards one another in that you maintain a certain gentle tolerance and respect. Friends and associates will pick up on this harmonious vibration – possibly quite subliminally – and like to be around you, or even seek your help and sympathy in times of trouble. How much you make out of this, or do not, is the question. On the one hand, such passivity is developing towards something all on its own peaceful accord. On the other, it can cause you to just coast along in a nice but somewhat ineffectual fashion. Ideally, if you are both evolved to some degree spiritually, then you can ‘use’ this spiritual energy to achieve greater good. Compassion and goodwill, are, after all, the basic ingredients of this basic compatibility.

*A’s Jupiter Supporting B’s Pluto

When one door closes another one opens

This interaction is a bit like ‘money for old rope’ in that you are able to show each other that it is through getting rid of things you do not need that you acquire things that you do. Whatever is obstructing either one of you – be it an inappropriate belief, a sense of impotence or importance, or a possession of some kind – the other is somehow able to help them let go of it. You make one another live up to the saying ‘When one door closes, another one opens’. Great wealth, be it spiritual or material, can be gained through this simple ‘give more to get more’ philosophy that is the potential of your being together. One of you knows the way to get there; the other has the power to get there.

*A’s Neptune Supporting B’s Saturn

Creative teamwork

You have a great thing going for you both here because each of you takes care of and teaches the other just what they need to have or know at the time. This is because one of has a sound grip on reality just where other does not, while the other is aware of another dimension of reality that can greatly relieve and enlighten their opposite number. More precisely, they can give them a practical awareness of their psychic abilities and insights, and how they perhaps fulfil their duties in more or better ways than they have allowed themselves to think. In return, thus enlightened, they give substance to their partner’s vision and imagination – possibly furthering a creative endeavour – as well as allaying any unfounded anxieties. As a team, you would be very successful and effective where both a sense of form and imagination is required – like, for instance, film making, speculation or psychotherapy.

*A’s Saturn Supporting B’s Pluto

A business like arrangement

This is an extremely down-to-earth interaction, with one of you helping the other to find their place in the world, and give stability to their insights or feelings of loneliness. In turn, their part of the ‘deal’ – for this is what this aspect of your relationship amounts to – is to confirm or intensify that person’s sense of authority at a deeper level. At the same time, they will also eliminate that individual’s dead wood – sometimes quite ruthlessly. But in response to this that other person won’t give in easily here, but this is what gives their opposite number’s persistence the seal of approval. This no-nonsense element of your relationship is bound to profit both of you, no matter what else ever happens. You have the businesslike side of relating in hand, and as such this favours a business partnership.

*A’s Uranus Supporting B’s Neptune

Head heart and harmony

If the two of you are interested or involved with metaphysical subjects or the frontiers of science and the understanding of human nature, then this interaction will greatly contribute to your progress, individually or together. One person, the ‘head’ offers scientific explanations and formulas to the psychic impressions of the other person, the ‘heart’. In turn, the ‘heart’ introduces a vision or myth to inspire the ‘head’s’ models or theories. If there are other creative interactions between the two of you, together you can make a very original and innovative duo.

*A’s Pluto Supporting B’s Uranus

It’s psychological

This interaction sets a scene that allows each of you to become far more aware of your respective psychological make-up and how it fits in with society as a whole. So this favours your seeking truth and depth understanding, either together or because of the other person’s influence. But this interaction is not, as a rule, a powerful one. It simply provides you both with the opportunity to take your investigations into the truths of life further than you could or would have done on your own. If you do happen to have a good handle on this aspect through other planets in each of your charts being ‘plugged’ into it, then you may work together to help others to find what is original and powerful within themselves too.

This concludes your Soul Mates Report