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Solar Writer—Medicus; classical medical astrology

Solar Writer—Medicus is a fresh and original report on classical medical astrology.

This is a specialist report and cannot be edited.

A program like Solar Writer—Medicus has never been seen before! This creative report writer program works exclusively from an event chart enabling an astrologer to ask a horary question or erect a chart for the onset of an illness and then print an interpretations report.

Solar Medicus is designed to give the modern astrologer the ancient medical teachings with minimal embellishment in an exclusive 20-page report.

This unique tool provides the astrologer with the teachings of multiple medical astrologers, including classical medical astrologers Nicholas Culpeper and Richard Saunders, in a fashion accessible to modern astrological technique. This distinctive report writer uses a database of over 1,400 statements and aphorisms (with citations) to extract those applicable to a single horary or event chart. The report generates works from the event or horary chart exclusively; it does not compare this chart to the nativity.

The citations are often exact quotations, but the compiler, Dr. J. Lee Lehman, has added commentary to explain archaic terminology and to update the anatomical references. The report is designed to provide the astrologer with the exact astrological indicators used, to facilitate further astrological study and delineation.

Dr Lehman says: “Traditional medical astrology has consisted of both a general theory, and a lot of specific case histories. Unfortunately, the general theory has seldom been enunciated as such, but rather, has been presented mostly piecemeal, with the reader left to draw out the theory behind the method from a staggering quantity of case studies and aphorisms. More than most forms of classical astrology, this material has been extremely difficult for the modern mind to grasp, because the presentation is so alien. Yet medical astrology is precisely the type of subject matter that the modern astrologer needs to be able to work effectively with clients throughout their various life crises.”

This specialist report writer is an ideal introduction to the concepts of Classical Astrology or for research on the application of Classical techniques in a birth chart. The non-editable text is recommended for professional astrologers rather than for client work.

Written by J Lee Lehman

Click to view a Medicus sample report for time of a heart attack (pdf file)