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Solar Writer—Dynamic

Solar Writer— Dynamic provides editable transit forecast reports for friends, family and clients!

As we all know the wisdom of hindsight is a great thing but can we choose how we respond to the events in our lives with the wisdom of foresight? Anyone who has visited an astrologer or printed an astrology report is probably attempting to do just this gain the wisdom of foresight when making decisions that affect our lives.

Our Solar Writer Dynamic aims to help in this process. This new report writer outlines the major transits occurring in a person’s life. Reports for any period of time can be printed, however; this report is most affective when periods of 6 months or more are chosen. This is a not a daily predictive report, but rather a monthly or yearly planner.

You can:

  • Sell reports to clients
  • Learn more astrology by studying the transits of yourself, friends, family and celebrities
  • Give these reports as gifts
  • Features include:
  • A simple and attractive layout of individual transits.
  • Time period: The software is set as a yearly transit planner but you can choose your own time period in months or years. You can also choose your own time zone.
  • Interpretations have been written to cover the all-important outer planetary transits and major aspects. Interpretations are included for transiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron to the Ascendant, Midheaven, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron and Nodes.
  • Selectable aspects: A set of aspects has been selected to automatically apply. These include conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines. You can also choose to add semi-square, sextiles, sesqui-squares and quincunxes.
  • Easy-to-read text written by journalist and astrologer Stephanie Johnson, author of the Solar Writer Modern, Zodiac Child and Synastry reports, as well as co-author of the Solar Suite of products.
  • Editable text: You can edit the existing text or add your own interpretations for additional transiting or radix points or aspects.
  • New Graphic Timeline: Now you can see when transits enter and leave and are exact at a glance! The Dynamic report text has also been updated to include a background section with text for the transiting outer planets’ placements in the houses. This will be is available as a separate (free) patch update for owners of earlier versions of Solar Writer – Dynamic.

The report lists delineations of transit aspects from the transiting planets to the natal planets showing the exact dates and the period from entering to leaving orb. Any events that are not exact within the report period, but whose orb overlaps with the report period, are included. And you can choose your entering and leaving orb.

Written by Stephanie Johnson

Click to view a Dynamic sample report for Ricky Martin for 2013 (PDF file)