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Parashara’s Light – Ashtakavarga

 Ashtakavarga in the Worksheet

Parashara's Light - Ashtakavarga

The total points in Ashtakavarga for each of the signs and houses can be shown in the worksheet.

The Ashtakavarga Screen

The Ashtakavarga Screen is dedicated to Ashtakavarga calculations only. This screen shows three tables. The table on the left shows the Binnashtakavarga for the Sun by default, and can be changed to show the scores for any of the planets.

The table on the right shows the Sarvashtakavarga for each planets and the totals per house, Samudaya Ashtakavarga. The scores for the ascendant is not included in the totals.

The graph at the bottom shows the Samudaya Ashtakavarga in a graph that reveals immediately which signs give auspicious results and which become inauspicious by the Ashtakavarga (according to Parashara).

Parashara's Light - Ashtakavarga Screen

Ashtakavarga scores are also shown in the Muhurta screen and in the transits printouts.