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Professional Natal Report v9

Professioal Natal Report version 9 containing Steve Blake’s acclaimed 20,000 word text has always helped people to use the strengths of each aspect, to be aware of the excesses, and to rejoice in their own individuality. It is noted for its solid astrology, helpful advice, and exemplary thoroughness!

Professioal Natal Report with interpretations of Minor Aspects

It even includes text for minor aspects like the quincunx and semisquare, for empty houses and less-than-average emphasis in elements and modes.

Professional Natal Report  has a distinctive look yet offers maximium flexibility to customize the output to suit your own needs. The updated version of this classic program now includes wonderful new Chiron delineations by Ronnie Gale Dreyer. We’ve also added improved file handling and print handling features to make the program easier than ever to use.

Click to view a full sample Elvis Presley report: PNR sample report

With Professional Natal Report for Windows you can:

  • Produce highly detailed reports that delineate 9 major and minor aspects of planets, Asc., Nodes and Chiron. The full Professional Natal Report printout is about 25 typewritten pages.
  •  Customize your reports to reflect your own personal style. Use your favorite font, insert your own graphics (or use ours) and easily rewrite any part of the text, introductory paragraphs or labels. You can even print out an optional astrology “mini-course” with each report.
  • Do quick reports for psychic fairs, malls and promotions. Our automatic solar-chart feature lets you easily turn out masses of reports when no birth time is known. This doubles your potential market.
  • Combine text editor and Professional Natal report program features with your astro-knowledge to create special-purpose reports: vocational, sidereal, heliocentric, draconic and other reports unlike anyone else’s!
  • Do on-screen horoscopes. As a bonus, you can browse through chart delineations on the screen. Use for a quick preview, or learn more astrology by trying this on friends.

Professional Natal Report Includes FREE revised ACS PC Atlas

The ACS PC Atlas for Windows gives you instant access to longitudes, latitudes and time zones for over 250,000 places — virtually everywhere in the world!