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Complete Relationship Astrology Report Writer

Complete Relationship Astrology Report Writer – in one complete Love and Marriage reading you can look at a relationship from all angles, combining the best of classical chart-comparison practice with the more modern technique of composite charting.

 Cromplete relationship report combined synastry and composite

The chart-comparison section appraises each partner’s basic temperament from emphasis in elements, modes, signs and houses. Then there’s a study of the sign on, rulership of, and planets in each person’s 5th, 7th and 8th houses. Then comes how the two charts relate to each other, with aspects between the two charts and a reading of the planets of each person in the other’s houses.

The composite section creates one composite chart out of the two natal birth charts, and reads it much like a natal chart to get at the quality of the relationship itself.

Joan Negus’s all-new text totals over 500 pages and covers a variety of ways each combination can play out. She discusses both strengths and weaknesses, and offers practical suggestions for building upon the strengths.

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John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy