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contact us receive content samplesDemo horoscope feeds for web sites and apps plus integration guide. White label Astrology & Tarot Store and Video horoscopes.


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White Label astrology store  contact us receive content samples

You will then be given access to Astrology Software content pricing and further detailed information about our horoscope display and sales services Love and Relationship readings. Career readings, Personality analysis, Karmic Astrology.

Contact us receive content samples

Online services – horoscope topics and lengths – Daily. weekly, monthly, yearly  – a wide variety of horoscopes to display in your app, web site, Facebook pages etc. Love and Relationships, Career and Work, Money and Finance, Health and Fitness. Pets, Children/Kids. Chinese Zodiac.

Dating sites contact us receive content samples

A wide selection of dating app content providing profiles, interactive comparisons, Form filling app – helps you create and write your personal profile to attract your perfect date.

White Label  Horoscope contact us receive content samples

Complete range of readings services you can sell and produce revenue for your site. Your astrology software contact details will not be passed to any third party.

Display options contact us receive content sample

Written by professional astrologers from around the world and constantly updated on a daily basis to your web or app. We supply one of three Horoscope formats. Simple copy and paste JavaScript. XML/RSS and JSON feeds. All automatically updated each day.

Licensing contact us receive content samples

We provide licensing options for Web, Tablet, and Mobile. As well as IOS, Windows, Android and Facebook App format. And email distribution. Multiple discounts are available. Display 2 or more different language horoscope feeds to qualify. The more report languages you use the greater the dicount. With over 25 languages across the globe to choose form you will not be dissapointed!

 contact us receive content samples by ending your business address and specific requirements – we will get back to you!