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Free Horoscope Chartwheel

Free Horoscope Chartwheel – introduction to your chartwheel analysis

Free Horoscope Chartwheel


Free Horoscope Chartwheel

Explore your personal free horoscope chartwheel, provides you with many opportunities to learn more about your free horoscope reports and follow up reports you can purchase to satisfy your interest in learning more about your free chartwheel and the workings of astrology.  Gain a better understanding of  the inner working of your own personality and others close to you.

If you have never had your birth chart prepared before or just want to check out our amazing online software systems – now is you chance.

How a free horoscope chartwheel is produced

Calculate the exact position of the planets as they orbit the Sun, at the exact moment you were born and create a chart that shows the interrelationship between the planets as seen from any position (your birth place) on the planet Earth. As well as the free chartwheel all the planet positions are listed as well as all house positions and aspect relationships between the planets. When exact tiime of birth  is known the Ascendan, Midheavenand North and South Node signs is shown.

Personal horoscope readings – Terms of Supply

You can order your follow-up reading using Paypal or by Credit or debit card using a new banking gateway called STRIPE

You are given the opportunity to check the data you provide before proceeding with any reading. However if by any chance you enter the wrong information i.e. date or time or location of birth  send us an email and we will redo your future reading with your newly supplied correct information and update the links to your readings as soon as ossble.

If you do a free chartwheel and find you have entered the wrong birth data, simply redo.