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English Weekly General Horoscope

English Weekly General Horoscope
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Week beginning 06 July 2020


You are full of vitality. Your physical stamina and your ability to assert yourself plus your zest for life are at a high level. You feel like proving yourself to be right all the time and should really look for other ways to let off steam to avoid antagonizing the people close to you. Take on a project that demands your attention and commitment. Consider exercising more, preferably in endurance sports to relieve any stress and avoid running totally on adrenalin every time you’re in conflict with someone else.


Healthy self-confidence and high physical stamina make it likely that you experience a very productive period. It’s important for you to let others know your plans and make it clear you’re willing to show the necessary degree of compromise that insures everyone is satisfied. People you’re acquainted with and those others you’re much closer to, find your ideas and suggestions stimulating and you can expect to find they’re willing to share in your new found zest for life and optimism for the future.


All aspects of the experience you have previously accumulated are brought to bear and help you deal confidently with most situations as and when they arise. You’re satisfied with yourself and the effort you’re able to make towards stabilizing your circumstances and prospects for the future. It’s appropriate to seek improvements in your business, social and romantic life, whatever you dare to tackle leads to favorable responses from others, who are likely to approve of your suggestions and opinions.


Make a point of conserving your energy. You’re unnecessarily prone to squander any reserves you possess with stubborn and bad tempered behavior and get yourself worked about nothing. Pause to think and reconsider what’s really important to you and what is not! It’s possible that deliberate confrontation at work or in your private life is justified but careful consideration of the situation is important. You discover that sometimes taking a step back is necessary to further advance your point of view.


You’re in a fortunate position and able to exploit your full potential. You need to pay attention to how your conduct impacts on others. You benefit by being stronger, more confident than you usually are, others may find your enthusiasm rather intrusive but you’re unlikely to pay too much attention to their wishes as you forge ahead with your own ideas. Your new-found assertiveness attracts some potential love interest and enhances existing relationships or may ultimately lead you to look elsewhere.


Although you feel stronger than usual, and easily able to confront any issues you are faced with, you feel on edge as several people challenge you and make various requests. It is advisable that you show restraint if you get involved in an argument, and don’t give in to your ability to assert yourself but aim for compromise. Otherwise you may be forced to either retreat or make enemies. Above al, it’s important not to become too entrenched and stubborn as this can have an adverse effect on you and the people around you.


Expecting too much from people, you pressure them into accepting your point of view, over and above any ideas they put forward themselves. Such selfish ways are generally not tolerated or looked on favorably. Try to see the positive side of suggestions others make and the proposals you receive from alternative sources. Any misunderstandings you might otherwise experience are far more easily dealt with, when you curb your impulsive behavior and this makes life far more pleasant for all.


Don’t try to take on too much, even if you feel capable of more, there’s a particular level of involvement in other people’s affairs that’s best kept to a minimum. Always striving to prove yourself is an unnecessary waste of energy; to unwisely risk your well-being for the sake of others - a mistake. Do yourself a favor, stop plying your own ideas and point of view to the exclusion of others. Show some modesty and keep your temper if you want to retain your composure and the majority of your friends.


You have complete faith in your ability to complete any task you undertake. With determination that fully demonstrates the strength of purpose you possess, you’re able to develop inventive and practical ideas for solving problems that mean others notice you. Your competence and decisiveness prove to be beneficial in your work. People listen to your advice and admire (probably secretly) your abilities. Your charm attracts admirers, new friends and possibilities to strengthen romantic ties.


Your noticeably fearless approach impresses, you have the stamina to tackle any task. Unafraid you take on more commitments even though you’ve enough to do already. You approach things in a rather unstructured way and try to get too many things done at once. Make sure you don't waste time on irrelevant details or lose your temper in the process. Be willing to make compromises in your relationship; if you don't you may be in for a lot of arguments. Pay attention to the signals your body sends you.


Your increased self-confidence helps you to establish important ties with influential and good-natured individuals. What you have to say endears others to your way of thinking and encourages them to support you in your endeavors. In both your professional and private life your company is sought after and appreciated. As a guest you are likely to cause quite a stir with your encouraging and level headed approach to life. All who have the pleasure of meeting discover you are stimulating company.


Your dynamic methods significantly help promote any project you undertake. The level of efficiency and thoughtfulness you display enhances your position in the workplace and enables you to satisfactorily deal diplomatically with any ongoing disputes. Make the most of the confidence you command by showing some consideration for your friends and those you care about most, let them know how you appreciate what they do for you and how important their support they provide is.


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