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Parashara’s Light – Vedic Astrology Software – Transits

“Parashara’s Light” supports transits in numerous ways. It offers several ways of looking at transits, each having its own purpose or advantage:

  •  To look at the transits for a very specific date or event with emphasis on detailed information and comparison with the birth chart, use the Worksheet.
  •  To look at the transits for a long period of time without great detail but along with the birth chart, usethe Animated Transits.

Parashara's Light - Transit Graph

  •  To look at the transits for a month at a time along with the dashas, use the Graphical Ephemeris.

Parashara's Light -Graphical Ephemeris

  •  To find out when a particular transit will take place, use the Time of Transits screen (next page).
  •  To generate a list of the dates and times transits take place, use the Transit Report feature (next page).