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English Weekly General Horoscope

English Weekly General Horoscope
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Week beginning 08 March 2021


Assert yourself and others follow your lead. You don’t have to be too concerned about getting your own way, the stance you take is overwhelmingly convincing with regard to most matters you have to deal with. So consider discussing everything that is important while you are in such convincing form. Be determined but not obsessive about certain issues, if you find some situations problematic then move on and take a different tack. Expand your field of expertise you’re likely to succeed regardless.


Asserting yourself in a meaningful and pleasant manner you’re able to motivate others and if need be respond positively to those who seek your advice. Your reserves of energy stand you in good stead and as long as you prioritize what is important you are likely to succeed. Such an unwavering approach earns you the respect and support of those close to you. You’re able to pay attention to detail, not demand too much, accomplish what you set out to achieve and take full responsibility for the outcome.


Really determined you refuse to take no for an answer. Your boundless energy requires patience to be effective, enabling you to be extremely dominant and self-confident. This may involve high potential for arguments in your private life. Therefore exercise patience and modesty; you will be appreciated more rather than being so ruthless. Try to compensate for your surplus energy by doing sports. An extended cross county run or some lengths at the pool are ideal ways to let off steam. This way you not only work on your fitness but eventually will find your inner peace.


Your increased self-confidence helps you to establish important ties with influential and good-natured individuals. What you have to say endears others to your way of thinking and encourages them to support you in your endeavors. In both your professional and private life your company is sought after and appreciated. As a guest you are likely to cause quite a stir with your encouraging and level headed approach to life. All who have the pleasure of meeting discover you are stimulating company.


Your dynamic methods significantly help promote any project you undertake. The level of efficiency and thoughtfulness you display enhances your position in the workplace and enables you to satisfactorily deal diplomatically with any ongoing disputes. Make the most of the confidence you command by showing some consideration for your friends and those you care about most, let them know how you appreciate what they do for you and how important their support they provide is.


Practice more self-restraint, far too easily you feel you’re deliberately provoked, even over the slightest matters. Without warning your excess energy erupts in a bad temper. Obviously this isn’t acceptable to those you know, self-discipline and compromise is essential. Such relentless behavior results in problems both at home and at work. Watch out that these excesses don’t become a noticeable feature in other areas of your life. You need to be more self-aware and make sure that it doesn’t.


Impressing others with a certain level of competency, you’re able to demonstrate that taking on new and challenging tasks is a good test of your abilities. You want to show exactly how capable you are and demonstrate your enthusiasm to those who matter most. Aside from your working environment, catching up with leisure and sports activities provide you with high levels of excitement, satisfaction and fun. An even bolder approach reveals possibilities to improve involvement on the romantic front.


You are capable of being extremely productive and making a success of whatever you do. However be careful of over-reacting if you feel threatened; you tend to respond bad-temperedly or even insensitively. Hold yourself back if confronted and refrain from making enemies or from the temptation to deliberately provoke others, behavior like this is very unproductive and likely to cause you unwanted problems. Step back from time to time and use your energy both purposefully and thoughtfully!


Inappropriately you’re demanding too much of others and trying to enforce you will on them – not everyone feels the way you do! This philosophy of life is not in any way sustainable or indeed even desirable, call a halt, unless you want to provoke others into opposing you. Instead try to maintain and show the more positive aspects of your personality. Encourage others and empower them with some upbeat support. They really appreciate the consideration and understanding you’re able to give them.


Although you feel confident and ready to make improvements both at work as well as on the home front in ways you have not attempted before. It’s easy for you to lose control and become embroiled in arguments which can cause problems that dent your pride. The maxim to follow is; to think twice before you act and proceed one step at a time with extra caution. Don't let yourself be so easily provoked, consider situations sensibly before you finally make a decision about the most effective way to proceed.


You’re confident, composed and persuasive. You cope ably with each and every situation you’re faced with, without experiencing too many problems. Others notice how assertive you are and it’s likely that any type negotiation you’re involved in will turn out to be successful and to your advantage. Similarly in your relationship you enjoy a new found level of pleasure that is satisfying and stimulating for you both. If you’re single use your excess verve and energy to enjoy some sporting activity.


Instead of always attempting to get your own way, and endeavoring to persuade others to help you, you instead find you have enough energy yourself to work a bit harder and accomplish what you need. If tempted to argue with others it’s far better to give in, especially if what’s under dispute is of little significance. There is nothing to stop you holding on to what you believe in and waiting for a more favorable opportunity to put your point across, when you have thoroughly thought it through.


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