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Solar Maps

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Where in the world will I find true love, riches and contentment?

  •  Solar Maps v. 3 for Microsoft Windows combines simple yet elegant programming with cutting edge astrological techniques .
  • The result is the easiest and most useful astrological mapping program on the market.
  • Find the best locales for work, love, or the perfect vacation and use the mundane features to know “where” significant events are likely to occur.

 Here’s what the astro-locality experts are saying about Solar Maps:

“Solar Maps is the best all-around mapping program I have used, especially for the beauty of the maps, the zoom features to create maps, the fact that you have included Nodes, asteroids,Chiron, and even geodetics!” — Ariel Guttman, co-author with Jim Lewis of The Astro*Carto*Graphy Book of Maps

“Solar Maps is the finest program on the market for locational astrology. It allows he astrologer to use the best of the known techniques plus its features also offer the ability to access new and highly practical information.” — Steve Cozzi, author of Planets in Locality

 Local Space Map World View

Solar Maps World Map


Solar Maps - Parans

 Local Space wheel

Local Space Map

What’s New in Solar Maps Version 3

  • New and improved maps. Zoom in to much greater precision of coastlines and lakes.
  • Embedded ACS Atlas offering latitudes, longitudes and time zone information for more than 250,000 places in the world.
  • Step any chart (natal, transits, progressed) through time while your astro-mapping lines are displayed on any map of the world.
  • Midpoint Astro-mapping Lines
  • Planet Aspects Astro-mapping Lines
  • Parans have been extended to allow paran lines for more than one planet
  • Solar Arc directions have been added to Subsidary charts
  • Sec.Progs + Transits now available on same chart display (as in cyclo*carto*graphy
  • Hurricane and Earthquake Tracking with sample data included and ability to import more from the web
  • Now you can retain the natal local space line directions when you relocate the chart
  • New copy options to save image as BMP/GIF to clipboard/file or email attachment

Solar Maps v3 – Technical Feature List