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PNR – Sample Report – Elvis Presley

Professional Natal Report or Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley – Tupelo, Mississippi Jan 8 1935

4:35:00 AM  34°N 15’27” 88°W 42’12


The report that you are about to read is a first step in decoding the symbolic language of your birth chart. It explains the raw materials that you have been given for building a life. It outlines how the overall shape of your chart reflects the overall shape of your personality, what your greatest challenges are likely to be, the strengths you have been given to meet these challenges, and the main arenas you are given for playing out your life’s drama.

In this report you may notice certain places where the information seems to be contradictory. This is to be expected, because people are complex. For example, in some situations we are shy and in others, aggressive. When you see repeated patterns, though, take special note: these are apt to be the dominant themes in your life.

The Main Emphasis in Your Chart

The general distribution of planets around you at your birth is one of the things that shows the overall shape of your personality. Before taking a closer look at the details, let’s stand back for a moment to see whether your chart contains any obvious emphasis in a sign, group of signs, or other division of the horoscope wheel.

Most planets are in the eastern half of the chart.

You prefer to be in charge of your own destiny, rather than following someone else’s dreams, adventures, projects or proposals. This tends to make you an outgoing, active person, in charge of your affairs. Independent and outwardly directed, you are conscious of the direction in which you lead your life. An entrepreneurial pursuit of some type will find you at your best. You need followers to help you, so be sure that you attract those who are willing to follow your vision. Be clear, however, as to who is in charge. Joining forces with someone as strong-minded as you may cause the kind of stress that will distract you from your goals. Make all possible allowances for practicality; and then go ahead and pursue your vision.

Most planets are below the horizon.

Your personal sense of identity is very important to you. Who you are and where you have come from are constant sources of interest to you. Your understanding of your cultural heritage and family roots will help you to determine your direction and goals in life. You feel that answers to important questions can best be found within, rather than in the outer world or in a relationship. Self-awareness and self- composure allow you to be self-assured in your career and relationships.

There are many planets in Earth signs

Having so very many planets in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you tend to be the soul of practicality and

pragmatism. You prefer to deal with tangible things that you can touch, see or hear, and like to live in a world where things are measurable and there are no abstractions. You also like to work with the present moment, the here and now, especially if it creates a lasting outcome or is connected to a past. You may have to guard against a tendency to be overly conservative, cautious or narrow-minded.

Stability is your great strength. You can be counted on when things get crazy around you, because you generally don’t engage in knee-jerk reactions. Instead, you prefer to allow things to happen, and then you react in your own time. You initiate matters only when they aren’t proceeding in the direction that you expect. Because you tend to be passive, you need external stimuli to get you going.

Very fertile, you enjoy producing things of substance, from children to business reports. You are not, however, overly nurturing. You generally prepare the ground, plant the seeds and then walk away until harvest time. If the seed needs continual care and attention to grow to its fullest potential, you may or may not intervene. If you do offer assistance, it tends to be for the material, rather than the emotional, needs of whatever you are nurturing.

There are many planets in Cardinal signs.

Your strong emphasis in signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn gives you an ability to initiate things, whether they be actions, relationships or projects. You do not care whether something has been done before: if it interests you, you will attempt it. Though you tend to be sullen and unhappy in the role of minion, you feel creative and fulfilled in positions of leadership. Once projects are under way, however, you tend to lose interest. It would be ideal to have someone to follow in your footsteps and complete the details.

There are many planets in Mutable signs.

Your chart’s strong emphasis in signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces makes you tend to be extremely flexible. When the situation demands that you change in order to move forward, you can adapt and transform yourself with ease. You are not necessarily the pioneering type, but if change must happen, it is natural for you to glide along with the flow. At times, though, you feel that you are at the mercy of forces beyond your control, and are constantly being blown from pole to pole. This may make you feel nervous and anxious, but like everything else in your life, this, too, will pass.


There is an unusual number of planets in Capricorn.

You have remarkably strong desire to be a success in your chosen field. Once you set your goals, you have a rare ability to focus entirely and solely on attaining them. You are an effective leader who can both handle details and make visions come true. Beware, however, of always judging yourself and everything else by the criterion of usefulness. Duty-oriented and practical, you need to loosen up now and then, have fun just for its own sake, and make choices based simply on enjoyment. This will actually replenish your energies, making you more effective and creative when you do return to work. When you relax, you can regale others with your wonderfully wry and earthy sense of humor.

Aspects: Keys to Your Inner Drama

In your birth chart, the Sun, Moon and planets play the central role. They are the actors in the drama, the moving figures on the stage, each with a character of its own. How these characters relate to each other, whether and how they clash or harmonize, whether they bring out each other’s best or worst qualities, is shown by the aspects, or angles, between the planets.

Is the ongoing drama between two planets a continuing tension that periodically erupts into crises (conjunctions, oppositions and squares), a harmonious alliance where the two planets aid and abet each other (trines and sextiles), an uneasy truce full of ambiguities (certain other aspects in neither of these families), or simply indifference (no aspect at all)? Below you will see which pairs of planets are in aspect in your chart.

Each of the following sections lists the aspects in order of their general importance, with aspects involving the Sun, Moon and fast-moving planets coming first. You can get a further idea of their importance in your particular chart by going to the aspect table at the beginning of this report and finding the five or so aspects with the smallest number of degrees and minutes in the “The orb is” column.

Your Major Challenges

We start with your conjunctions, oppositions and squares because these tend to point out the challenges that you have been set in life. Mose people experience these aspects as problems, at least at first. Armed with awareness, however, you can come to view these so-called “ hard” aspects as the blessings that they really are. These are the forces that spur you forward. When you face the challenges that these

aspects pose, you grow in strength, confidence, wisdom and maturity.

Sun conjunct Mercury

You are known for your sharp mind, and greatly enjoy a penchant for conversation. You would rather talk than eat, and it will always be important for you to have some sort of intellectual stimulation as an outlet for your nervous energy. Be careful that you always talk about matters of consequence. Others do not necessarily want to listen to you prattle on about nothing in particular.

Sun square Mars

You have an abundance of energy, especially physical energy, but you do not always control it gracefully. You are very competitive and hate to lose. Try to find a worthy outlet for your energy (like sports or work requiring immense physical effort) so that it does not manifest itself in quarrels and bickering. You are so rash and impulsive that it is unlikely that you are always right even though you think you are. Hard though it may be, learn to trust those around you who are calm and practical.

Sun opposite Pluto

Once you have decided on a course of action in your relationships, business or career, you do not allow others to alter your choice. You proceed on your course like a bulldozer, clearing everything in your path. It is not your choice of what to pursue that gets you in trouble, but your method of getting there. If you choose to act in a brutal and compulsive manner, you may win, but you will encounter strong and violent opposition, and the battle may destroy much of what you were hoping to gain. Learn to temper your ambition with tact and humility, and the obstacles in your path will melt away.

Moon conjunct Saturn

You are known for your coolness and objectivity in times of stress. You have the ability to make unemotional and responsible decisions when others are losing their heads or going off half-cocked. And you appreciate the trust that others have in you. The negative side of this is that you tend to remain cool and detached at times when warmth and spontaneity are needed. Feelings of self-doubt can make you shrink from emotional attachments, so that you run the risk of becoming lonely and alienated. Do not feel bad, though. Once you have made an emotional commitment, you will toil long and hard to make the relationship work. In the proper circumstances, this is a great gift.

Moon square Chiron

Your mother may have been high-strung and domineering, or she may have had insecurities, which you absorbed. In turn, you may demand constant reassurance and attention from everyone you meet. Possessive and manipulative, you may drive away those whom you care about most. Once you grow confident and trusting, you can provide those close to you with the love and stability that they need. At times, you are withdrawn and moody. You relish being a confidante who can provide answers and direction.

Mercury square Uranus

Your quick, agile mind usually has no problem steering a correct path through the mountains of new and exciting information that you deal with as a normal part of your routine. But every now and then you try to do things too quickly, and foul-ups begin to occur, much to your embarrassment. Things seem to get scattered, and you become more and more nervous and frenzied. Learn to slow down just a bit. Your speed of comprehension far surpasses that of almost anyone else, so why worry about going into hyperdrive?

Mercury opposite Pluto

Your ability to understand concepts and people at the deepest levels of motivation often causes you to overestimate your ability to convince others of the appropriateness of your conclusions. Your tendency to use threatening tactics that impinge upon your personal integrity causes others who disagree with your views (or your tactics) to rise up and engage you in concerted combat. In your desire for domination, power and control, is all this stress really worth it? If not, try merely to convince, not overwhelm.

Venus square Uranus

Your relationships do not seem to last very long and that bothers you. It’s not that you are incapable of caring deeply, the problem is that you have a relatively short attention span. You need to feel that you can leave a relationship at the drop of a hat in order to feel comfortable. You must realize that it is unrealistic to expect others to be able to grant you this much freedom easily. You may appear to be undependable and irresponsible, but it may just be the best thing for all concerned if you do not try to hang on to relationships that have outlived their time or usefulness.

Venus opposite Pluto

You show affection in such an intense manner that you often seem to be more at war with your beloved than in a state of caring and loving. You tend to make impossible demands on the other and on yourself in order to prove your love and to feel that the relationship is growing and evolving. This is fine as long as you do not become overly jealous and overly possessive, a trap that is easily fallen into. You have very high expectations of what a relationship should be — just be careful not to force those expectations on your lover lest you meet some very strong resistance indeed.

Venus conjunct North Node

Other people seek you out because you have such a gentle, loving nature. You have the ability to put others completely at ease — to make them think that you’re there for them totally in a supportive role and to be absolutely sincere about it. You have the knack of saying and doing just the right thing to make others think well of themselves. Be careful though not to use this great gift for your own selfish ends — you don’t want to become known as a flirt or a flatterer.

Uranus square Pluto

Your generation is known for zealousness in the pursuit of change, both in society and in one’s own immediate life. This, of course, has consequences. The forces that would resist the sweeping changes that you propose are as strong-willed as you are. Many battles may be fought, ideologically and, if necessary, physically. Be careful that your impatience does not lead you to ruthless extremes. By learning to compromise a bit, you will find your progress less blocked, because others will not regard your actions as so severe a threat.

Uranus square Nodes

You find it extremely difficult to form any sort of long-term relationship (except maybe in the case of those with whom you’re most intimate — family and loved ones, for example). But casual relationships don’t go well if you’re not allowed perfect and total freedom of self-expression. Any deviation from this causes you to become quarrelsome, irritable and restless in the extreme. This can of course lead to misunderstandings and separations. If you try to structure your life in such a way that you’re not committed to any set routine in your daily doings, you’ll feel much more comfortable dealing with people in social situations.

Neptune square Ascendant

Your heightened awareness makes you intuitively conscious of the needs of others. At your best, you can use this knowledge to assist those in need, but at times you do not have the ability to discriminate between those who are truly helpless and those who are merely comfortable acting the victim opposite you, the savior. This can produce relationships based on dishonesty, mistrust and guilt. If you find yourself playing either of these roles with painful consequences, then you should carefully examine your motivations and those of your partner, or seek the advice of someone objective and respected to help you sort things out.

Chiron conjunct Descendant

Preoccupied with the way you look and behave, you are much too concerned with the opinions of others. You often paint yourself as a victim of circumstance and feel that the world owes you a living. At times, you are tempted to surrender your hopes and dreams for a partner. Once you improve your self-esteem and carve out your own niche, you will be less dependent on others and will not look to a partner to define your path.

Your Sustaining Strengths

Trines and sextiles tend to work with a natural harmony that calls for little effort on your part. They show the things that you just seem naturally good at. Usually they point to the more positive parts of your nature, and act as support that you can call on in difficult times.

Because these aspects are so comfortable, they are not likely to push you to expand your limits or cause you to change. It is actually helpful to have a balance of hard aspects (like oppositions and squares) to stimulate you to grow, and soft aspects (trines and sextiles) to ease your passage and provide places to rest.

If you are blessed with a predominance of trines and sextiles, your life may tend to be placid and your nature serene. If so, remember that the world around you is probably sorely in need of these qualities that are yours to bestow.

Sun sextile Jupiter

Your sunny, upbeat optimism is infectious. Others enjoy being near you because your zest for life puts them in a positive frame of mind. You tend to think that anything is possible, and that you can and should grow and become more than you are now. Your thoughts are usually powerful enough to make it so. Others tend to trust your opinions. You have a balanced and high-minded attitude that gives you a well-earned reputation for being fair and just. Also, your grand gestures are usually grounded sufficiently in reality to keep you from overdoing things.

Sun trine Neptune

There is an airy, ethereal, dreamlike quality about you, as if your hold on consensus reality were only temporary. You have a vivid imagination and the ability to interpret the transcendental meanings behind ordinary events. Your sensitivity and compassion allow you to deny your own basic needs in favor of the needs of others. At times, your sense of discrimination is not always sharp, and you can be taken in by con artists. Therefore, be very careful when it comes to making major decisions or signing contracts. Always seek out the advice of a trusted friend or advisor.

Moon sextile Uranus

Your zest for life is boundless. You are eternally curious, especially when it comes to relationships. Because you are easily bored, you do not mind having many brief encounters — once the excitement is over, you get itchy feet. Your emotional life will never be dull, but its inherent turbulence could raise havoc on a settled lifestyle. As long as no one tries to put you into too narrow a mold, your unique, free- spirited attitude will prove to be a breath of fresh air to all with whom you come in contact.

Mercury sextile Jupiter

You have multiple intellectual interests and enjoy reading or traveling in order to broaden your horizons. Also, you are known for your sound judgment. This is because you have the ability to see the whole picture and form clear, reasonable opinions. You are generally tolerant and open-minded, traits that allow others to seek you out for help with their problems.

Mercury trine Midheaven

Your mind is playful, active and curious. You delight in intellectual pursuits of all sorts, from recreational reading to studying specific subjects. Even though you may have finished formal schooling, your education is never over. Your inquisitive nature leads you to become well versed in a wide variety of subjects. Because you easily communicate what you know, do not be surprised if you become a teacher.

Venus trine Midheaven

You are a truly loving, warm and generous person. This makes you well liked by all. Since you do not go out of your way to push yourself forward in the world, others tend to look out for your interests. You prefer peace and harmony so much that you will often compromise your position just so that there is no tension around you. Be careful of this tendency because, if it becomes habitual, you can soon lose all of your self- respect and be forever at the mercy of those with whom you associate.

Venus trine Chiron

You are magnetic and charismatic, and you command the love and respect of those whom you meet. Because of your optimism and cheerfulness, your friends, family and colleagues look to you as a morale booster. You savor being in the center of a social whirl, and have the ability to look people in the eye and make them feel as if they were the only one in the room. A great team player and a master of compromise, you are at your best working with others as a peacemaker and mediator.

Mars sextile Ascendant

You have boundless energy and will happily defend whatever it is you have decided to call your own. You also delight in competition. When you have a goal in mind, you feel alive and energized, and you enjoy the give-and-take of trying to better someone else. Also, you work well in groups, as long as the group goals are similar to your own.

Jupiter sextile Neptune

Your sincere humanitarianism endears you to the less fortunate. You are the original cockeyed optimist, full of big plans and convinced that they can be made to happen if only everyone has faith. You are sensitive and charitable — an easy touch if someone appeals to your better nature.

Saturn sextile Uranus

You have the rare gift to be able to be organized in the midst of difficult, chaotic and tense situations. As a matter of fact, you seem to perform even better when times are tough than you do when things are proceeding smoothly. Your ability to blend innovation in a structured and disciplined manner makes you an ideal teacher.

Pluto sextile Midheaven

You want to make a mark in the world and you are willing to put out the effort required to allow that to happen. You see yourself as a catabolic agent — one who can bring about sweeping and radical changes in your particular line of endeavor. And the more difficult the challenge, the better you like it. You are very competitive and love a good tussle.

North Node trine Midheaven

Your advancement in life is due to the quality of the people and groups with whom you associate. Your community spirit is high — you enjoy working with others for common goals. Your enthusiasm and sincerity and true caring allow you to quickly rise to the top and assume leadership roles in the many volunteer projects you take on. You’re a true humanitarian, caring little for personal gain. At some point your peers will probably honor you for your good works.

Chiron trine North Node

Throughout much of your life you have experienced the pain and isolation of feeling like an outsider. Whenever you come into contact with others who also have difficulty communicating, your sympathy is easily aroused. Identifying with the underdog provides a sense of purpose and gives you an enormous need to reach out to others. Working hard has always been an outlet for self-expression, and it makes you feel needed. Most important, professional recognition does wonders to improve your self-esteem.

Rounding Out the Picture

Two other families of so-called “minor” aspects add yet more information about the way the planets relate to each other in your chart. Semisquares and sesquares (also known as sesquiquadrates) share the dynamic, crisis-prone nature of the square but need to be quite exact in order to be felt.

Semisextiles and quincunxes connect signs that are totally unrelated to each other. They can have an odd, unsettling quality, indicating problems or issues that it’s hard to get a grip on. They are like interesting puzzles that call for a creative solution.

Sun semisquare Moon

In certain situations you experience problems in making decisions that are balanced, appropriate and reasonable. Because you feel, at some times, that you are lacking either the ability to be rational and logical or, at other times, the ability to be compassionate and feeling, you tend to overcompensate and the result always seems to put you off center, forcing you to continually make adjustments. Be aware of this tendency and consciously try to seek a middle path in all you do.

Moon semisextile North Node

You feel such a strong affinity with those in need that you are always joining groups and organizations in an attempt to assist them. When you devote too much time to these charitable needs, you sense that your own personal needs and those of your family are suffering. But you don’t really know how to deal with the guilt and frustration this causes because you have made a serious commitment to the group or groups you have joined. Try to learn to limit your charitable activities a bit. You’ll be much more effective if you’re less frustrated — especially if you don’t feel that you’re neglecting yourself and your family. It’s OK to say no every once in a while.

Venus sesquare Neptune

You are more in love with the idea of being in love than you are with your lover as a person. You have the tendency to build such elaborate and romantic fantasies about your beloved that it will be almost impossible for him or her to live up to them. Try to learn to be more realistic in your expectations so that the gap between reality and your cherished illusions becomes smaller. Then you will not be so disappointed when you notice that your perfect lover has very human flaws.

Venus semisquare Ascendant

You are quite attractive, perhaps physically, but definitely in your mannerisms and attitude toward life. You enjoy making others feel comfortable and relaxed and will go out of your way to make the environment around you seductive and peaceful. Be careful, however, that you are not doing this merely to avoid stress and difficult situations or you will soon find yourself totally dependent on the good will of others.

Mars semisextile Neptune

You experience a continuing conflict between the need to stand up and defend yourself — to motivate yourself toward a clear and definable goal — and the feeling that you just do not have the requisite will power or energy to act on your own behalf. You are much more comfortable helping others to reach their goals than you are in helping yourself to do so. The problem here is that you know that this is not right for you and it frustrates you greatly. Your physical energy is an issue for you and you should recognize it as such. Do not attempt any major effort if you are tired or weak if you do, you will probably become ill. Also, build up your self-confidence wherever possible. You have a valid contribution to make.

Saturn quincunx Pluto

You tend to think that all of life is hard and difficult and that you can only make your way by overcoming overwhelming odds. Everything that you do seems to be an uphill battle and, if you continue to accept this as an inevitability, your thoughts will assure that it will indeed continue as a never-ending pattern for you. The only way to work around this tendency is to realize that it is self- created. You must accept that things can be better and will be better, only more gradually for you than for most others. At your best, you have the toughness to weather any storm.

Saturn quincunx Midheaven

You have a very strict and disciplined approach to life that can assure your success in the world, given that you feel comfortable and secure with yourself. If, on the other hand, you doubt your self-worth, usually due to having been subjected to an overly harsh environment as a youngster, you may regard the world as such a difficult place to be in that you stop trying altogether. If this is the case, you may need the help of a respected advisor who can assist you in dealing with these very serious issues. You must relearn the fact that you are in control of your own destiny and that you have the right to choose the path that will be best for you

Uranus sesquare Neptune

You, and your peer group, are very interested in the propagation of new ways of looking at the humanitarian concerns of your times. You will propose unique and original solutions to age-old problems, but you may be faced with a certain amount of resistance by traditional authority figures, simply because they are afraid of change per se. Carry on, though — you can be a force for positive change.

Uranus sesquare Ascendant

Others regard you as somewhat of a zany character because you are always the one in your group that seems to be out of step with everyone else. You must be free to be your own person and will rebel at any attempt to mold you into other people’s images. This, of course, may cause you to get into trouble with authority figures. Your life will never be dull, but it may be difficult for you ever to be able to settle down into a permanent lifestyle.

Uranus quincunx Midheaven

You are aware of the need to cooperate with the authority figures in your life, especially with your bosses and, earlier in your life, with your parents and teachers. But you have such a strong and stubbornly independent streak that you are often in hot water because of your actions. You see this happening and it bothers you because you would like to be able to conform like everyone else and you know that your actions are hurting your chances of moving ahead in life. You must learn that you have to forge your own particular path in life if you would be comfortable with yourself. Have traditional goals, but go about attaining them your own way.

Houses: Bringing the Planets Down to Earth

The positions of the planets in the zodiac, and the aspects between the planets, are nearly the same for everyone born on a given day. But the houses reflect how the planets were arranged around you and you alone, at a given hour and minute, and at a given place on Earth. Houses therefore personalize the planets, showing how they relate to your own particular life.

The meanings of the twelve houses echo those of the twelve zodiacal signs, but are more specific and concrete. For example, the second sign, Taurus, is much concerned with the material world, whereas the second house deals with your actual possessions: how you feel about them, and how you acquire them.

The house delineations that follow show how the affairs of each house are flavored by the sign that lies on its cusp. Since houses are sometimes larger than signs, a house may also have one or more signs completely enclosed or “intercepted” within it, in which case you will find additional material about the intercepted signs in a house. Most important, you will learn below in what areas of life the planets — the main actors in your drama — are disposed to be most active, and how the way each planet operates is influenced by both its house and its sign.

House 1: Your Interface with the World

The first house focuses on the basic equipment that you have been given for interacting with the world: your body and your physical constitution, your face, your appearance, your personality, mannerisms and the way you present yourself. It may not be how you see yourself, but it is how others tend to perceive you, and you should be aware that it has an important effect on how you are accepted in social situations. Planets in the first house tend to be strong and “out-front,” especially when they are close to

(that is, conjunct) your Ascendant.

Sagittarius on the First

Impatient with social niceties and considering them hindrances to real communication, you prefer to live your life in a straightforward and simple manner You are known for being open, frank, outgoing and honest. At times, though, you can be blunt and quite indiscreet. Usually you do not mean any harm, so it is best if others learn not to take everything you say personally. You demand the freedom to do as you choose, and if you are not self-directed you feel trapped and anxious. You have lots and lots of energy, and tend to become restless if you feel confined. You may love the outdoors, and physical exercise can help you burn off some of your excess energy. A gregarious person who likes to socialize, you have an innate enthusiasm that livens up any gathering.

No planets in the First

You have no planets in the first house, which means that the way that others regard you is not usually a major issue for you. Look to the house position of the Sun, Mars and Saturn to learn how your sense of personal identity is integrated into your overall character.

House 2: What You Own and Value

The second house goes a step outward from your own person and has to do with resources that you possess, including money. It shows your attitude toward what you own or would like to own: what you crave and covet, what you most value, how you go about getting it, how you take care of it, and whether or not you hang on to it. By extension, it can also indicate your sense of values: not just material things but also the attitudes and ideas that you hold dear.

Capricorn on the Second

You are a high achiever and you regard material prosperity as a mark of your success in the world. You have an unreasonable fear that, if you do not surround yourself with wealth or possessions, others will regard you as a failure. As such, you have the self-discipline to put on the blinders and work without distraction for goals that are at present only dimly realizable. You are very cautious and responsible, however, and are not willing to risk everything on any sort of gamble or speculation in order to get ahead. You prefer to proceed at a steady, reasonable pace. Be careful not to get so caught up in trying to get ahead that you forget to relax and enjoy the rich variety that life has to offer.

Many planets in the Second

You have a strong sense of values. It will be important for you to make sure that you have not defined your value structures too narrowly — if you do, you will be missing out on much of life’s richness and variety. Once you have decided what it is that you want, either philosophically or in the realm of personal possessions, you will strap on your blinders and pursue your goals with dogged determination. You are basically a stable person and others can count on you to be consistent in your beliefs and way of life.

Sun in the Second

A very strong sense of values is your hallmark. You will go to great lengths to make sure that you are secure and to see that whatever you have staked out as your “turf” is protected from outside influence. This applies equally to the material things in your life as well as to your cherished concepts and ideas. It is necessary for you to feel comfortable in your surroundings — what is known and familiar is very important. An inveterate collector, you are very possessive about what you own. Try to learn to share with others and make sure that your possessions and values are worthy of you and are not just outworn pieces of junk from yesteryear.

Sun in Capricorn

Extremely serious and mature, you are capable of accepting responsibilities and do so willingly. Others expect you to be dutiful as a matter of course. You may get angry when people are rewarded after not having worked nearly as hard as you have. Goal-oriented and an achiever, you are justifiably proud of the tangible results of your efforts. You are not a fast worker, but you are thorough, and you are known for being unusually persistent, tireless and tenacious in reaching your goals. When you’re working, you tend to have a kind of tunnel vision that allows you to block out extraneous matters that would distract others. Your power to concentrate totally on the matter at hand enables you to be practical and efficient at managing and structuring complex, ongoing projects.

Mercury in the Second

You value practical ideas. Your innate cleverness helps you to make money by using your wits, and you enjoy the challenges involved in making money. It’s important to pursue specialized skills training or an advanced education, because you are a good learner and will be able to apply what you learn to advance yourself in whatever field you choose. Excellent careers for you to explore include teaching, writing, radio, TV and other jobs involving communication.

Mercury in Capricorn

Rather than being attracted to abstract thoughts and ideas, you prefer things that are practical and useful. With this and your tendency to be highly focused and goal-oriented, you have a good head for business. You are also probably skillful at organizing, directing and planning activities. Your thinking is careful, cautious and conservative, perhaps to the point where you should beware of being narrow-minded and dogmatic. Your sense of humor is on the earthy side, and may be either dry and self-deprecating, or slapstick and crude.

Venus in the Second

You feel that you need to live as comfortably and luxuriously as possible and you devote a great deal of your time and energy trying to make sure that it happens. You love to make money and are probably good at it, but it tends to run right through your fingers as you spend it on the beautiful and expensive things with which you like to surround yourself. Generally, you do have a good sense of value, but you should be careful to avoid impulse buying and any form of self-indulgence. Without some serious self- discipline, your budget (and waistline) will tend to spread and spread …

Venus in Capricorn

You tend to keep your feelings under control, releasing your emotions only in serious or important situations. Also, you distrust others who behave in an excessive or immoderate way. You prefer to relate to people older than you or whose position is such that respect and duty are more important for both of you than passion or emotional response. To avoid being lonely, be careful to form relationships that are based on something more than practicality or utility.

North Node in the Second

You’re justly proud of the groups you belong to and the alliances you have formed. You tend to be extremely selective about your choice of associates — you make sure well in advance that your goals are the same as that of the group’s. Casual or trivial relationships have no interest for you. Once you’ve made a commitment to someone or something, you can be counted on forever to be supportive of them. A lack of spontaneity in your daily life may cause others to judge you as being dull and set in your ways, but a well- ordered daily routine seems to suit you just fine.

North Node in Aquarius

As long as someone else (or a group or organization) appeals to your intellectual sensibilities, you’ll try to ally yourself with them in some way. You may find that you always seem to get involved with many wide- ranging groups — so much so that you find it difficult to fit them all into your busy schedule. Your many friends and acquaintances provide you with needed stimulation. Loyal and fair-minded, you try to spend time equally with all your friends, never concentrating on just one or two for any length of time. Although probably quite conservative yourself, you’re attracted to those who are a bit offbeat or eccentric, because you enjoy watching their minds work.

House 3: Your Immediate Surroundings

Going a step further out from your own body and possessions, the third house has to do with your immediate surroundings and how you interact with them. The first “social” house, it describes brothers and sisters, neighbors and anyone who just happens to be near you on a daily basis. It also describes daily communication and transportation: letters, phone calls and emails, and routine journeys such as commuting to shopping, school or work. The first “mental” house, it governs early education and basic skills training, paving the way for higher education in the ninth house which is directly opposite it in the chart.

Aquarius on the Third

You have an objective, detached mind that allows you to have unusually good judgment about most things. You are attracted to studies that demand an unruffled temperament in order to handle any kind of intricate and complex subject matter. This would include science, communications, electronics, computers and maybe even astrology. Your opinions do tend to become set and rigid once you have made up your mind, however, and you must be careful of a tendency toward intolerance and dogmatic thinking. You do love a challenge though, and you can come up with original and inventive solutions to complicated problems. You tend to live so much of your life in your mind that you often neglect the daily amenities of life and can get a reputation for being odd or eccentric.

Moon in the Third

How you think about things and how you act and react to life’s everyday situations has been strongly influenced by habit patterns that you picked up at a very early age. If they were negative patterns, they will be very difficult to unlearn. You have a very subjective approach to life — be careful not to depend too heavily on your ingrained prejudices and beliefs or you will not be open-minded enough to see the necessity to grow and evolve. Your feelings and emotions sometimes interfere with your normal ability to be logical and reasonable. You may experience a very close attachment to your siblings or to the neighborhood of your youthful years.

Moon in Pisces

You have strong feelings and are extremely sensitive. It would help if you had a thicker skin — you tend to react emotionally to every situation you come across. Kind, gentle and considerate of the feelings of others, you are good at taking care of the sick, wounded and helpless. But you tend to absorb the energy of others — so avoid those who are always negative. You have a rich, creative and lively imagination, but you should be careful not to spend all your time daydreaming. Very intuitive, you have good ESP and may be quite clairvoyant or psychic. Remember that you too have the right to get what you want from life. If you are always defensive and kowtowing to others, people will take advantage of you and exploit you.

Saturn in the Third

A very cautious thinker, you speak slowly and carefully — and only after you have worked things out in your head in great detail. For you to consider any learning experience to be valuable, it must be highly structured and very orderly. You find it difficult to comprehend abstractions — you prefer practical, concrete ideas. Very conservative, at times you seem to have blinders on, only being able to comprehend what is directly in front of you or what is known and familiar. Try not to be too narrow-minded. Consider the opinions of others carefully before rejecting them out of hand.

Saturn in Aquarius

Your personal sense of values is a reflection of the value structures of your peer group and of those you respect and admire. Try to be more critical in your acceptance of these values — you tend to prejudge the abilities of those you trust and then follow what they say blindly. Basically very conservative, you prefer orderly, systematic changes and fear doing things rashly or impulsively. Ideas and philosophies must have some sort of immediately realizable, utilitarian function in order for you to pay any attention to them.

House 4: Where You Come From

Being at the very bottom of the wheel, the fourth house is both where you originate and where you come to rest. As such, it describes your parents and ancestral background, and later the home or protected space into which you retreat each day for nourishment and sleep. A deeply personal house, the fourth is concerned with security and peace of mind, the safety of loved ones, and how you care for others and yourself. The place of your roots and the earth beneath your feet, the fourth house rules the house or apartment where you live and also real estate in general. In your trajectory through life, the fourth house shows your origins and where you are coming from, just as the tenth house and Midheaven describe your career and where you aim to go.

Pisces on the Fourth

At your very roots, you seem uncertain about your basic security in life. You fear that those who are closest to you will not support you in time of need, and you often tend to set yourself up to be hurt and vulnerable. You prefer to dwell in the vivid life of your imagination rather than get involved with the gritty necessities of dealing with home and family on a day-to-day basis. You are at your best when others are kind and gentle to you — you can then show your self-sacrificial nature by tenderly caring for those you love best.

No planets in the Fourth

You have no planets in the fourth house. This means that home and family are not likely to be major issues for you, or demand much time and energy on your part. For further information on how you handle the issues of security and peace of mind, look to the house and aspects of your Moon.

House 5: Playtime

After being nurtured and restored in the fourth house, you are refreshed and full of energy for play and creative pursuits. Replenished by dreams, you have creative ideas. Nurtured by your parents, you are ready to have your own children. Fresh from the security of home, you are ready to trust the universe and take risks. For all these reasons, the fifth house traditionally rules the child in you and the children around you, your own personal creativity and self-expression, plays and amusements of all sorts, gambling and speculation, and courtship, love affairs and romance. This is an outgoing house, but it is still beneath the horizon, in the territory of your heart’s desires.

Aries on the Fifth

You have a daring and cocksure attitude when it comes to playing and having fun. You delight in taking risks — gambling and speculation of all kinds appeals to you. You often do not make out too well, though, because you usually don’t think things out completely. But you hit it big often enough with your “hunches” so that you keep coming back for more. Very creative and original, you are not afraid to break into new areas of self-expression. You enjoy children, but you do not want them to become too dependent on you, and vice versa. You would rather wait for them to get older so that you can challenge them to go beyond themselves. Still you love to play games with them just be careful that you don’t get too rough.

Uranus in the Fifth

You demand complete and total freedom of self-expression. Your tastes are unique and unconventional, and your leisure activities and friends must be exciting and different in order to hold your interest. It is very hard for you to follow strict rules or guidelines or to do any sort of work that is not fun or exciting. When you fall in love, you demand and expect the unexpected — unstable, unstructured love relationships are the only ones that really seem to interest you.

Uranus in Aries

For you, as well as for the rest of your peers, the issue of personal freedom is not just an abstract issue that can be discussed and then forgotten. You feel very deeply the loss or threat of loss of your ability to remain unrestricted and independent. And you will react vigorously and vociferously to defend your right of self- expression, no matter what the cost.

House 6: Taking Care of Business

After the candle-lit dinner comes the credit-card bill. Courtship is followed by the nitty-gritty of married life: babies, diapers and saving up for college. After your creative impulse comes the need to learn the technique of actually making something. And if you overexpend your energy, you get health problems. The sixth house rules taking care of business on an everyday level. This includes your job, paying bills and keeping the house clean. It also includes maintaining your body with medical checkups and a daily regimen of nutrition and exercise. In the old books it ruled servants, and it can by extension rule the way you offer service to others. It also ruled useful animals, particularly small ones like cats, dogs, chickens and pigs. Today this usually means small pets, which exist in the personal, intimate part of your life that is signified by houses that lie below the horizon.

Taurus on the Sixth

Being rather conservative and cautious by nature, you appreciate regular employment and the security that it brings. You will be attracted to work situations that will assure you of a livelihood over the long haul and will not mind working for someone else, especially an old, established, reliable firm — and you will reward them by your loyalty and trust. You work long and hard and are known for your physical strength and endurance. Although you have an innate tendency toward self-indulgence, you are aware that if your health suffers, you may lose your job. That will be enough to worry you into good exercise and nutrition habits.

Chiron in the Sixth

You are a dedicated worker who often places responsibility and duty ahead of having fun. It is not uncommon for you to work into the wee hours of the night. Don’t feel guilty about relaxing and enjoying yourself. Letting your hair down from time to time does wonders for your mental and physical health. Being saddled with physical limitations has given you insight into health problems and a fierce determination to overcome shortcomings. You make an excellent healer, social worker or teacher.

Chiron in Gemini

Fearful of being alone and unloved, you may overcompensate by surrounding yourself with a large circle of friends. Filling your hours with endless activities distracts you from obsessing over emotional problems or fear of abandonment. You are an entertaining and humorous raconteur but often lack the ability to listen. At times, you offend others with the pointedness of your words. Your greatest asset is the power to make others laugh.

House 7: Relating One-to-One

If you courted in the fifth house and woke up in the sixth yoked to another in a daily routine, the seventh house gives you a chance to hammer out a relationship of true equals. The goal is wedded bliss and a true sense of relatedness, but along the way there may be fights as you each define your individuality and establish your own territory. Not only is the seventh the traditional house of marriage, it is also the house of open enemies, your sparring partners in life. In general, since the first house is you yourself, the seventh house, directly opposite, is the other person in a variety of situations. Besides signifying a marriage or sparring partner, the seventh house rules business partners, or those on the other side of a desk, such as consultants, lawyers, therapists or astrologers.

Gemini on the Seventh

Your relationship needs are many and varied and only rarely can be fulfilled by any one person. This may lead you either to having more than one relationship ongoing at any given time or to moving in and out of relationships rather quickly. The worst thing that can happen to you is to have your partner try to settle down and build a permanent daily living algorithm. This causes you to feel very restless, and you soon find an excuse to move on. The most successful and long-lasting business or personal relationships for you are ones that have as their common root a shared intellectual interest. This allows you to continually bounce ideas off each other and to receive the mutual mental stimuli that you both need.

No planets in the Seventh

You have no planets in the seventh house of your horoscope. This does not mean that you will never have any relationships or that you will never get married. What it does indicate is that you will not find your life overly dominated by working out problems associated with relationships. You will experience more or less activity in these areas occasionally, along with everyone else.

House 8: Giving It All Away

Having achieved a relationship of equals in the seventh house, you are ready to give up your separateness in the eighth, merging in sexual union and becoming one on a deep emotional level. If the second house was about grasping and possessing, the eighth is about sharing and letting go. While the second rules your own money, the eighth rules how you deal with other people’s money and how you pool resources. On a mundane level the eighth rules taxes, but on a fundamental level it can rule giving up anything you value, including your ego and even your body. In relaxing your grasp on what you find most dear, you may find that you are really not as dependent on it as you thought. In relinquishing, you achieve a new level of freedom, and feel lighter, renewed and more alive. Related to all this, the eighth signifies mysteries such as death and resurrection, magic and the occult, and the deep parts of the psyche that are beyond our conscious grasp.

Cancer on the Eighth

You tend to be cautious and careful when it comes to investing your resources. You have such strong feelings and are so emotionally attached to what you own that you do not want to let go of it unless you can also be assured that you will be closely and intimately involved with the process of investing. As such, you never do really ever let go all the way. You have a similar attitude toward sexual matters — you only really can relax with someone who is as totally committed as you are to the relationship. When you feel the least hesitancy on your partner’s part, you immediately pull back and withdraw into your own non-threatening, private world. But when you do feel secure, you are warm, open, giving and caring.

Pluto in the Eighth

You like to be able to fully marshal all of your available resources for whatever you want to do. As such, you do not particularly like to share what you have with others. You have a deep and continuing interest in understanding the mysteries of such things as birth and death (and rebirth). You like to push life to its limits, enjoying being able to live always at the cutting edge, with its associated dangers. As such, your life tends to proceed through many intense and cathartic changes.

Pluto in Cancer

Your entire generation was born into a period of profound global change, especially in the nature and shape of the family. During the twentieth century, major calamities such as depression and world war accelerated the replacement of the old village-oriented extended family by modern cosmopolitan living.

House 9: Expanding Your Awareness

Approaching the highest point in the sky, the ninth house wafts you up and out of your rut, giving you a broad and lofty view of the terrain beneath. Whereas the third ruled basic schooling and short trips, the ninth rules higher education and long-distance travel. It removes you from your everyday routine so you can see the overall pattern, the overlooked connections between things. It rules all-embracing concepts (such as your philosophy of life) and institutions (like religion and law) that stand over society and keep it bound together. It can also signify your teachers and mentors, your library, and all else that broadens your outlook.

Leo on the Ninth

You are an enthusiastic student of subjects that allow you to broaden your mind and expand your consciousness. Once you have studied for a while, you tend to form your opinions and cast your lot with a particular philosophy or religion or metaphysical system. You will then be the ideal proselytizer for your cause — you take great pride in your intimate knowledge of the subject and will gladly defend it against all comers. The thought that “convictions make convicts” does not deter you, and you gladly seek converts (and disciples). The fact that you are so confident and assured in your beliefs may attract like-minded individuals to you. You may also find yourself involved quite a bit in teaching or in administering to those who share your goals.

Neptune in the Ninth

You are fascinated by faraway peoples and worlds. An idealist and a dreamer, you have difficulty dealing with everyday details and realities — you would rather solve the world’s problems than wash the dishes or do the laundry. Very compassionate and kind, you enjoy helping society’s misfits and unfortunates. Your faith in the ultimate nobility and high standards of those you meet often finds you disillusioned and disappointed when you wake up to the fact that your idols really do have clay feet after all. Make sure that the causes you espouse are really worth the sacrifices you are willing to make for them.

Neptune in Virgo

You, and your entire generation, tend to idealize work, duty and responsibility. You may be fearful of anything that would force you out of the protective shell of your everyday routines. You place a high premium on personal pride in productivity and craftsmanship, but in your search for perfection in minor details you can lose track of the overall purpose of life.

House 10: Your Public Self

If the fourth house showed your roots and where you came from, the tenth shows what you are ultimately aiming at in life. Whereas the sixth shows your daily job and how you make a living, the tenth signifies your career, your personal contribution, your reputation and what you become known for. Some astrologers also believe that the fourth house signifies one parent, and the tenth signifies the other. The tenth-house parent is most likely the one who prepares you for the world. The closer a planet is to the Midheaven, the more likely that planet is to be the major significator of your life’s direction.

Virgo on the Tenth

Your ability to classify, analyze and sort things out makes you the ideal one to be assigned the task of keeping track of large amounts of minute details. As such, you are especially suited for such fields as bookkeeping, accounting, library work, research facilitation and secretarial functions. You tend to operate under the assumption that if all the small, picky details are properly taken care of, the larger issues will take care of themselves. You will have to try to avoid being supercritical and petty, however.

Mars in the Tenth

Once you have chosen a career, you will work very hard to become a success at it. You will have sharply defined goals and move quickly and decisively to attain them. Because you are so self-directed and self- confident, you may find it difficult to work well in cooperation with others. It helps to be self- employed or in a position of leadership. The harder your career forces you to work, either physically or mentally, the better you will like it and the faster you will move ahead.

Mars in Libra

You are very aware of the need to cooperate with others in order to further any effort. You are usually willing to compromise with others, although you can be quite competitive in a friendly way. Fair- minded and impartial, you are able to sense injustice and wish to take corrective actions to make proper compensations. You see both sides of issues and questions, but you tend to be undecided or wavering when forced to make choices that might make you vulnerable or unpopular.

House 11: Your Circle of Acquaintances

The eleventh is the last house of relationships: not brothers, sisters and neighbors who just happen to be around you, not one-to-one partners, but the circle of friends and associates whom you actively choose. It shows the way you make and keep friendships, the organizations you join, the networking you do, and the general way you interact with groups. After you have established yourself as an individual and learned to form personal relationships with others, you are ready to think about the common good. This is why the eleventh often signifies groups dedicated to social or other sorts of collective improvement.

Libra on the Eleventh

You enjoy the challenge of being a good friend. You realize the necessity of compromise in working out interpersonal relationships and are always willing to listen to the problems of friends and associates. You can then take the requisite measures to smooth out any problems. Your ability as a mediator probably will make you popular and successful in any group situation that involves many diverse factions. You have the sense of objectivity and fair play required to make everyone work together so that group goals can be accomplished.

Jupiter in the Eleventh

Very gregarious, you like being with others and enjoy nothing better than having a good time. You may find that those you attract are socially prominent or that they bring material advantage to you. If so, it is because they are attracted by the generous, noble, openhearted attitude that you display. You enjoy sharing whatever you have (and it might well be a great deal) with others who share similar humanitarian interests.

Jupiter in Scorpio

You love to dig deep beneath surface appearances in order to find out what is really happening. A persistent researcher, you are very interested in the psychology of any situation. You tend to become overwhelmed by the complexity of what you uncover, however, and that makes you a bit gun-shy about explaining things to others. But you must learn to try to communicate as best you can because what you know is really very valuable to others.

House 12: The Hidden You

The twelfth house is where planets go just after they have risen. Here planets are still wet behind the ears, blinking in the sunlight and unsteady on their feet. Feeling completely vulnerable, planets in the twelfth tend to hide. Their energies can become repressed and secretive, and sometimes they lurk as complexes in the subconscious. This is why the twelfth is associated with self-sabotage, with hidden enemies, and with prison and whatever else makes you feel confined. The traditional association with hospitals and prisons suggest that constructive ways of dealing with twelfth-house problems include helping others who are similarly repressed or confined. Also, some with a strong twelfth-house emphasis become successful as undercover workers or as the power behind the throne.

Scorpio on the Twelfth

You tend to become so confused by that part of your nature that becomes emotionally involved with issues or other people that all reason disappears. You pride yourself on your intellectual objectivity and tend to feel that you are betraying the better part of your individuality when you become obsessed unreasonably by an idea or person. This leads you to try to suppress these feelings, and this makes you even more uncomfortable because they are so powerful. In order to be at peace with yourself, you must learn that you are a complex personality and that it is quite natural for you to have these urges. Try to deal with them rationally — allow yourself some sort of safety valve so that they can be released constructively and harmlessly. If you don’t, they will assert themselves at the most inappropriate of times.

No planets in the Twelfth

Your twelfth house is not activated by planetary activity. This does not mean that you will never have to deal with energies in your life that are difficult to understand, although most people would consider this a blessing. It merely means that these will not be paramount concerns for you. Occasionally, due to influences that come from outside of yourself, you will find yourself in situations that prove to be temporarily uncomfortable or even mysterious, but these incidents should not dominate your life as they do for some others.

A Mirror of Your Uniqueness

This report is based on the position of the Sun, Moon and planets at the moment of your birth, as seen from the point on Earth where you were born. Such an arrangement of planets and stars will never be repeated in exactly the same form. Like the genes that determine your body and temperament, your astrological chart is made up of the same basic parts that other humans have, but the arrangement of these parts is uniquely your own.

You could think of your birth moment as a seed that contains the potential for how you will unfold. The arrangement of the planets at your birth does not, however, cause your body structure and temperament in the way that the patterning of your DNA causes it. Instead, the planetary positions at your birth employ the language of symbols to mirror who you are. Like a mirror, your chart enables you to see yourself from outside yourself, and it therefore extends your point of view.

To use a different analogy, your chart shows the deck you’ve been dealt, the raw materials you are given from which to fashion a life. Nobody’s perfect: we are all given our special problems to solve and our special strengths and beauties. In knowing what you have to work with, you will be better able to make use of your gifts, fill in (or at least be comfortable about) what you lack, and grow in the life directions that are right for you and you alone.

Instead of assuming that there is one norm for everyone, astrology attempts to show the special pattern that is right for you. In doing so, it can give you clues as to how you can more fully and consciously fill the unique role that you have been given in this lifetime, and enrich the world with the gifts that only you can bestow.

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