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Chart Readings

Chart readings produced with PCA are the ideal tool for the student who wants to learn astrology accurately delivering charts, graphs, tables and a unique range of English (non American written) report interpretations.

Chart Readings

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Chart Readings+Live-chartwheels

With the live-chart wheel (new in version 4 you get the ultimate tool for interpretations, forecasts and for birthtime rectification, where you can experiment and play around to get to used to what’s new in version 4.

PCA Astrology Chart Readings+ latest features

  • The output is editable with cut, copy and paste.
  • The output can mix text and graphics (chartwheels ) in the same window.
  • Printing is now done the standard windows way.
  • A completely new user interface combines data-input, birthdata collections and program commands.
  • A unique interactive live-chartwheel with animated progressions, transits etc.
  • Ultra precise Swiss Ephemeris gives you seconds of arc precision over the time span from 3000 BC-3000 AD
  • Desktop-style command panel with clickable and user definable function icons.
  • User expandable gazetteer.
  • Tabbed birthdata pane, where you can have several birthdata collections open simultaneously.
  • Birthdata can be cut, copied and pasted between the collections.
  • Backup your data to disk or email.
  • User definable orb limit sets for each chart type.

PCA Astrology Chart Readings- systems

XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

PCA Astrology Chart Readings + Calculations

As you will see from the following, the program has a lot of user options. Don’t worry, you do not need to be an expert. Just run the default setting which will cover most standard needs.

  • Radix
  • Progressed, also tertiary, minor and converse progressions with options for the house movement (Naibod, Solar arc, true, none etc).
  • Solar/Lunar returns with optional tropical or sidereal return technology.
  • Transits direct or converse
  • Composite traditional or Robert Hand method.
  • Relationship chart using either long/lat midpoints or true great circle division.
  • Aspects showing actual orb, applying/separating and orbspeed
  • Orbset: Individually definable sets of oblimits for each chart type.
  • Synastry Chart comparison and cross-aspects.
  • Midpoints sorted or in natural order
  • Midpoint trees in different sorts
  • Harmonics, also negative or fractional.
  • Sidereal positions with user definablé ayanamsha


  • Single chart wheel, four different designs to choose from, as well as options for aspect lines, colors, orientation, symbol size, positions etc.
  • Double chartwheel with aspects between the two charts
  • Houseless wheel.
  • Graphical transits graphs (month or year) and progressions graphs (5 or 60 years).
  • Aspect grid

PCA Astrology Chart Readings  + ACS Atlas

254,106 towns and cities worldwide with timezone and daylight saving time tables. When you choose a city from the list, the timezone is added automatically and will adapt if you change date/time.

Database for your birth data collections with search and sort. You can easily have several databases open simultaneously, they have a tab each, letting you switch them in and out with a single click.

PCA Astrology Chart Readings  functionality

You start the different chart calculations, charth wheels, or any add-on interpretations by clicking icons on the program function panel in much the same way as the Windows desktop. The icons are user definable, they can be inserted, replaced and moved around and assigned to existing or to new functions, you create.

PCA Astrology Chart readings – macros – short cuts

You can type in program commands and create loops, so that complex output jobs can be automated. Your macros can be saved for reuse and assigned to icons.

PCA Astrology Chart Readings

Interpretations are not integrated in the basic program, but can be added and integrated as optional extras.

DIY interpretations and add-ons

The XLI Script language, which is an integrated part of Argus lets you write your own interpretations and program expansions. A separate programming manual is downloadable from our download page.

PCA Astrology Chart Readings trial version

Download pCA Argus 4 has a registration window, where you type in your license info (registration data). The free download default registration limits the radix calculations to 2005. For a full-feature tryout, just contact us for a free trial license, which will let you run the program for 4 weeks. If you decide on purchasing the program, you will get a full license, which you type in replacing the trial one.

  • Edit and customize your own chart wheels and astrological calculations
  • Output interpretations to – print – view – save to file – for report editing
  • Select planets, aspects and orbs
  • Include/exclude astrological headings in interpretations
  • Add personal comments and notes to individual reports
  • Select Fonts – for screen or printer
  • Design report pages (fonts, layout)
  • Search and sort name files for chart file entries
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Write your own macro commands
  • Create multiple name files holding up to 1600 chart names
  • Produce wheel charts suitable for framing
  • Colour charts and tables (select your own colours)
  • Comprehensive astrological calculations
  • Graphic Transit and progressions graphs
  • Bi-wheels, Aspect grid
  • Harmonic charts
  • House systems: Placidus, Koch, Equal, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Topocentric, Natural degree, Porphyry, Alcabitius
  • Secondary & Tertiary Progressed Houses method: Naibod, Kundig,
  • AR Solar Arc, Ecliptic Solar Arc, 1 degree/year, No motion, True motion Tertiary I, Tertiary II
  • Monthly, yearly Transits
  • 5 & 60 year Progression tables
  • Progressed Point: Part of Fortune, Huber age point, True Huber ap, Logarithmic ap
  • Composite, Synastry and Relationship charts
  • Midpoint sort 360,180,90,45,22.5
  • Zodiacal order
  • Planetary order
  • Midpoint aspects 180,90,45
  • Solar and Lunar returns
  • Converse: Transit, Secondary, Tertiary I, Tertiary II, Solar Arc
  • Progressed Ephemeris
  • Chiron position
  • Zodiacs: 22°27′ Lahiri, 22°21′ K.S. Krishnamurti, 21°01′ Raman,
  • 19°28′ Sepaharial, 19°10′ Shil-Ponde, 00°00′ User, 00°00′ Tropical

PCA Astrology Chart Readings

PCA Argus 4, is a completely revised upgrade of the earlier version 3.1.