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Solar Fire Gold Edition – Relationship Analysis

Bi-Wheels include a “Bi-interaspect” wheel that has aspect lines going from one chart to the other, and a “Bi-zodiac” wheel that shows the house cusps of both people. You can also use the house cusps of the inner chart and easily swap the inner and outer charts to see the house cusps of the other person. For group analysis, you can put up to 4 charts in concentric rings on the same multi-wheel, or put up to 12 single wheels on the same page.

Multiwheel Super-imposition lets you line up the different rings of a multi-wheel using points other than the usual 0 Aries. For example, you could select a “Bizod”-type wheel style, and then use Superimposition to have the Ascendant of all the charts lined up on the left. You can also use Superimposition to see in-depth how one chart relates to the Sun, Moon or other point in another person’s chart.

Multi-wheel Super Impose

Solar Fire Multi-Wheel

Synastry Aspect Grids show cross-aspects between two charts, and how far they are from being exact.

Synastry Aspect Grids

Solar Fire Synastry Grid

Synastry Reports evaluate two natal charts for their love and marriage potential. You can also get on-screen point-and-click interpretations of individual synastry aspects.

Click to view sample –Brad Pitt and Anglina Jolie Synastry Report

Combined Charts

include composite charts of from 2 to 15 people. Also included are Davison and coalescent relationship charts.

Dynamic Hit lists for Two

Solar Fire’s dynamic hit lists enable you to see the aspects that Person A’s progressed or directed planets make to Person B’s natal points. You could also do transiting hits to a composite chart or even to a composite of progressed charts.

Time and Chart Searches

Enable you to find either time periods or charts in your files that have harmonious planetary contacts with a given chart. This is a useful tool for a dating service or for finding someone who would be a desirable partner.