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Solar Writer—Angel

The mysteries of the Angelic realms unfold in this beautifully written and illustrated 20 page astrology report

This Angelic report has been written by US Astrologer Stephanie Clement with an emphasis on Neptune in the chart. Beautiful illustrations are included by Australian artist Kay Steventon.

The report contains:

  • An Introduction to Angels in Astrology
  • Angels of the Cardinal Directions
  • Your Most Powerful Angelic Connections (Neptune in Sign, House and Decanate)
  • Angels in Your Daily Life (The Ascendant, Midheaven, Neptune Ruled House and Sun Sign)
  • Interacting with Angels (Neptune Aspects including Conjunctions, Oppositions, Squares, Trines, Sextiles, Semi-sextiles, Semi-squares, Sesqui-squares, Inconjunct and Quintiles)
  • Glossary – Order of Angels and other Angelic information
  • Conclusion and References

Angel Report sample

Click to view an Angel sample report for Michaelangelo (pdf file)