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Electional Astrology

Solar Fire Gold Edition – Electional Astrology

 Electional or Time Search

With Solar Fire 8, picking an auspicious beginning has never been easier!

Electional Search – this new feature finds time periods that meet whatever aspect, sign and other criteria that you specify. You can start with very simple criteria, and then keep adding more criteria to refine your search for the best possible planetary conditions in any specified time window. You can use the “And” connector to add criteria, the “Not” connector to exclude a given criterion, or the “Or” connector to include either of two criteria. You can save your complex criteria sets for future use, and can add to them whenever you please.

 Electional Search

Solar Fire Electional Astrology

 Animated Chart. Alternatively, you can simply click your way through time until you spot a chart that you like. This is especially revealing when you use the new highlighted aspect lines to make the applying, exact and separating aspects stand out clearly. Besides animating a chart wheel, you can animate an aspect grid as well as tables of dignities, Arabic parts, midpoints and, in fact, virtually any page design.

 Animated Chart

Solar Fire Aspect Highlighter

 Additional Electional Tools include:

 Void of Course Moon listings

Solar Fire Void of Course Moon Table

Moon phases, a full Planetary Hour table for any given day, ingresses, and returns of planets to any given position.

 Planetary Hour table

Solar Fire Planetary Hours

You can also use the Rectification Assist window to fine-tune the time of a proposed electional chart to get just the right planetary relationships to the angles and Moon.