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Astrological Calculation

 Solar Fire Gold Edition – Basic Calculations

10,000 Years of High-Precision Planetary Calculations from the state-of-the-art Swiss Ephemeris. Your choice of geo or helio charts; and tropical, draconic, or sidereal zodiacs with any ayanamsa of your choice.

36 Standard Points are available throughout the program. These include Sun through Pluto, North and South lunar Nodes (mean or true), Part of Fortune (fixed or different day/night), Asc, MC, Vertex, and Equatorial Asc (“East Point”); Earth, Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Hygeia and Astraea; 8 Uranian planets, Transpluto, Vulcan (D. Baker or L.H. Weston version), and the Black Moon Lilith (mean position).


You can include any or all of these points in the main ring of wheels and in virtually all other options of Solar Fire, including the astro-location maps and planetarium view. You can create and save different point sets for different uses, and in Solar Fire’s lists and tables you can have the points arranged in the order that you prefer.

Plus, More than 1,000 Extra Points, any of which can appear in special wheel rings and tables, in graphic and tabular ephemerides, and as natal, transiting and progressed points in the dynamic hitlists and time maps. Extra points supplied with Solar Fire 7 include all midpoints between the standard points; 290 fixed stars; the Jayne esoteric bodies Sigma, Pan, Isis, Morya, Hermes, Osiris, Midas and Lion; the Waltemath Dark Moon; and over 1,000 asteroids (from 5401BC-5399AD). (If you wish, you can input elements for additional orbiting bodies and coordinates for more stars.) You can assign each extra point a symbol and an abbreviation, and on chart pages you can add tables showing the meaning of the symbols, aspects that these points make, and other relevant information.

Solar Fire Extra Points

In addition, you can select from dozens of predefined Arabic parts or create new ones. You can include Arabic parts in special tables and wheel rings, and as natal points in dynamic hitlists, time map graphs and graphic ephemerides. You can also specify any fixed position (for example, the degree, minute and second of a sensitive point) and include it in special wheel rings; as a natal point in dynamic hitlists, time maps and graphic ephemerides; in return searches; and in chart-file and time searches. You can also look for intermediate house cusps in chart and time searches, and can include them as natal points in dynamic hitlists, time maps and graphic ephemerides. Plus, in tables and special wheel rings you can include prior eclipses or lunar phases and also geocentric or heliocentric planetary nodes.

30 House Systems include Placidus, Koch, Campanus, Meridian, Morinus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topocentric, Whole Signs, Alcabitius and Hindu Bhava. There are also equal houses from the Ascendant; equal with the Ascendant in the center of the 1st; equal with any planet, the lunar north Node, the Part of Fortune, the Equatorial Ascendant, 0° Aries or 0° of the Sun sign on the 1st; and equal with the MC on the 10th or the Vertex on the 7th. Houses can be calculated for geographic or geocentric latitude. In addition, Gauquelin sector positions are available in tables and in the chart and electional searches.

Built-in ACS Atlas with 250,000 places and time changes worldwide reduces data entry by a third, automatically filling in the longitude, latitude and correct time standard for the place and date. (In addition, a user-editable Solar Fire atlas lets you add your own place and time-change info. It also treats Australia in extra detail.)

Generous Choice of Wheel and Page Graphics: Single, bi-, tri- and quad wheels in a variety of American, European, color-wash and other styles, with your choice of equally or proportionally spaced house cusps. Vedic and Western traditional square charts. Detailed aspect grids, and optional aspect lines in the wheels. Complex page designs with many kinds of useful tables and graphs. Plus, Solar Fire’s ingenious wheel- and page-editing screens let you create wheel and page designs of your own. Besides viewing and printing wheels and pages, you can export them as BMP, WMF, JPG, GIF or PDF files to insert in desktop publishing or email documents.

 European Wheel

Euro Text

Universal Wheel

Solar Fire Universal Wheel


Solar Fire Bi-Wheel

 Aspect Grid

Solar Fire Aspect Grid

Horary Chart

Solar Fire Horary Chart

View 6 charts at a time!

Solar Fire Chart Wheels

Page Designer

Solar Fire Page Design

Screens and printouts can include 3 types of single-chart and synastry aspectarian grids showing how far the aspect is from being exact and whether it is applying or separating. In addition, there are tables showing aspect frequency analysis and aspects sorted by orb; also special tables of aspects involving just the Moon, asteroids, arabic parts or fixed stars. (For stars, many of which are far from the ecliptic, you can also see their angular relationships by using parans rather than aspects.) And now, with Solar Fire 7, you can tabulate and search for 25 types of multi-planet aspect patterns, from grand trines and t-squares to grand quintiles and sextiles, heles, rosettas and more.

 Chart plus aspects page

Solar Fire Aspect Page

In the wheels, you can view the optional aspect lines in their chosen colors and line styles with or without aspect glyphs, and you can choose whether or not to draw aspect lines to any given planet. Selecting the new Aspect Highlighting further improves pattern recognition by making the lines grow wider as an aspect gets closer, and change to dotted lines when the aspect separates. You have a number of choices of how to do this. In addition, the new Aspect Filtering can make chosen aspect types or multi-planet patterns more apparent by temporarily filtering out all aspects except the type that you’re looking for. You can filter out all except a given harmonic, all except partile aspects, all except t-squares, etc. You can easily change criteria and you can easily switch the filter on and off.

Time-Saving Task Recorder

With Solar Fire’s “Astrologer’s Assistant” task recorder, you can start recording your keystrokes and menu choices while you go through your most-used chart-casting routine. Then press Stop and review and edit the task. From that time on, all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks to apply the same complex sequence of operations to any base chart.

Solar Fire Astrologers Assistant

Solar Fire Task Recorder