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Career Potencial

Career Potencial – Special Deal – 3 reports for the price of 2

Career Potencial

Your Career Potencial special deal includes:

(1) Career Analysis – earning money and ambitions

Attributes you possess influence your professional aims, working life and potential success.

Profession & Business – the circumstances that shape your professional life – Professional Ambition – underlying ambition that drives your career
Professional Opportunities & Challenges – what helps or hinders your ambition – Professional Evaluation – recaps your chances of success  View Sample

(2) Personal Outlook – how you relate to people around you

The moment you were born . . .

Astrologers believe that our character and the events that occur in our lives are influenced by the alignment of the planets at the moment of birth. However, we are still able to exercise free will and make creative choices.We can choose to live life, following habitual patterns and taking the easiest options, or we can decide that we have a meaningful destiny and something unique and of value to contribute to the world.  View Sample

(3) Life Stages – make the most of events over the next 12 months

 Self-Expression, emotions and sensitivities . . .
Attraction, motivation and progress -Limitations, individuality, compassion and powers of persuasion

Develop more understanding of . . .

Personality mask, material security and intellectual ability – Emotional security, enjoyment of life and responsibilities -Relationships, ability to deal with life and philosophical beliefs -Personal status, social life, secret dreams  View Sample

Career Potencial – Terms of Supply

You can order your Career Potencial Reading using Paypal or by Credit or debit card using a new banking gateway called STRIPE

You are given the opportunity to check the data you provide before proceeding with your Career Potencial Reading. However if by any chance you enter the wrong information i.e. date or time or location of birth  send us an email and we will redo your Career Potencial Reading with your newly supplied correct information and update the links to your readings as soon as ossble.

If your card is declined triy another day when you are likely to have cleared funds available.