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Solar Maps – More Features


  • For any chart, the following data listings may be viewed:
  • Parans interspersed with city names for the current map region
  • Parans interspersed with city names near the latitude of the chart location
  • Cities conjunct or opposite planet lines for the current chart
  • Listing of planet azimuths and aspects of azimuth sorted by orb
  • A one to three page formatted printable report of interpretive text may also be generated for the relocation of any chart to any location on earth. This includes the following sections:
  • Planets which are near angles
  • Conjunction with planet direction lines
  • Paran lines around the latitude of relocation


May be viewed by pointing to a symbol plotted over or around the map and double-clicking, or by double-clicking on a line of any data-listing report. The following categories of interpretation are included.

  • Planet on MC/IC/Asc/Dsc
  • Planets in paran
  • Planet direction lines All of the supplied text is editable with an included utility program.

Click to view  Sample Relaction Report


Storm tracks, hurricane tracks, earthquakes and similar types of data may be plotted onto any of the maps. Pre-supplied data consists of
Selected major earthquakes – historical and contemporary

User may edit, add or import further such data directly from various websites, or create entirely new tracking datasets of their own. Multiple tracks or events may be plotted simultaneously.

Solar Fire Compatibility

Solar Maps may be called directly from a menu option within Solar Fire v5, in order to display a chart calculated in Solar Fire.

Solar Maps is compatible with Solar Fire chart files of any version.

The Authors:

Graham Dawson, holds a BSc in Physics and Meteorology and a PhD in Coastal Oceanography. He has been employed as a technical software consultant to companies in the UK and Australia. He has a strong interest in Ageless Wisdom teachings, including esoteric psychology and astrology. Graham is the designer and developer of Solar Fire and Solar Spark and co-author of JigSaw.

Stephanie Johnson holds a BA in Journalism and has been a freelance journalist reporting on women’s issues, the environment, politics and the arts, in Australia,

USA and UK. She is also a consulting astrologer. Stephanie wrote the natal interpretations which are included in Solar Fire and Solar Maps.

 System Requirements:

A personal computer (PC) with a Pentium or higher processor with a minimum of 32MB of memory (RAM); A graphics adaptor and monitor supporting SVGA (800×600) or higher resolution modes, and displaying 256 or more colors. (Hi-Color recommended.); A hard disk drive with at least 70Mb of free disk space for a full installation.; Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP or higher. Windows must be installed and running on your computer prior to the installation of Solar Maps.