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Cosmic Mirror

Personal Cosmic Mirror – PCA Argus – Interpreter


*Fire element strong:

You are the extrovert, energetic type but rather restless and impatient. You are impulsive, like the unpredictable and refuse to be labelled. You are prepared to take chances, and this opens many possibilities for you, but this does not guarantee success every time. Even though you are entertaining and lively it can happen too easily that you steal the scene from others who do not have your extrovert nature. At the same time you can be generous and probably rather egocentric.

*Jupiter and the Moon strong, with the Moon neither in Capricorn, nor in conjunction or hard aspect to Saturn, and Saturn not apex planet in a T-square:

You are a very developed person emotionally, with an ability to take care of yourself and others. Your feelings are warm and expansive and you can therefore give others infectious warm feedback. Growing psychologically is important for you, and if you are hindered in this, you can feel very negative and frustrated. You have a good nose for positive and growth-promoting surroundings. You have considerable luck in life, but you also understand how to play the role of being on top (without necessarily being so.) Either consciously or unconsciously you are good at doing or saying the right things in any given situation, so that your surroundings get an impression of you being more effective and intelligent than you necessarily are.

*Jupiter and the Moon strong and Jupiter inharmoniously aspected by the inner planets, with mutable signs not very strong:

As a young person you were very optimistic, but this may have inclined you to trust too much in your luck instead of investing your energy in your abilities. You are likely to experience disappointments up to the age of 30, because you overestimate yourself. You often react in an exaggerated way or with some eccentric feelings. You are generous, but not particularly stable, warm, but not especially consistent. From the psychological point of view you have, like so many others, many facets to your personality, but you must learn to express these in a consistent way in situations of the same type, so that others can get to know you from a more stable side.

*Libra the strongest positively aspected sign:

You love harmony and justice and have the ability to make objective judgements. You are good at comparison; you have strong senses. When things go against you have a rare ability to accept fate. You try to establish balance in your surroundings. You like dance, song or music. You can act very diplomatically, you are correct and good at selling ideas or goods.


*Fire, fire-air or fire-water strong and Mercury in harmonious aspect to Saturn:

Things that demand time and a methodical effort are not you, even though your intellectual goals are very seriously intended. You are the person who takes the overall view in serious and profound questions. To a certain extent this is of course rather daring, and the intellectual challenge for you (or the learning process) is of course not to forget the details or work too fast. You can give the impression that you are better at organising and administrating than you in fact are. Intellectually you are not as sure of yourself as you appear, but you will however learn to trust in your intellectual resources with age. Your situation can often be that you have to administrate and organise, whereupon you manage to do it, i.e. you are forced to, and you discover that you can do it rather well. Or alternatively you learn to not take more on than you can handle. You are best at quickly and effectively creating syntheses and drawing up the overall view in serious questions, or in issues of great profundity. You are intellectually very ambitious to show the world what you are capable of. If you work with people you have to take care not to make them into pawns of the game that is called personal intellectual ambition. Conversely you must strive to share your ability to quickly hit the mark in problematic issues.


*Moon in disharmonious aspect to Neptune:

You have a diffuse and weak concept of yourself, which floats around far too much, especially prior to the age 28-35. But it is probable that your parents did not give you a clear feedback about yourself. You have difficulty maintaining a strong identity prior to 28-35 so plenty of feedback about yourself is important. You can both overestimate and underestimate yourself – but mostly the latter.

*The Moon neither especially positively nor especially negatively aspected; or positively aspected but weak:

Your feelings about yourself are rather normal and average.

*The Moon neither especially positive nor especially negatively aspected, or positively aspected but weak, and with one or more sextile or trine aspects:

Anyway you gain self-confidence and feel good about:

*Moon in harmonious aspect to Pluto:

– expressing your intensity and ability to see beyond the surface of things, and (thereby) correcting or reforming things which are on the point of disintegrating.

*The Moon neither especially positively nor especially negatively aspected, or positively aspected but weak, and with one or more squares or oppositions:

Despite reasonably normal feelings about yourself you show some uncertainty about:

*Moon in disharmonious aspect to Neptune:

– expressing your sensitivity and ability to tune in to things, and (therefore) being very sensitive about whether you hurt others or are understood with the nuances that you possess.


This is the inner essence of your being, and this quality really first comes out in the period from age 28-35 and thereafter more and more strongly.

(NB. With many women and with some men who belong to the somewhat older generation – i.e. born before about 1935 – this inner identity does not emerge until later because of the upbringing and often because of lack of education. The age can often be around 42 or around 56.)

The following passages are also a description of a development process.

*Sun in Virgo and the person under 36:

You develop into a more analytical and well-structured person with age, as well as becoming more critical and perfectionist.

*Sun in 9th house:

Working with subjects connected with views about life, philosophy or further education will also characterise your life after 28-35 years of age.


*Sagittarius strongest sign:

You generally have a strong need to express yourself in a varying and inspiring way (with the purpose of moving yourself and others towards new horizons.)

Furthermore we have measured the strengths of a series of needs. By this is meant that it is not your abilities which are being measured, but primarily the way you give priority to the needs in question. They should be seen in relation to each other.

Striving **********
To own ****************
Insight ****
Establishing roots *******************
Self-realisation ************
Perfectionism ******
Harmony ******************
Seeing behind facade **********
Growth *****************************
Attaining competence ****
Renewal ****
To evade structure ***********
As you can see you have ONE need which is really strong. This means partly that you feel an inner compulsion to work with this need, but also that you can use too much energy and attention on this need, so that you risk becoming one-track minded. It is quite up to you to find a reasonable balance so that the fulfilment of this need does not affect your other needs (which you can come to give too low a priority to with time).

As you can see you have some needs which are very low. This can easily mean that you can end up with some problems because you give too low a priority here.

RELATIONSHIPS (before marriage):

The ideal partner for you, measured as the sum of many factors in the horoscope, is shown schematically below through the strengths of a number of qualities:

Intellectual ****************************
With initiative *******
Emotional *****
Stable ***********
Strong willed *******
Extrovert **************
Independent *******
Structured ******
Fatherly *******
Gentle Type ************

This describes your type of partner, measured in terms of Jung’s concept that a man falls for a woman equivalent to his inner woman (anima), and a woman for a man who is equivalent to her inner man (animus). An ideal partner means that you both like and can get on with the man who has the above characteristics. HOWEVER this picture can change insofar as you yourself change. The graph is a picture that applies up to the age of about 30. In fact all the data in this horoscope UNLESS otherwise specified applies to you mostly between the ages of 28 – 42. This picture can change somewhat dependant on how you work with yourself, but this is difficult to measure astrologically. Only inclinations can be specified. However, if you do not work with yourself, then this picture will be relevant throughout your whole life.

*Planet in 7th house, or Sun, Moon or Mars have a not too weak opposition aspect:

The mechanism of projection and related behaviour is a very difficult subject. A more detailed definition of this idea is found in the word list at the back. This program does not show the myriad of projections and their nuances in their entirety in your chart. However you should consider the following. Your horoscope shows the following probability:

*Venus in the 7th house or in opposition to the Moon:

that you deny a charming side in yourself and project this, so that people who ALSO are vain, dishonest and often irresponsible fascinate you.

*Neptune in 7th house or in opposition to the Sun, Moon or Mars:

that you deny an inner sensitivity and project this, so that you fall for people who ALSO are over-sensitive, confused, glamour seeking or illusory (or can be like this).

*Venus in Cancer and water element weak:

You are a homebody. You prefer a deep and stable relationship, which gives security – although it is more the outer form that has to be this way. You have the capacity to invest more in the relationship.

*Woman with Venus in Cancer:

As a woman you are more full of feelings than passionate, and passion or sex takes second place for you…first of all the human contact must be there. Then you can be hot-blooded. Creating a family is important for you and your feeling of worth.

*Woman with Mars in Virgo:

You are sexually attracted to men who are talented, critical and in control of their lives – but also to men who are rather complicated emotionally.

*Mars not very strong in Taurus, Scorpio or Capricorn, Venus and Mars not both in earth signs, Mars not in Leo with Venus simultaneously in Taurus, Scorpio or Capricorn, and Mars not in reasonably strong aspect to Uranus or Pluto, and Mars not strong with Venus simultaneously in an earth or water sign:

Your need for tenderness and love is more important for you than sexual contact, no matter how strong it is.

*Venus in Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio or Capricorn; the 5th house in one of the same signs and Venus at most in a weak aspect to Saturn and/or Uranus:

PRIOR to marriage you will have a number of loves, and one or two stable relationships.


In the previous section a number of factors are mentioned which influence your feelings and attitudes as well as your reactions in love. These lead of course to a marriage or relationship with the same status. We use the term “marriage” in the following text. There follows here some additional information. You should bear in mind that your partner will have a series of characteristics close to what has been described in the “Ideal partner” (see earlier).

*Venus in 7th house, Venus neutral and the 7th house neutral, or one neutral or predominantly harmonious and the other mainly disharmonious:

You love your partner very much. It is probable but not certain that you will be married before the age of 28. Your partner is charming and/or looks good and is popular, and will manage well in life.

*7th house ruler in 5th house, or 5th house ruler in 7th:

You will either be very much in love with your partner when you marry, or become so. In any case you will fall head over heels for your partner.

*7th house ruler in 8th house:

There is some probability that you will MEET your marriage partner by a sexual attraction bringing you together very quickly, whereupon you discover that there is more to build on. Psychological or economic interests can also bring you together however, and then the magic takes over.

*5th house ruler in 7th house and not too disharmonious:

Through marriage an improvement of your spontaneity and ability to realise yourself takes place.


*The following judgements about both positive and negative predisposition’s for the individual houses are the result of a combination of calculations based on a number of classical rules.

This judgement has also been influenced by Eastern traditions based on the law of karma and Hindu astrology, plus the more “fated” judgements from old Western astrological tradition.

*Good prospects through one house being especially favourable:

Compared to the average member of society (based on a statistical analysis of many horoscopes) you have one or more strongly emphasised areas where you can expect good fortune. These are:

*Favourable 5th house:

You have good fortune as regards being given the chances that you need. Similarly you are lucky as far as your creative abilities – which you had from the cradle – are concerned. A favourable fate for creativity. According to Hindu astrological theory you are poised for a very favourable future incarnation!

*Favourable 8th house:

You have good fortune as regards your length of life and your ability to survive in various situations. You are lucky with money, inheritance, grants and in general with benefiting from others’ resources (see later possibly).


*The following potentials for one or more houses are based on a compound calculation based on some classic rules:

This section shows strong potentials – i.e. possibilities that can easily become reality if you make an effort, giving Fate a helping hand as it were. If for example you had the potential to earn money, then it is wise to put yourself in a situation where this is possible and NOT say yes to a low-paid job, and then do no more.

*Good 9th house potential:

You have great potential for building up a cohesive and strong life-view is great. Through education or development of philosophical ideas you manage well in life.


We hope that you have managed to get something out of reading your horoscope, and that you have found it interesting. That you have become wiser in an exciting way. Cosmic Mirror is however not responsible for how you use the information in this horoscope.



This word is used in the sense that an energy or characteristic can be transmuted or changed to something else. In Tibetan Buddhism for example the high priests (Lamas) are depicted with a head covering on which small skulls are to be found, and on top of these there is a diamond or other precious jewel. This symbolises the idea that different mind poisons (e.g. hate, lust, confusion, egotism) have been transformed to positive qualities and insight. The point about this is that it is a question of a kind of recycling of energy. Such transformation processes are more common in some people than in others, and if this word is used in your horoscope, then you are more susceptible to this process than normal.

Astrologically it is Pluto in particular that is connected to these transformations. A transformation process can also be called a “death/rebirth experience”, where that which must be transformed (most often habits, attitudes, attachments, ideas and opinions) DISAPPEARS for an interval, and the person in question (you) will feel confused. After some time, (1 to 2 years as a rule) new habits, attitudes, attachments etc are built up. A transformation process is in all probability one way that “the Universe” or Nature works on a person, and could be called “Nature’s psychotherapy”. AFTER a transformation, one (you) should be able to go new ways and develop in a new direction.


The code words given in the “Needs” graph should be understood in the following way:

“Striving” A direct extroverted drive, purely masculine.

“To own” The need for money and material things.

“Insight” Need for all-round knowledge, not specialist.

“Establishing roots” The need for security, a life basis and a stable home.

“Self-realisation” A kind of ambition, namely the need to show the world who one is and what one can do.

“Perfectionism” The need to attain skills through careful and methodical effort.

“Harmony” The need to be in harmony with one’s surroundings.

“Seeing behind facade” The need to reveal truths about oneself, others and Life.

“Growth” Either the need for philosophical growth (perspective) or more material/business growth.

“Attaining competence” The need to attain status, but with the main emphasis on competence.

“Renewal” The need for variety, new paths and interests throughout life.

“To evade structure” The need to periodically escape from responsibility, duties etc.

This can lead to interests in music nature, meditation or something where one forgets self.


Projection is the term for the psychological phenomenon which destroys the ABILITY to SEE (not meet) the opposite sex as he or she truly is. Those qualities, which one does not wish to recognise in oneself, for better or for worse, can be sought in, lived through or reflected by another. Often this person will be someone who fascinates one so much, that one falls for him/her. This creates many problems when this “projected partner” is basically different from the ideal partner. Furthermore there is a tendency to meet people, who stand for that which one is seeking – in those cases when projection is present – in a distorted form.


It is difficult to explain predisposition’s as indicated by the horoscope. They correspond to the older idea of Fate. The authors have not wish to attempt to explain this phenomenon. However it must be mentioned that the Christian church and its theologians have been very involved with this question, but the closest one seems to get is that “the ways of the Lord are unknowable”, i.e. that the explanation is so complex that only God and certainly not Man can give the answer. In ancient Greece a good fortune or a positive fate was a blessing from the gods, and the person who dared to praise himself (because of luck or happiness) committed the sin of “hubris” and the wrath of the gods would be visited upon them. From the Buddhist point of view, Fate could be explained as a result of one’s own actions in previous lives, but it was also emphasised that only a fully awakened Buddha is able to understand the complex pattern, within which karma originates, combines with other factors, and ripens.

Within the terms of modern psychological theory it is more practical to suppose that only a smaller proportion of events in the life are directly due to fate or karma. The rest are logical consequences of our own psyche and the way we live and act. That is why we have attempted to describe these logical connections in these texts. Seen from another viewpoint this also corresponds to Eastern esoteric principles that “Life is a guru (teacher)”. i.e. Some problems will arise repeatedly, until something or other is learned.

The interpretation program is quite different from any other. Cosmic Mirror has an interpretation made as a professional astrologer would do it. The horoscope that is written out is a synthesis, i.e. all factors in the horoscope (like planets, their sign position, aspects, house positions etc) are analysed and sorted as a whole BEFORE the text is written out.

In the interpretation, consideration is taken of Hindu astrology rules, classical rules and more modern psychological interpretations of astrological rules.

Copyright Lars Steen Larsen and Electric Ephemeris