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Soul Scope

Justin Timberlake – Soul Scope – PCA Argus -Interpreter

31 Jan 1981

Sat 18 30 00 6 00 W 35 09 N 90 03 W

Above you see your Name, and your birth details – the Date, Time, Time Zone and your Place of birth by Latitude and Longitude. Please check this information is correct.

Whilst Reading Your Soul Scope

Please bear in mind that although this horoscope is as accurate and informative as possible, there is no guarantee that every word will apply at this moment in time, or in the past or future. This horoscope maps out your potential, and is not able to say what you have made of that potential. Whilst reading, you should rely upon your own judgement and individual choice, will and inclination – which are precisely what your Soul Scope is aimed at shedding light upon.

Finally, the overall accuracy of your Soul Scope depends upon the accuracy of your Birth Time.

Introducing Yourself To You

A horoscope symbolises and sheds light apon – your purpose, your needs, your talents, your doubts, your sensitive spots, your destiny and more;

Below are the ‘astrological positions’ of your horoscope, followed by the interpretations, set out in Chapters – describing what they mean in your life.

You were born with…

Leo Rising which is interpreted in Chapter One

Sun in Aquarius in the Sixth House which is interpreted in Chapter Two

Moon in Sagittarius in the Fourth House which is interpreted in Chapter Three

Taurus at the Midheaven which is interpreted in Chapter Four

Mercury in Pisces in the Seventh House which is interpreted in Chapter Five

Venus in Capricorn in the Fifth House which is interpreted in Chapter Six

Mars in Aquarius in the Sixth House which is interpreted in Chapter Seven

Jupiter in Libra in the Second House which is interpreted in Chapter Eight

Saturn in Libra in the Second House which is interpreted in Chapter Nine

Uranus in Scorpio in the Fourth House which is interpreted in Chapter Ten

Neptune in Sagittarius in the Fourth House which is interpreted in Chapter Eleven

Pluto in Libra in the Third House which is interpreted in Chapter Twelve

The Planets symbolize various energies manifesting as dynamics of personality.

The Signs qualify or colour these energies, rather like a filter over a light.


The Houses designate areas of life experience upon which these energies focus.

The Aspects express how these energies dynamically interact with one another.

Note: Ongoing planetary influences throughout your life – be they in the past, present or future – as they apply to the planetary positions at your birth, are given and interpreted in Soul Guide.

Chapter One – Your Ascendant: Appearance and Persona

*Leo Rising

You have a winning, confident and usually sunny exterior. But how much your inner being is living up to this outer show can be another story entirely. It is as if you project a successful image, which the rest of your personality has to live up to somehow. This can prove a very effective means of self-development, as long as you do not weaken.

Dignity, and pride in your appearance are therefore significant and important. This commanding impression as observed by others should not be underestimated or overlooked, because it is either convincing and effective or overbearing and affected. And responses from others vindicating your own actions or attitudes are easily believed. So beware of flatterers and bootlickers, for they could give you a false impression of yourself.

All the same, you do need approval and praise from others in order to maintain your confidence – so keep displaying your wares. You tend to attract unusual or unstable relationships that require a certain amount of detachment and freedom from possessiveness. This is in aid of offsetting or challenging the self-possessed or regal air, which you appear to have.

The Sun is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Two – Your Sun Profile, with this in mind.

Chapter Two – Your Sun profile: Your Will and Purpose

*Sun in Aquarius

Your essential purpose in life is to view and approach all things in an impartial and humanitarian way. In so doing, you hope and intend to liberate yourself and others from guilt, fear and conditioning. To enable you to accomplish this, you are emotionally detached to one degree or another.

If you like, you choose not even to recognize the emotional shortcomings of yourself and others – or if you do, you shrug them off or distance yourself from them in some way. Being such a cool observer of life makes for your being a natural psychologist, counsellor, scientist – or simply a good friend.

However, this distancing of yourself from awkward emotional areas that reflect your own discomfort can have the effect of divorcing you not only from them but from some of your best qualities. Consequently, you stand in danger of being someone who has been processed and packaged by what you think should be you, rather than what is actually you.

And others find it very hard to relate to this, then get very emotional, and cause you to do more of the same! When you eventually immerse yourself in the pool, well or cess-pit of your own rejected feelings, you lend a power and conviction to your outward expression that convinces, influences – and liberates – both yourself and others. The reason for this being that others, and your emotional self, can then identify with you.

*Sun in the Sixth House

All of this is most likely to centre upon developing some kind or method or technique with which you can practise gainful employment or perform some sort of service. Without doing this it is probable that you’d suffer from unemployment or a string of aimless jobs. Your life is very much concerned with improving or preparing for something.

Initially, it is quite likely that you find yourself in a subordinate position where you are answerable to someone else – possibly even under their thumb. This would be because you are having to learn the importance of modesty and being in earnest. A career in health or hygiene or veterinary care could suit you well. Your own health can be quite an issue in that it is very much a barometer of your efficiency in life.

*Your solar aspects

*Sun allying with Jupiter

There is a supremely positive dimension to your personality that bestows both wisdom and good luck upon you. You have an essentially benign and philosophical nature that attracts funds and opportunities, help just when you need it, and people in foreign parts who are well-disposed towards you. The paradox is that because you can so easily conceive of an easier life, you tend to let negative matters build up to a point where you then have to use your luck in earnest.

*Sun allying with Saturn

What serves you well in so many respects is your sense of discipline and practicality. You also have an inherent awareness of how the status quo works. You are well able to deal with the challenges and difficulties of your life and of the material world in general for you have a sort of self-stabilizing mechanism within you.

You usually adhere to a formal and conventional life-style, and subscribe to traditional standards – or you would make life easier if you used the system as opposed to bucking it. Paradoxically, it is this very sense of order that can cause you to miss some vital but radical point. So it is when taking a chance on something that your marked sense of reality comes into its own.

*The Sabian Symbol For Your Sun

Finally, to give a symbolic focus to the Sun in your Chart, here is the “Sabian Symbol” for the degree of the Zodiac at which it was placed at the time of your birth. The Sabian Symbols were devised by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and a clairvoyant called Elsie Wheeler. They may be read as interpreted, taken quite literally, or be given your own more personal or subjective interpretation much as you would for one of your dreams.


Remember to bear in mind that the Sun represents the essence or core of your life and its purpose, and to note how its Sabian Symbol corresponds to your Sun Profile, and your Chart interpretation as a whole. The Sabian Symbol for your Sun is…

“A BAROMETER” – What is literally a measurer or indicator of atmospheric pressure can be seen symbolically as doing the same thing with regard to social or emotional issues. Keyword: SENSING. When positive, your powers of observation and judgment which are intuitive, physical and automatic, and should therefore be trusted despite other methods of assessment. When negative, uncertainty born of a dependence upon passing thoughts and moods.

Chapter Three – Your Moon Profile: Your Needs and Emotional Responses

*Moon in Sagittarius

Your reigning need is to believe in something, and to have the freedom to discover what that is. This need for freedom can be so pronounced in you that you instinctively reject anything that smacks of limiting or restraining you, be it physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Paradoxically though, you can be rather gullible, because unconsciously you are still looking for some kind of philosophy or adventure. Alternatively, you may just as well be atheistic or amoral for that can appear to be a system of belief with absolutely no laws to keep to.

Behind all this, you probably had an upbringing that indoctrinated you in either a dogmatic or free-and-easy way, and so now you fancy the open road, so to speak. Deep within you there lies that gypsy soul, that wanderer, who trusts life purely for the adventure that it is.

However, if your own life’s not to disappear into the boundless, some definite philosophy or set of laws to guide you is what you need. This, combined with your natural sense of humour and of life’s “story”, can make you into a warm and optimistic teacher, the raconteur, or just someone who is wise as a result of being cheerful and understanding.

*Moon in the Fourth House

Whatever your feelings or needs, you instinctively know how to protect and feed them. In fact, you are a natural homemaker. You exude a home-from-home, hearthside familiar atmosphere. This fosters all domestic and catering talents, be it on a professional or amateur basis. You also have a closeness to Nature. A feel for flora and fauna is in your blood, and you could have green fingers. You can, however, be overly attached to your roots – never leaving the region, or even home, you were born in.

This could amount to a security-blanket syndrome where certain habits and things are clung to – especially in times of stress and unpredictability. Your feelings may be more or less totally bound up or invested in your actual home or family, so that you do not readily express them in external social intercourse. If you are this extremely homely type, then as long as you’re happy keeping the home-fires burning, that’s fine. But if you are just cooped up on your own, learn to share or express your inner nature.

*Your Lunar Aspects

*Moon working with Mercury

You have little trouble in conveying your feelings with the written or spoken word. Consequently, you are able to keep social situations flowing and relaxed with your ready wit and natural poise. There is a slight danger of using your natural eloquence to evade pondering in much depth on anything. But when your mind and soul has something worth chewing on, you have the prized knack of putting it across to all and sundry. You also possess basic common sense.

*Moon working with Mars

You do have a very available supply of energy to meet your needs. You possibly take this for granted simply because it is always there as you work and relax with enviable ease. The more aware you are of this healthy balance that you have between your feelings and body energy, the more vibrant and confident you will feel, enabling you to achieve success in your chosen field of endeavour.

*Moon uniting with Neptune

It is your emotional sensitivity, which is both one of your greatest liabilities and one of your greatest assets. There is undeniable pain from your childhood that haunts you in the present as it prevents you from looking at the truth of your feelings. But this just attracts situations that make you feel vulnerable or overwhelmed.

Behind all this is the probability that your mother’s values confused your own. But when you have broken through the ultimate human illusion – that vulnerability is life-threatening – then you really can become a healing presence, a voice in the wilderness. You have strong psychic tendencies.

*Moon working with Pluto

Like a solid core running through your emotional make up you have a profound instinct for survival. You may just use this to get by, but this would be rather a waste for when you get right down to the root of the matter, you are capable of regenerating and improving any situation you choose.

*Moon allying with your Ascendant

You are able to make your feelings known to others quite easily – individually or collectively -in a direct and simple way that attracts a relaxed and natural emotional interplay. In short, you know how to fit in.

*The Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Now, to give a symbolic focus to the Moon in your Chart, here is the “Sabian Symbol” for the degree of the Zodiac at which it was placed at the time of your birth. As I mentioned in the last Chapter – your Sun Profile, the Sabian Symbols may be read as interpreted, taken quite literally, or be given your own more personal or subjective interpretation much as you would for one of your dreams.

Remember to bear in mind that the Moon represents your unconscious disposition and responses, and your emotional needs and security, and to see how its Sabian Symbol corresponds to your Moon Profile in particular, and your Chart interpretation as a whole. The Sabian Symbol for your Moon is…

“A CHUBBY BOY ON A HOBBYHORSE” – A fullness of life that is characterised by a desire for growth and expansion, and modelled upon one’s heroes and dreams. Keyword: MAKE-BELIEVE. When positive, your determination to make real the adventure that life always promised to be, and the sense of fulfilment that it brings. When negative, a puffed-up sense of self that is blind to the ridicule it attracts and to the fact that it does not get very far.

Chapter Four – Your Midheaven profile: Career and Status

*Taurus at the Midheaven

Your profession involves things of substance, such as the physical body’s care and maintenance, any kind of production or management, real estate, finances, building, horticulture or agriculture, etc. You prefer a steady position with assured assets and income to pie-in-the-sky projects. Material status is important to you.

The condition of your Venus by Sign, House and Aspect will reveal more about the nature of your career, as well as the ease or difficulty encountered in pursuing it, (see Chapter 6).

Chapter Five – Your Mercury Profile: Perception and Mentality

*Mercury in Pisces

Yours is a sensitive mind which absorbs information rather than consciously learning it. Ideas and solutions seem to surface rather than being actually worked out. Because of this process of mental osmosis you are sometimes not quite sure whether it is your own mind which is doing the thinking. If you are happy to let your mind be a kind of nozzle which directs the stream of pictures and words that issues from your fertile imagination, then you’ll be happy with what you do and say. If however you have the notion that you must be in logical control of your thought processes, you become adept at poking at the blind-spots and irrational ideas of others because they seem to threaten your own concept of mental order. But sooner or later your imagination will demand its due; that you express your dreams and confront your own doubts in a creative or honest way. Otherwise you will be further driven to suppressing them unhealthily with drugs or alcohol, or with an even fiercer rationality.

*Mercury in the Seventh House

You like to have a partner who thinks and perceives things in this way too and is generally stimulating intellectually. You are also prefer to conduct your relationships in a very reasonable way. This is fine up to the point where the emotional side of things can’t get a look in. You will then find yourself with an extremely emotional mate on your hands as they demand that you respond with more than just your head. Alternatively, if you are an emotional type yourself, or lack mental confidence for some reason, then you will get someone else to do your thinking for you. This is fine as long as you are both happy with this arrangement, but there will probably come a time when you will have to sort out your own mental or learning problems. Potentially, your mind is very capable of tuning into the facts and figures about others, so public relations or some kind of demographic or agency work would be well-starred.

*Your Mercury Aspects

*Mercury working with Moon

You have an instinctual awareness of the day-to-day workings of people and life in general. This could be called the common touch, and favours any occupation where you have to deal with the public on their own level. You are, in a word, streetwise.

*Mercury uniting with Mars

Once you get a mental grip on something you are unlikely to let go of it until you have got the answer, truth, story or whatever it is that you are after. This terrier-like, foot-in-the-door, attitude of yours is invaluable in any kind of investigative activity. Your sharp and witty mind lights the way. You can also get easily agitated, but this does fire you to act and speak out, and thereby get things done and out in the open. All the same, count to ten when wound up.

*Mercury challenged by Uranus

Furthermore, your interests extend to the scientific or metaphysical. There is an unusual cast to your mind that is attracted to the more off-beat and radical avenues of thought. Alternatively, you might find yourself opposed to these realms of thinking and the people involved with them, as you stand by your more logical viewpoint. In truth though, you are striving to see both sides – the intuitive but unprovable, and the rational – and present a balanced viewpoint as well.

*Mercury working with Neptune

Through all of this you should always be aware that you have a cultured and imaginative mind which should not be wasted on purely mundane pursuits. You have a subtle or poetic perception of the world, and could be an exponent of the literary or visual arts – or at least have a keen appreciation of them. There is also the strong possibility of your being able to attune your mind to the thoughts of others. You have a very valuable mind.

*Mercury allying with Pluto

When it comes right down to it, yours is an extremely profound mentality. At the very least you have a knack for getting to the root of a matter. Taken further, you are able to reach a deep understanding of the actual workings of the Nature of Life itself. You have a powerful mind that is not distorted by power games and mental conceit.

*Mercury opposing your Ascendant

The indications described above under Mercury in the Seventh House are strongly emphasised and I suggest that you note them as such, and how they relate to the whole of your Mercury Profile.

Chapter Six – Your Venus Profile: Attraction and Harmony

*Venus in Capricorn

You view love and art, and the values concerning them, very much in a traditional light. Unless something or someone is tried and true through the passage of time you are not likely to trust your sentiments, talents or possessions with them. This inflexible dependence that you have upon fidelity, constancy and work-well-done ostensibly makes for your being quite reliable as you give value for money or time spent on you or paid to you.

But your insistence upon trustworthiness can become a blind to your own emotional shortcomings, that is, a distrust based on subjective fear rather than objective judgement. What can ensue from this is either you or your partner suddenly being very unreliable; or your being without anyone at all; or severe limitations materially as a result of not giving more of yourself to the world; or marrying or being married for money or status rather than love. Track down the cause of any deep distrust, and then you and others will be as reliable as you think you and they ought to be.

*Venus in the Fifth House

Your feelings of love and beauty have no trouble finding expression for you have a natural sense that they should be expressed. So you possess the usual graces of a romantically and artistically inclined soul: affectionate, lively, entertaining, attractive to the opposite sex, etc. You also like to seek out such qualities in life and others, so galleries, theatres, parties, etc. exercise a magnetic pull.

You experience all the highs and lows of love and art, for this is essentially what gives you such a vibrant sense of them. You should never let anything get in the way of expressing yourself creatively for your natural style is very real. If you have children, it shows in them too.

*Venus working with Uranus

Most of these qualities of yours do have a relaxed feel about them, and can, if you let them, attract free social and emotional interaction. Such lively sparkle should always make you desirable company. The essence of this trait of your personality is one of humans loving one another for being the individual humans that they are – so nothing should be allowed to get in the way of this!!

*Venus challenged by Pluto

At a very deep level your whole idea of what love is and is not is having to go through a major process of transformation. Your love nature, as described above, has taken on the task of bringing into the light the most fearsome, ugly and taboo-ridden aspects of human nature – in yourself and others. This is challenging indeed, and it is therefore not surprising that your love life is cratered with crises of no mean magnitude. Can you still love in the face of death; be it the death of a cherished ideal, a social norm, or of love or a loved one?

*Venus allying with your Midheaven

You employ the attributes of your Venus Profile as described here in a professional capacity – or if you don’t, you certainly should. Your strengths and weaknesses in this respect, either advance or hold you back in your career. In any event, art, grace, beauty, or a sense of harmony is central to your profession.

Chapter Seven – Your Mars profile: Self-Assertion and Sexual Drive

*Mars in Aquarius

You assert yourself best when performing as part of a group, or in the name of some collective goal. Without this you can be rather indolent because you cannot find it in yourself to go it alone, and neither do you want to be just another unit in the human mass.

What initially gets you going and sets you off on the road to self-confidence is having to rebel against or break away from something or someone which is hemming you in. You also like a sexual relationship to have a liberating effect upon you. In fact, you may enjoy sex more as an act of freedom than as an act of love or desire.

*Mars in the Sixth House

You most readily use and develop these powers when in a work situation, or when you have some definite method to use or job to do. You wholeheartedly put your energies into anything to do with employment, which includes finding it for yourself or someone else. Occupations themselves may involve animals, health, or the use of sharp instruments or heavy machinery.

What you have to watch out for is working when irritated or angry, for injury or damage can be incurred, or poor relationships with co-workers could ensue, resulting in bad working atmospheres. Also guard against your emotional desires getting awkwardly mixed up with your work and whom you work with.

*Your Mars Aspects

*Mars working with Moon

You have a ready supply of psychic energy to draw upon; so just about any task can be tackled successfully because you are not likely to flag. “Do more and get more” could be your simple maxim. Unlike people who work and play on nervous energy and are consequently a bit fraught, the relaxed flow of energy that you possess, permits a silent and smooth running engine.

*Mars uniting with Mercury

Yours is a very mental or nervous sort of energy. You can push on with mental tasks and achieve objectives while others have to take a rest. Useful though your cerebral muscle is, you too should drop everything at regular intervals and let the world run itself for a while.

Otherwise you can get so wound up as to scotch all your best intentions through nervous exhaustion or through jumping down people’s throats. Temper your energetic mind by cultivating some docility. Incidentally though, much of this depends on other Aspects to your Mars.

*Mars challenged by Uranus

Whenever anyone or anything opposes what you yourself want, you react quite hotly, even violently or recklessly. You have a very strong sense of fighting for your own (and others’) rights to do what you feel you must do.

As long as you do not let this turn you into a mindless reactionary with an unstable temperament able to attract quite dangerous predicaments, your actions can prove to be both fast and effective. But then again you might actually like danger. Sexually, you can be wild or experimental as you seek the truth of what sex is all about.

*Mars working with Neptune

What is invaluably useful with regard to all this, is your ability to assert yourself in a subtle and inoffensive way. This means that you can get past people’s defences before they know it – be it in say, a sexual capacity or a healing one, or one that appeals in some other way.

*Mars allying with Pluto

You Mars energies come to you from deep sources. This means to say that you have enormous supplies and reserves of energy. Activities such as sexual or sporting ones, or anything that requires an unremitting drive, are what you are well-equipped for.

Because of its very nature, you’re very likely to take this energy for granted. But when you focus upon where it’s actually coming from, the more this energy is forthcoming. Then you can benefit yourself and others from the practice of physical cultures like martial arts or Hatha yoga or spiritual/ sexual disciplines. At an evolved level, such energy has the power to heal.

*Mars opposing your Ascendant

Now it would seem that you initially experience these qualities of drive and self-assertion as coming from others – and one other in particular. This is especially so if you are female. This being the case, you are also more likely to encounter the negative aspects.

In truth however, the nature and power of your own self-assertion is innately unconscious and so you encounter it through the reactions from others to it. Indeed, your partner may very well embody these traits, but the fact still remains that he or she is being a role model for you – be it negative or positive. The more you claim this manner of forcefulness as your own, the more you are able to be an effective leader of others, or at least a good example of how to assert oneself.

*Mars challenging your Midheaven

You shouldn’t have any trouble piling energy into your career, and thereby getting somewhere. However, this same drive rubs family and friends up the wrong way – and even those in authority. The conflict that this creates may not matter to you now, but at a critical stage when you need emotional support – it could be unavailable.

Chapter Eight – Your Jupiter profile: Faith and Understanding

*Jupiter in Libra

Your philosophy of life has mainly to do with your sense of justice, as you experience it in a personal way within your one-to-one relationships. It can also come from how you perceive it, or the lack of it, in society in general. In other words, your faith in life rests upon a belief that justice exists. If it does not – or it appears not to – your faith diminishes.

Conversely, when you are aware that justice prevails, you feel happy to go on. What you have to bear in mind is that justice is not always apparent on a surface level. By its very nature, justice often has to be sought – be it in your mind or a court of law.

*Jupiter in the Second House

You like to have something physical to show for your beliefs. So in proportion to the strength of your faith, you will accumulate money and possessions. The danger here is that this can become a substitute for faith itself. For example, you could amass lots of things around you but feel hollow inside. The wisdom that you are after, or already possess, is that of using your flair for attracting wealth to guide and assist projects and people that are in need of it.

*Your Jupiter Aspects

*Jupiter allying with Sun

By and large, you fall into the positive category with respect to your faith in life and the luck that it attracts. There is a danger of your taking it for granted, simply because it comes so naturally. All the same, your beliefs are the mainstay of your existence and vitality, and others can learn much from them.

*Jupiter uniting with Saturn

The establishing of faith in life will not be without some quite severe tests. This could take the form, possibly from very early on in life, of some type of rigid faith that either forces you to stick with it through thick and thin, or, has put you off believing in anything other than what you can touch and see.

And so you are having to find a balance between faith and reality, and to discover a vision of a better situation and the practical means of getting there. Having done this, you are a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Chapter Nine – Your Saturn Profile: Lessons and Responsibilities

*Saturn in Libra

You are learning the most important lesson in life – balance. This means that you find yourself in situations where you have to decrease what there is too much of, and increase what there is too little of. One-to-one relationships are particularly demanding as you have the task of establishing who is responsible for what, of being utterly fair in granting yourself and the other person equal rights, allowances for human error, etc.

So because balance is more of a critical factor for you than it is for most others, it would seem that there is often a steep imbalance between your position and the other person’s. Grist for the mill, you could say. Upon passing this test, finding that crucial balance, you can land yourself with a relationship that is far more stable than most, and become, in general, a fair judge of social affairs.

*Saturn in the Second House

These lessons and tasks focus particularly upon the issues of self-worth and income or finances. Consequently, it is very likely that you either have trouble as a result of having too little money, or too much of it. In the first case, you are striving to improve your self-worth and thereby attract a better income. In the second case, you find it hard to know what you yourself are actually worth because others seem to judge you by what you own rather than what you are.

Tightfistedness with yourself could arise from the first case; tightfistedness with others from the second. In either case, you are learning what is of real value in life. You could become an authority on quality.

*Your Saturn Aspects

*Saturn allying with Sun

Because you have a natural and increasingly conscious sense of discipline, you work through all this assiduously, and at a steady pace. You get things done simply because you know what has to be done. It is only a matter of time before you hold a position in life of some authority or integrity. In fact, it is your actual ability to structure things that earns you such a reputation.

*Saturn uniting with Jupiter

Be aware that the brighter side of life is something that you do have to cultivate. It’s not that you’re without joy. It is more likely you were socially conditioned by someone or something that had little joy in them. Be that as it may, you still have to lighten up somewhat, which will mean taking a chance on your intuition, and letting the devil – whatever you fear – take the hindmost.

Chapter Ten – Your Uranus Profile: Awakening and Freedom

*Uranus in Scorpio

You belong to a generation (born during the mid 1970’s to early 1980’s) whose intention was to reform attitudes towards sexuality and intimacy, as well as other kinds of hidden power. During this period, these elements of life started to reach a critical state, be it the advent of dangerously defiant sexual freedom or a nuclear power station blowing up. Mt.St.Helens, the volcano in Washington DC, also blew its top in 1980. Because of all this, your generation is basically having to wake up to what power actually is.

*Uranus in the Fourth House

Your urge for change and awakening is most likely to manifest itself as upheavals or something out of the ordinary on your domestic scene, in your background, or in your relationship with your father. With regard to these situations, you find that you have to adopt an unconventional or even breakaway attitude. You may at times experience feelings of being uprooted or of being rootless. Your father might appear to have disowned you.

The intention behind this, or any other such feeling of being disinherited, is that you re-establish your right to be here – on your own, more consciously conceived, terms. You may find that all of this entails moving home more than average, or of occasional chaos within the home and family. In your home itself, you like to have freedom of movement and not be too tied to it. This is one reason why you may like labour-saving electronic gadgetry. Your home is a testament to the uniqueness of your life-style.

*Your Uranus Aspects

*Uranus challenged by Mercury

The pressure to change and reform as described here can impinge particularly strongly upon the way that you think on a day-to-day level. It is important that you come to terms and deal with these disturbances in the radical manner I have suggested here. Otherwise, you will find yourself nervy and mentally stressed as you vainly juggle conflicting interests.

Positively speaking, this tension between your need for change and your need for mental order and expression breeds in you the ability to come up with original ideas and solutions, as well as having a speedy, computer-like mind, which albeit suffers the occasional ‘virus’ of scattered or irrelevant thinking.

*Uranus working with Venus

Eventually it dawns on you how attracted you are by the call to freedom, innovation and experimentation where interpersonal relationships are concerned. When injected with new ideas about yourself in this way, and through using your actual artistic gifts or developing your very real but latent ones, you find happiness for yourself, and for others who gain from your style and social awareness.

*Uranus challenged by Mars

People will attack your sense of freedom and what it is in you that stands out from the crowd. In a way you relish this for it sharpens your sense of uniqueness. Your sex life becomes a particularly vibrant area for breaking the rules and further intensifying your individuality. But really this is all in aid of waking you up to what it really means to be free to do your own thing.

*Uranus challenging your Ascendant

Your desire for freedom is such that it makes it difficult for anyone to relate to you in a consistent fashion. You do what you want to do when you want to, and this is unlikely to keep a regular guy or girl for long. If this free-wheeling style suits you, then well and good, and you are electrically stimulating company. But for a stable relationship, you’d need to be less intransigent.

Chapter Eleven – Your Neptune Profile: Sensitivity and Spirituality

*Neptune in Sagittarius

You belong to the Neptunian generation born between 1970 and the mid 1980’s. As this generation came of age, confusion was experienced with regard to what is right or wrong. The underlying reason for this is a want of distinction between the Law of Man and the Law of God. In other words, this generation, and the time they are growing up in, has to contact a more spiritual and less material, yet at the same time practical, means of directing human morals and appetites. A real sense of the divine or the quantum, begins to emerge now.

*Neptune in the Fourth House


For you, such sensitivity and yearning for some ideal focuses upon your home-life and family background. It is most likely that you experience this as remembering things in the past as being idyllic. The streets or fields of your childhood have a rosy veil cast across them. Indeed, such childhood dreams are true, even if only because of the way you perceived life in those innocent times.

Actually, this is the whole sentiment underlying Neptune here: that life is as sweet and as secure as you make it. The negative value here is of course one of glossing over the less pleasant or even harsh experiences of early life. This has the effect of making you feel rather rootless, because through denying past pain you are still denying a part of yourself. So you have to go into that pain, and then re-emerge cleansed with a far clearer sense of “Paradise Lost”; this in turn enables you to go about regaining your “Paradise”, thereby imbuing your own home with a hauntingly familiar quality.

This is very important to you, and creates a haven for others too. It also has something to do with your psychic sensitivity to the Earth and Nature’s forces. Without doing this “regaining”, as with the weeds at the bottom of a pond, you can be trapped in the past, or in the self-contained nature of your family and particularly the relationship with your father, who may have been a vague, weak or unavailable figure.

Positively though, he could be a great example of selflessness and compassion. With regard to finding a home itself, this is often in the lap of the gods in that some power outside yourself grants or takes away quite special abodes. Living by the sea is especially desirable and beneficial to you.

*Your Neptune Aspects

*Neptune uniting with Moon

None of the negative traits described here is helped at all by the fact that they have a lot to do with your family background and childhood experiences; these were painful and you still seek to find some form of escape from them. And so it is hard for you to conceive of the situation ever having been that healthy.

But to imagine or visualise it being as you really want it to be – but without being gullible or fanciful – is precisely what you have to do, and are well able to do, in order to transcend the difficulties and leave behind that poor self-image you acquired before you had much say in the matter.

*Neptune working with Mercury

You are blessed with the ability to communicate freely or to give expression to these sensitive areas of your personality in some other way. Innate skills in the healing or performing arts are just a part of your multi-talented nature. Watch out though – for such ease of expression can make you blasé or indolent.

*Neptune working with Mars


What is more, you are able to act upon these finer feelings and subtle yearnings. Consequently, you are good at educating others concerning higher and better things – possibly in some physical way like yoga or dance. However, subtle as this talent is, it can be overlooked if you yourself have not yet woken up to, or begun to seek, your spiritual or creative path.

*Neptune working with Pluto

You are helped in taking steps towards enlightenment by the fact that doing so has become a more generally accepted pursuit since the horrors of World War II. However, you will need more than this point alone to set you off on this path.

*Neptune allying with your Ascendant

These subtle nuances of your personality are visible to others – but only as you choose to display them. There is a mystique and a healing aura about you.

Chapter Twelve – Your Pluto Profile: Power and Transformation

*Pluto in Libra

You are a member of the Plutonian generation (1971 – 1984) which grew up into a world where revolutionary changes began to take place with regard to marriage and social values. Being a child of a single parent family would be a typical example of your generation’s social conditions.

In any event, you grew up in an atmosphere of great uncertainty as to what social justice and the social norm were. Essentially, you as a generation are re-writing the social rule-book, which unavoidably means being without, or refusing to observe, the old rule book.

*Pluto in the Third House

For you, any call to transformation and for depth of experience is aimed at areas of communication such as education, everyday encounters with relatives, neighbours, etc. Indeed, such areas are usually noted for their ordinariness, and so you could well play down heavier and darker emotions such as guilt, desire, phobias, and the like. Or as a child, they may have been kept out of the way for you – or conversely, thrust under your nose in the form of some crisis at school, the death of a brother or sister, or something that deeply disturbed your ability to learn or communicate.

Hopefully, in time you come to really appreciate the power of thoughts and words and of seemingly commonplace everyday occurrences. This appreciation could show itself as an interest in any subject that requires deep thinking – like psychology, detective work, the transforming of your local environment through tackling pollution or informing your neighbours of something of great importance.

If you actually use the written or spoken word to convey your deeper feelings, your writings will be aimed at altering the very way in which we look at life. In short, in one way or another, you aim to introduce a more profound intellectual tone to your surroundings.

*Your Pluto Aspects

*Pluto working with Moon

Deep down you feel very safe. Deep down you feel you belong. You also have a deep sense of what holds people together – be it family, friends or whatever. And deep down you feel what has to be eliminated to create or maintain such security. All you have to make sure of is that you trust these deep feelings.

*Pluto allying with Mercury

You have the mental insight to learn much from all this. Consequently, you are more and more able to understand at a deep level how life and others operate. You are therefore the natural psychologist or physicist. Your mind works best when it has profound issues to chew on and get to the core of.

*Pluto challenged by Venus

These pressures to transform and reach a deeper sense of involvement with life are hampered by your possibly unconscious desire to keep the peace and lead a pleasant life-style. Ironically though, it is just these predilections that draw you to someone who changes your life for you. The issue is really one of your being challenged to use your grace and charm to facilitate that transformation. There is something darkly but beautifully compelling about you or anything that you have created. So rather than being afraid of what you might lose, concentrate on what you have to give.

*Pluto allying with Mars

You are able to assert these powers personally, rather than let them fester or smoulder inside of you. Also, you have a strong sexuality, which means to say that you can influence others in deep ways that are not necessarily physical.

*Pluto working with your Ascendant

Through time and effort you manage to express physically the power within your personality in a way that positively transforms your surroundings and anyone to whom you consciously apply your influence and insight.

*Pluto working with Neptune

You know that we are all in the same boat, and that it is a case of sink or swim. So you look around, smile at your fellow human beings, and pull together!

A purpose to your life

From reading your Soul Scope, you may know that already, and this has confirmed it, or made you look at it differently. You may also have noticed that not only is there a purpose to your life as a whole, there is a purpose to every part of your life as well.

Furthermore, for every purpose of yours, you may see that you have positive traits and abilities to achieve it. Any negative traits are only the result of your having diverged from, or being unconscious of, that purpose.

And the relationships and circumstances of your life have been attracted entirely by these positive and negative qualities – like the poles of a magnet. For it is a scientific fact that that is what a human or any other being actually is: an electromagnetic being – picking up good and bad vibrations.

Astrology is based upon electro-magnetism and vibratory resonance.

I hope that through this “Report” you will have gained, and will continue to gain, a sense of satisfaction and control through being more and more familiar with the power and purpose of your life and personality.

Lyn Birkbeck.