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Life Progress

Life Progress –  PCA Argus – Sample Report

Cameron Diaz’s – Progressions – Personal Development

This aspect of Astrology covers the future and its possible outcomes dealing with ‘long term’ influences, describing the themes and trends of the next few years, usually for a minimum of two years. Progressions indicate internal changes that you are going through over an extended period. In other words they describe how your birth chart is developing at the present time. Your personal growth.

The report has several sections and it could be either a busy period for you with many contradictions or just a few. Within this report there is a section that deals with your ‘Progressed Moon’. It is well worth paying attention to, as it shows the emotional shifts in your daily life. To get a full picture of what is happening, you must combine the outcome of your Progressed report with another method of forecasting known as Transits.

What is indicated under Progressions colours the long term, and what is being said under Transits describes how you may be experiencing everyday life whilst under that influence. If your Progressions indicate favourable periods, the Transits will indicate the ups and downs of that time, or if it’s unfavourable they will indicate times of alleviation of that period or added stresses. Use as a guide only.


Progressed Report for 2007 TO 2009

What follows is your progressed report for the next few years. However, if your birth time is unknown or inaccurate, any aspects from or to the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven will be inaccurate and therefore not reliable. All other aspects will apply, though the starting and finishing times may alter slightly.


First we shall look at how your approach to life is being modified and developed by the passage of time. Major changes in presentation and personality are indicated, and these events are of a very personal nature.

It is important to remember that if your birth time is not accurate, then the timing of these events will vary, as an error of four minutes in your birth time will make a difference of one year to the manifestation of the event.

Public Life

What is shown here is how your public life is being modified and developed. Major changes in position (status) and authority are shown, together with events of a ‘public’ nature.

It is important to remember that your birth time must be accurate in order for these events to take place when indicated. An error of four minutes in your birth time will make a difference of one year in the manifestation of events.

Creative drive and personal development

This section describes how your creative potential is being developed outlining the progress of your purpose, direction, love life and ability to have fun. Here are the doors that are opening for you, the next major steps that you have to take.

Your journey of self-discovery has now taken you into the public eye. Politics, social position and prestige are where you best express yourself. You’ve become political and traditional in your expression.

*Progressed Sun balanced in 10th House

Your career and professional responsibilities bring fulfilment, joy, love, power struggles and stress. This is a mixed time for you, as you seem to have arrived at the top in life and may do very well professionally and socially. However, you could be your own worst enemy! You’re being recognised. Positively, you may make your ambitions happen and get to the top in what you’re doing through your positive approach and display of leadership.

Negatively, you’re tending to have conflicts of will with the public and authority figures, defeating yourself. Your relationship with your father is important now. Take advantage of that, rather than resenting him.

When negative, you want to dominate and challenge anybody who’s in a position of power. Whoa! What’s the problem? Do you have an ‘attitude’ – or what? Use all the positive indicators, as you may so easily blow your chances by getting uppity and annoying people.

Focus on your career and social goals, and pursue them whole-heartedly. It’s not exactly your time yet but neither are events totally against you. So if you want success, promotion or to pull off that business deal you have to make a special effort. You may win by applying your creativity and charisma positively.

If you’ve got a gripe, do something positive and constructive about it rather than ruin everything you’ve worked for by acting arrogantly. You’re a ‘Prima Donna’ now. All that you do now is publicly scrutinised, and so you need to act impeccably.

Your public demand much from you; delegate to avoid over-work. You deserve to be recognised now. Others may be competitive and you may become a target for their frustration. Don’t worry whether you will survive; just keep your integrity intact and avoid the impulse to retaliate publicly.

You will be well received, especially if you use your political and calculating side (though if you’re too impatient you won’t be). Your reputation is at stake. There is the possibility of a promotion for you. Take care in what you do: remember, the whole world is watching your next step. Be well prepared in any business dealings you undertake as trouble may arise otherwise. Problems with the law are possible.

 *Progressed Sun Conjunct Midheaven

Your strength of will dominates your professional life. You display courage, and bring ‘get up and go’ to your public life. You are now an impressive public figure and make an impact upon society. Seeking to be the centre of attention, you want public recognition, especially from your father. You become a role model to others, a leader.

You’re a star, and this is your time for fame. Being socially confident, you want to be the figurehead in your business life. You also want to have fun in your work and to do things. Go ahead – you are a pioneer in your profession now.

If this is not expressed, you become dull, manipulative and develop a chip on your shoulder, and others will then see you as pushy and arrogant. Be careful of your ambitions you may become dominating: others may wilt in your presence; give them space. Essentially, though, you are publicly warm and generous. Men are important now. This is your time for love, drama and fun.


Mental development

This category describes how your mind is developing, showing you what you need to learn or study next; giving you feedback about your communication skills; and information about work and your health. This progression very much involves the development of work skills, learning and health issues. If you have questions about these, study this section.

Your learning and work has now taken you into the public eye. Politics, social position and prestige influence your work and occupy your mind.

*Progressed Mercury challenged in 10th House

Working with the public may be stressful, and bosses are critical. Disagreements with the public and authority figures – who don’t seem to think the same as you – mark this time. The relationship with your father is a worry now. It seems that, at the moment, you’re critical of anybody who’s in a position of power, considering them lacking, imperfect.

On the other hand, people may be critical towards you, making you feel very exposed and inadequate which cause problems at work. You may get picked on. Your reputation as a worker is being challenged. Take it easy because you’re not going to win at the moment, the authorities and bosses have too much clout now. Your time ill come later.

If you’ve got a gripe, do something positive and constructive by speaking up, rather than being critical and picky, and spreading gossip. Your work and ideas are being publicly scrutinised, therefore you need to work and talk impeccably. Others may be competing with you and taking cheap shots at you.

You may become a target for somebody’s frustrations, and gossip. You think you should be publicly recognised for your work, but it’s not going to happen because of your current poor communication skills and the way you’re working.

The public, your career and professional responsibilities cause stress and worry; delegate responsibility to avoid this. What you do is not that well received. You’re not your usual diplomatic self; you seem to be putting your foot in it socially, and your reputation is at stake.

This is not the best time for a promotion it’s difficult to achieve work ambitions now. It would be better to accept that it’s not your time right now. Take care in what you say, for the whole world is listening and, if you step out of line, people want to report you. Some people you work with are being extremely petty. Be well prepared in any business dealings you undertake, as trouble will arise. Problems with the law are likely.

Mental and work summary

Intellectually and at work you are challenged during this period. You will notice that most of the indications here are of mental challenge and frustration. Therefore these will not be easy years for you in work, health and talking.

There will be obstacles in talking with others and in acting on your plans, leading to worry and nervousness. Most of this will come from the fact that you are not listening to others, and are doing too much of the talking.

If you are to get through these years without becoming ill or having work difficulties, you need to think before you act. Discuss with people what you are doing and listen to the feedback. You should talk a lot more and use the periods that show helpful times as constructively as possible, if there are any, rather than reinforcing the more difficult periods.


Happiness love and money

Your talent in relationships, love, money and art is shown here. In this section you will find out how and where these talents are being developed now. If you’re interested read on.

Your for happiness has now taken you into the world of intimate relationships. Which introduces you to sex and makes you take charge of your life, you have to work in with others and share resources. This gives you more power, control and a greater chance of intimacy.

*Progressed Venus balanced in 8th House

Love is tempestuous. You have mixed success in relationship now. Sometimes they are really powerful and full of passion and at others they are manipulative and full of pain. As you attempt to relate and get what you need from others. Now you either find the door open or are met with obstacles, limitations and frustrations. Relationships do not run totally smoothly, you are challenged to be accountable for the way you relate and for what you value.

Positively this means that you have to let go of old behaviours, values and learn to engage people in a new way. Learning how to be co-operative and share resources. Negatively to avoid confrontation you’re controlling and manipulative trying to get your own way without considering the needs of others. Being secretive misunderstandings arise.

This may bring conflict and fights into relationships with difficulties over joint resources, business dealings, insurances and taxes. But as long as you are co-operative you will meet success. An emphasis is also placed upon your sexuality, which will run hot and cold. At times you may find yourself sexually frustrated. You need to develop an intimate relationship. This may scare you but once you make the move you will be rewarded.

Feelings are intense and passionate. You may be being too passive. You need to let go of old patterns and start new ways of interacting with others to avoid the frustration and power struggles that this time brings. As long as you are willing to share and be open about yourself you will experience the more positive indicators. Money, love and art are a challenge for you.

*Progressed Venus Square Moon

These are an unhappy few years for you, as you have to make a decision about happiness rather than domestic security. You don’t seem to be able to get things quite right with partners or finances.

Money problems come from overspending, being in the wrong place at the wrong time or with the wrong people. You are easily influenced by other people’s taste. This leads you to make not always the best choice for yourself or your relationships. Your priorities need to be put in order.

What you need for happiness and security, are in direct conflict with each other. This is the cause of your difficulties. If you are to make anything out of this time other than waste and indulgence, you need to sort out what makes you happy and where you feel safe. Then do those things when appropriate, rather than just because you feel like it.

This now forces you to relate to others and let them know what you are feeling and what you need, and to learn what they need as well. Then work at finding a way whereby you can live together and get what you both need. If this is not done, there will be relationship difficulties and financial problems with partners.

You have a tendency to put on weight and develop a sweet tooth. Another aspect of this period is that you may be trying too hard to be nice and please other people, and this will definitely make you unhappy or leave you feeling unappreciated. Your mother may interfere in your relationship now. You may feel as though your lover and family don’t appreciate you. Financial dealings with women bring problems.

*Progressed Venus Trine Jupiter

Your social life has probably been never better. You easily build on what you have and increase your wealth. This is one of those rare and exquisite times in your life, when Providence shines upon you. Luck abounds, your social life is expanding, and money is pouring in.

This is a ‘golden period’ for you, with increases in love, wealth and happiness. The people you meet now, especially foreigners, are very helpful indeed. It’s a superb time to travel or study. Your kindness and generosity are being repaid.

Love and happiness summary

Relationships are balanced now. The aspects to your Venus balance themselves out. What this means is that emphasis is placed upon the House in which Venus falls. With the aspects to Venus being even in effect, you need to use the helpful ones to offset the difficult ones. What is said above can go either way – it’s up to you.


Motivation drive and energy

The development of your initiative, drive, sex appeal and courage is shown here. This section tells you how successful you are in getting what you want, what actions you are taking and new ventures you’re becoming involved in.


Having come through the intensity of relationships with all their joys and sorrows, you now want to loosen up do something a little less serious, and to have an adventure. Therefore, you find yourself entering the world of travel and learning, and want to broaden your horizons, to get out and see and learn about the world.

*Progressed Mars aided in 9th House

Because you’re acting positively, and are motivated by a desire to learn and explore, your adventures during these years are fun and educational. People respond to your enthusiasm with trust and may look to you for guidance.

You find yourself in different countries interacting with foreigners and being excited by what you learn, and this fuels the other benefits shown here. From your travels and education your confidence grows and you pioneer a whole new philosophy for yourself. Religion takes on a whole new perspective. Under this influence, Africa is a tempting place.

*Progressed Mars Sextile Neptune

You have a committed and positive emotional approach to life and find it easy to achieve your dreams and desires during these years. You will enjoy benefits in love, creativity and travelling, which come from your inspired initiatives now.

Having the courage to act on those vague and often unrealistic fantasies you have had in your life makes your dreams come true. You are motivated by your imagination. Therefore this is a deeply rewarding and supportive period for you spiritually and physically.

Since you are motivated by social needs rather than ego, you’ll find the larger community supportive in any new ventures that you undertake – of course, you also have a very healthy self-interest! Actions are idealistic and altruistic.

This is also a healing period for you, where old fights and resentments can be laid to rest and relationship difficulties resolved. You will act in a kind and compassionate way as competition is put aside and you attempt to realise a spiritual goal. This can be a deeply religious period when you may want to join a monastery. It is also good for meditation and art.


Feelings – daily life

The progression of your Moon maps the feeling and emotional aspect of your life. The Moon describes how you are responding to life on a day to-day basis, and will trigger other long-term aspects. If your birth time is not accurate, the events can occur a month or two later than shown here, because the Moon moves very quickly and its effect is only of a few months’ duration.

These aspects are important because they affect your daily mood swings and general life experiences. While most progressed planets will stay in a Sign or House for many years, the Moon will stay anywhere between eighteen months and four years.

Therefore the Sign and House position tells you how you are experiencing daily life and what daily life means for you now. Also the Moon’s progressed Sign and House position tells you what to focus on to feel that you are in the right place. It maps a 28-year cycle that shows how you are developing emotionally and feeling about yourself.

*Progressed Moon is in Virgo

Now you tend to respond emotionally to your daily life as a tidy and meticulous person who seeks order and perfection. Needing to be of service to others and to help in a practical way, you are best suited now to playing ‘helper’ rather than being up-front.

You are best where method and routine are required and will do excellent research work and/or design. Health and diet, habit and routine begin to play an important role in your emotional life, which can make you quite predictable. This is probably seen in your diet and daily routine.

You can exhibit ability with crafts and small animals and at some time in the couple of years would benefit from an apprenticeship or period of training. Because of the strong perfectionist qualities you’re developing, it is important for you to realise that others do not have the same standards of perfection and hygiene as you.

*Progressed Moon passing through the 9th House

You now need to leave home, whether actually or symbolically, as your emotional life and daily experience puts you in contact with the foreign, the exotic and the learned, showing you there’s more to life than the small world that you’re growing-up in. You feel the need to challenge the preconceptions and prejudices of your family. There seem to be only a few ways in which you can do this: travelling, publishing or studying.

It’s time to broaden your horizons and increase your experience of life. In other words, you feel a need to travel and explore the world. You feel the need to culture yourself, to learn about all sorts of things and to travel in foreign parts, rather than just taking a holiday. If you have ever thought of writing a book or publishing something, this is the time to do it.

Religion or a philosophy to live life by becomes a need. This is therefore a good time to increase your education or to go overseas. Emotionally, you are optimistic and confident, which helps fuel the desire for adventure. The Sign the Moon is in will tell you exactly what to learn and where to travel.

*In January Progressed Moon will Square Saturn

This can be a worrying and depressing time for you, as you are forced to make a decision about home, family, health, money and career. It is better to pay attention to your responsibilities at work and duties, and so get some perspective back in your life.

There may be some coldness between your partner and those close to you; share your feelings with them in order to avoid being isolated and feeling alone, rejected and unappreciated.

You may be worried about your mother at this period. An old emotional issue from the past is niggling at you. You are making a stand professionally and socially, as well as domestically, and this may be the source of your worry. Go ahead and make that decision.

This is definitely not a good period for business with women or property. It’s time for a health or dental check. This will be felt both last month and next month.

*In June Progressed Moon will Square Ascendant

Domestic and professional concerns cause tension this month. Events push you into a corner, forcing you to make a stand that brings conflict personally and in relationships.

You need to declare where you stand with your family or socially to avoid the tension and frustration indicated. Decisions have to be made now. Conflict with women is likely this month. This will be felt both last month and next month.