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Solar Fire Gold – Editable Interpretation Reports

Natal, Synastry, Transiting, Progressed and Firdaria Interpretations by Stephanie Johnson. You can get pop-up interpretations of individual aspects and other factors by clicking on planets and other items in the chart wheel or hitlist. You can also view, edit and print complete multi-page reports through your favorite word processor. If you wish, you can put your own stamp on the interpretations by rewriting and adding to the text database itself.

These reports aren’t intended for batch processing and commercial applications, but they’re great for getting your interpretive juices flowing, promoting your services, and giving to a client as an extra along with your consultation. And for beginners, they’re an easy and pleasant way to learn astrology.

 Solar Fire’s 25-page Natal Reports

Includes short paragraphs about a very wide variety of factors — not only planets in signs, houses and aspects, but also in degrees (Sabian Symbol and Ebertin-style medical meaning), decanates, elements, modes, quadrants and hemispheres. There is also text about house cusps, dispositors, rays, and lunar phases. Also, there are now sign and house interpretations for Chiron and the 6 standard asteroids, and aspect interps for Chiron.

Click to view sample – Natal interpretation for Ron Howard

 Synastry Reports

Romance and marriage reading from the planetary aspect contacts between two charts, includes Chiron.

Click to view sample – Synatry Interpretation for  Brad and Angelina

Click to view sample – Synastry interpretation for Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

Transiting and Progressed Reports

Interpretation of each timed hit and ingress, includes Chiron and 6 standard asteroids.

Click to view sample – Transit report for George Bush – July 1, 2005-June 30, 2006

Click to view sample – Progression report for George Bush – Jan 1, 2005 -Dec. 31, 2009sh

Click to view sample – Lifetime Firdaria report for John Edwards