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Life Stages

Life stages astrological episodes for next 12 months

Life StagesLife Stages of planets through the Houses

Life Stages looks at each of the Planets*and what they represent as they pass through the twelve Houses of your personal Birth Chart over the coming 12 months.

Sun: Self-Expression, Moon: Emotion, Mercury: Perception, Venus: Attraction, Mars: Assertion, Jupiter: Expansion, Saturn: Limitation, Uranus: Individualism, Neptune: Compassion, Pluto: Compulsion

*Life Stages covers all planetary influences

Except for the Moon which passes through all the houses continuously therefore it is not practical to include in this in depth report, Life Stages reveals the meaning of each planet as they each in turn occupy a House and how they help to implement and influence the stages or areas of experience you go through in your life which each of the twelve Houses represent.

  • 1st House = Personality mask
  • 2nd House = Material security
  • 3rd House = Intellectual ability
  • 4th House = Emotional security
  • 5th House = Enjoyment of life
  • 6th House = Responsibilities,
  • 7th House = Relationships
  • 8th House = Ability to deal with life
  • 9th House = Philosophical beliefs
  • 10th House = Personal status,
  • 11th House = Social life
  • 12th House = Secret dreams

In this way it is seen that your life is actually a cosmically ordered affair, enabling you to make best use of the positive events and encounters, and to lessen the negative ones; notifying you of specific growth areas, or where you best consolidate; where to experiment, where to be cautious; when it’s down to you, or someone else; when to wait, when to go, etc. View Life Stages Sample

Your sense of priorities is strongly enhanced, and you experience your real life journey as something already organized, and always meaningful and going somewhere.

Life Stages – Terms of Supply

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