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Mayan Life Path Report Writer

Mayan Life Path Report Writer – Long before Europeans came to Mexico and Central America, the native Olmec, Toltec, Maya, Zapotec and Aztec peoples developed a remarkable sacred calendar which was used as a cosmic-historical grid that both established and interpreted the passing of time.

Wisdom of the Ancient Mayans

Intrigued by this unique form of New World astrology, author and astrologer Bruce Scofield spent several decades reconstructing it through the best scholarly sources to arrive at an understanding of how the ancient symbols might apply to modern lives.

Mayan Life Path Report Writer lets you:

Find out about your character and destiny in the light of five important Maya/Aztec cycles: your Day-Sign, your Day Number, your Year Cycle, your Night Lord, and your Venus Phase. Combining these five cycles gives an astonishingly rounded picture of your personality and capabilities.

In addition, the Mayan Life Path Report Writer lists your peak dates for whatever five-year period you specify. These are crucial times when your life tends to speed up and become more vivid, eventful, and even fateful. Prints out to about 15 pages. More details.

Mayan Life Path Report Writer  written by astrologer Bruce Scofield

“Scofield’s delineation of the day-signs are like x-rays that cut to the basic issues confronting the human personality. Once you test these Native American techniques in your chart interpretations, you will find yourself returning to [Scofield’s] book again and again.

Anyone who counsels clients or seeks self-understanding will find much of value here.” — Anthony Louis, M.D., psychiatrist and author of Horary Astrology: The History and Practice of Astro-Divination.

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Life Path Report Writer sample report: Mel Gibson

 Etract from Mayan Life Path Report Writer

The Astrology of Time

“Like many peoples, the ancient Maya and Aztecs studied the mysterious influence of the rhythms of the sky on earthly life. However, the sophisticated way in which they organized and interpreted these rhythms is uniquely their own. Every 24 hours, the Sun rises and sets, creating the basic cycle of life around which we set our clocks and calendars. Using this all-important cycle, the day, as their basic unit, the ancient American astrologers found that there is significance in many cycles that are even multiples of the day. About 100 years ago Europeans discovered similar cycles (there are many of them) and called them biorhythms.”