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Optimum Child Astrology Report Writer

Optimum Child Astrology Report Writer -Written by Gloria Star

Optimum Child report writer details the needs, potentials and probable developmental course of any child from infancy through teen years. Written by Gloria Star.

Written in a chatty, easy-to-read style, each report covers the child’s personality type, how to promote intellectual and physical development, how to understand the child’s unique emotional makeup, and how best to foster his or her creativity and spirituality. An extra chapter on how the parents are likely to be viewed can contain some surprising and useful insights.

Optimum Child Astrology Report Writer an ideal gift

Optimum Child report writer software reports are not only an ideal gift for new parents, but also a rich source of ideas and strategies for any perplexed parent or teacher. These reports are packed with information to help caregivers understand a child’s uniqueness, deal with special problems, and nurture his or her inborn gifts.

The Optimum Child report reflects the work of Gloria Star, author of the best-selling book by the same name. For this reason, the author’s name and copyright notice appear in all reports, and the individual reports and the text database itself cannot be rewritten by the user. The user can, however, design the look of the printouts, choose house systems, and omit sections to make shorter reports. The typical Optimum Child report gives about 20-25 pages of insightful and informative text.

Check out a full sample Optimum Child Astrology Report Writer:

Shirley Temple

Extract from Optimum Child Astrology Report Writer

Shirley’s Balance of Elements and Modes

There’s another layer, too. Each sign represents the energies of one of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air

or Water, and the way these elements are balanced in a birth chart reveals a great deal about the person’s basic personality. To find the balance of elements, we tally up the zodiacal signs of the Sun, Moon and other important points in the chart.

Doing this for Shirley’s chart, we see special strength in the Fire signs (which include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). Having this powerful influence of fiery energy, Shirley is likely to be highly energetic. She needs plenty of room and ample opportunities to assert herself. Sports may well be a strong interest. At the very least, staying active is important. Encourage Shirley to funnel these active needs by providing plenty of options, from early sports, gymnastics, or dance classes to recreational activities that involve physical assertion.