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Professional Forecaster

Interpretations – Transits, Progressions and Solar Arcs

All in one multi-purpose package!

With its 5 major text databases totaling over 800 pages of delineations by Bruce Scofield, the Professional Forecaster is several report programs in one—an encyclopedic predictive program that includes not only transits, progressions and solar arc directions to the natal chart, but also progressed-to-progressed and transit-to-transit aspects and ingresses.

With the pre-made report formats or “profiles” that are included, you can start out right away doing Detailed Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or Life-Scan reports, as well as Solar Arc and Mundane (world-events) reports. You can also modify these report formats or create new ones, adding them to the program’s menus and button bars for instant recall.

In a given report you can include just transits, or just progressions, or just solar arc directions—or you can mix forecasting techniques, selections of planets and aspects, etc. in many combinations.You can also modify or even completely rewrite the interpretation text.This gives you enormous freedom to create a variety of reports for sale, professional use, or personal enjoyment.

Professional Forecaster  – Check out a full sample report: George W. Bush