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Solar Fire Gold – Rectification

Life Event Lists keep all your rectification information handy so you can easily use it for fine-tuning a birth time or finding an unknown one.

 Life Event Lists

Solar Fire Life Events

Animated Chart: Put the trial natal chart in the center surrounded by transiting (and possibly directed and progressed) rings. Then you can instantly jump these charts to the time of each life event in your list. Lets you quickly go through life events to see if the hits to the natal angles are consistently off by a certain number of degrees. If they are, you have good reasons for adjusting the natal chart.

 Animated Chart

Solar Fire Animated Page

 Rectification Assist

This window accessible from the static chart screen lets you watch a chart change as you adjust the time, date, Asc, MC, longitude or latitude. You can also put up a bi, tri or quad-wheel with the natal chart surrounded by transiting charts for life events. You can then use the Rectification Assist to nudge the time of the natal chart until you see appropriate contacts with the event charts