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EroScope – Sample for Madonna

EroScope for Madonna – Astrolabe Sample Report

Herein lies the Gate to your Sexual Self

Its scent is musky and its feel is moist. Its song is sweet and trembling, feverish and blinding, dark and tormenting, frigid and cold. If you read things here that furrow your brow, causing a crease that looks remarkably like a little man in a boat, this is a sign from the gods that you are about to learn something momentous! Brace your buttocks in your chair! Should you not be in the mood to knock on the limbic door of your inner brain, quickly shut this report! No one need ever know… light the fire at a party and step back to enjoy the results with a proper self-centered glow.


You have a lot of planets in the earth signs in your chart (Virgo, Taurus, and/or Capricorn). Practical and loaded with common sense, and also with a heavy dusting of carnality, you revel in the senses. Sex is a voluptuous experience, like rolling in a mud puddle and getting slippery and wet and very lush. Foods, smells, and touch affect you deeply. While there may not be too much romanticism in your approach, your partner’s desires will not be wanting in the physical arena! You may tend to get stuck in ruts, and will need an imaginative partner to encourage you to try new positions or circumstances in the game of hot tamale sex.

Inquiring minds want to know!

You have a lot of planets in the air signs in your chart (Gemini, Libra, and/or Aquarius). With lots of air, you are a brainiac and your best sex will be in your mind. You have loads of ideas of ways to try different sexual adventures, and while some may be troublesome to implement, it’s the thought that counts! Phone sex or cyber sex may be more appealing to you than mundane, earthy intercourse, which can get a bit messy. Keep a thirsty hotel towel handy!

Eager to drench!

You have lots of planets in the water signs in your chart (Cancer, Scorpio, and/or Pisces). With lots of water, emotions color everything you do. You are constantly sniffing out the vibrations in a room, or around a person. You can feel your partner’s reactions and feelings quite well. This is very seductive. It can be a great boon, subtly shifting and moving according to the partner’s sexual needs. They will think you are a magician! It can also be a problem, as lots of water can be in-your-face and smothering, without boundaries. It’s like getting a cellular-level body wash with someone else’s bathwater. A little disconcerting! Have your partner tell you when to back off, and then do so graciously without pouting or making sullen remarks.

Your Scent is Perfectly Balanced and Aromatic.

You have planets evenly dispersed throughout the modalities. Fixed energy – steady, firm, regular – just like we wish our bowels would be; cardinal energy – self-starting, busy, pushy energy – too restless for real long term work, but great for enthusiasm and starting up; and mutable energy – flexible, adaptable, a real good worker bee. With these energies balanced in your chart, you are the perfect person. Everyone wants you! You have a nice balance of steadiness and solidity for long term relationships, enough aggression to pick up a hot, steamy piece of meat, and some nice flexibility for all those pretzel shapes and eccentric ideas a person may wish to investigate during a night of steamy lovemaking.

“Excuse me while I slip into someone more comfortable.” Unknown

Your Animal Skin is in Virgo.

You have a seemingly reserved and quiet appearance that is very misleading. Quite the contrary! Once Virgo trusts (and this is a very important ingredient); an earthier, responsive, more alive partner does not exist! You are open-minded and will soil your inherent “virginity” by trying naughty kinky scenarios, coming out of the experiences rosy cheeked, breathless, unscathed and still quite pure. Almost anything a partner may suggest will be okay, as long as you are informed of the scenario to take place. Kink is secretly running through your veins, so don’t be too shy to explore this avenue. It will open you up ever wider!

When the energizing Sun powerfully connects (conjunctions), challenges (squares), and provokes

(oppositions) the other planets, there is a tendency to energize the Sun in a vigorous manner so that your ego sits heavy and fat in the saddle. When the exuding Sun flows (trines) and supports (sextiles) the other planets, it gives warmth and confidence and a natural ebullience that can warm cold tootsies.

“Nature produces the greatest results with the simplest means. These are simply the sun, flowers, water, and love.” -Heinrich Heine

Your Warm, Radiating Sun is in Leo

Your vital and energetic glow is warm and open. You have a playful element in your nature, and there is nothing better than some wild and unruly lovemaking to cheer you up! Tossing and bouncing partners around is lively, squirting fun for you. Be sure to have partners of generally the same body weight and strength or you may either bruise someone or inadvertently pull a muscle in your remarkable and receptive, rose-hued groin. You love to be admired and certainly deserve great praise for just being you. You warm your partner with the heat generated from your chest, until everyone is covered with Leo sweat. You are a ray of the Sun left here on Earth, to dance for us all with your shimmering body.

The Sun Exudes in the Twelfth House

You are deceptively normal. You are not what you seem, and are hard to get to know. You shapeshift, as the need arises, and can even change sexes briefly when no one is looking! In fact, you yourself may have a hard time figuring out your own sexual shenanigans! You are sexually adaptive to many different situations, and may find yourself in somewhat difficult and highly charged positions, that actually go a long way toward sending rivers of moisture to your throbbing loins. Should you find yourself in a rather awkward and ticklish situation, you will need to wait until the next void-of-course moon before removing yourself from the premises, as you must not disturb the sexually serous and liquid symmetry of the universe.

Your Sun supports (sextiles) Jupiter’s Abundance

You have little golden nuggets of opportunity awaiting you around every corner. Sometimes you pick them up, and sometimes you don’t. It all depends how delectable the person’s body and mind looks that is draped across your twinkling toes. Since you have more than your fair share of good luck, to please the Lords of Karma you must share your beneficence with others. Otherwise, (and I have it on the best authority) in your next life you will be tied naked to a chair and others will take terrible advantage of your poor trembling body!

Power person – that’s you! Like you didn’t already know that. You radiate sexuality, and then radiate some more. Some are scared of you, and the sexual levels of rapture you could bring to their closed minds. Others want you to take them there, selling house, car, and children to tremble beneath your knowing fingertips and moving the body with vats of delicious, decadent experience. Since you are so used to taking control, when the control gets taken from you, it may have the effect of pushing a button, which puts you in “battle mode”. Once outfitted in your war paint, you can be quite ruthless at getting your way. To avoid these asinine games, challenge yourself by letting your lover take control, fumbling though it may be. This will have the opposite effect, and actually increase your power tenfold. Try it! Assume the inferior position and take it like a man/woman.


Your Sun supports (sextiles) the Sociable Karmic Nodes

Men in your life offer you delicious opportunities to advance on your Path. Encourage friendships with males, whether you are female or male, as they have many gifts to deliver to your door stoop. Being exuberant and joyful and confident is where you are intended to go, so if you aren’t feeling that way, get on the stick and force yourself to be a happy soul. Fake it till you make it, baby. Make offerings to the Sun for all the gifts you receive. Sexually, play and frolic until your nose runs, your body becomes dappled with sweat, and your inner thighs become streaked with mysterious exotic juices!

When the Moon powerfully connects (conjunctions), provokes (oppositions), and challenges (squares) the

other planets, this tends to give the Moon a more powerfully reactive state (much harder to control!). The flowing (trines) and supporting (sextiles) aspects are soft and dreamy, sometimes in a sweet, mellow way, other times in a lazy, indulgent and chubby way.


“I think sex is better than logic, but I can’t prove it.” Unknown


The Moon’s Emotions Undulate in Virgo

With the Moon in Virgo, you respond with common sense and flexibility to emotional situations. Practical and logical you like emotional issues to be resolved and swept up right away. When things aren’t taken care of, you always manage to put up quite a fuss. Your lover may need to put something lively in your mouth to distract you and quiet you down! Unfortunately, this may not work because when you see something out of sync, you start having paroxysms of sweaty distress! Look for partners that are accepting of your critiques and fetishes. If you perchance travel down the avenue of kinky love, you can get into tender punishment scenarios with any naughty lover that talks back to you. This could be

decidedly fun if you think about it for a moment. What sort of punishments would you implement? There are so many to try to create the desired rose-flaming and drenching effect on your poor, quivering lover.

The Moon Soaks the First House

With the Moon in the first house, your feelings are very responsive and everyone gets to experience them along with you! How fun! People can read your face, even though you may try to remain stoic. Give it up and go with the flow, baby! Oversensitive to environmental and people stimuli, you are quick to react and respond. You can be defensive, and will assume boxing position over things that do not concern you and were never meant for you personally. Quite responsive in bed if plucked just right, you are great fun to play with and torture and observe! You may become irritated with people playing games with sexual tension and lengthening the outcome of the sex act at your expense, the bastards. Sometimes you are a crybaby.

Your sexual mind is connected to your sexual emotions. Imagine that! You know what you want and like, and have no trouble working your vocal cords to state your feelings on the subject. This is a great gift for the lovers of the world, because 9 out of 10 lovers don’t have a clue what to do, though no one is admitting anything. Your words can come out quite dramatic and spirited at times, having a tendency to make others take a step back in order to regroup. Be aware of your words and the energy behind them; all that ebullience may feel good to you, but your lover may be feeling a bit shy and reticent, and need you to help scootch those undies down!

Your Moon flows (trines) with Mars’ Sexual Urges

You shine with self-confidence and can motivate yourself and others to do the most asinine things possible, just because of this thrusting assertive, flowing energy. No one questions you, because you are a warrior with a cause, and a smiling one at that. One hopes one will get a little juice on the side, through assisting you in your questionable, though interesting, endeavors. Try out that stamina in a real place – the boudoir! That’s where the real action takes place, and you lead the pack, grinning lecherously and frothing at the mouth with great delight and abandon. Your partner gazes up at you, wondering just how much longer you can possibly last, in the steamy, sensuous, musky embrace of scandalous love.

tend to give Mercury s quicksilver tendencies, a laser zap in consciousness. The flowing (trines) and supporting (sextiles) aspects are softer and more laid back, but they also speed the brainiac synaptic environment up to a nice clip! “Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.”-Woody Allen

Articulating Mercury flirts in Virgo

Mentally you perceive in an analytical way, and have a well thought out way of speaking. Your thought processes move across your nerve fibers at a nice, brisk clip. You like the way this mental pace feels, the sensations greatly please you. You are aware of all the patterns in life unfolding all around you. How interesting (you think)! You love pointing these delicate arrangements out to others, so they can appreciate the wonders as well and work within them, just as you do. If your lover could give a hoot about these curious patterns, your words grow sharper, like a whip cracking across someone’s buttocks! Not everyone sees as you do, and they don’t care to either, the poor ignorant dears. Sexually, the scenes you can create with your clever, precise mind are enough to make a grown man or woman silly with delirium anticipation!

Mercury’s Intercourse Reverberates in the Twelfth House

With Mercury’s verbal intercourse echoing in your twelfth house, you are impressionable to environmental waves and other’s thoughts. A veritable sponge, you should squeeze out your brain periodically, otherwise it becomes difficult to even think! Because of the fluctuating mental energies, you can sometimes be paranoid, unsure, or confused by the thoughts that assail you. This is a creative place for winged Mercury, so singing, writing, and other colorful things, flow here. When lovemaking you interact in a sensitive and adaptable manner with your partner, and can shapeshift to meet his or her needs so your lover is satisfied in a most illustrious manner! You are not above creating a lovely delusion for yourself and your lover, just to get your own (secret) way, but you have a tendency to forget this when things go a bit haywire. You are a very private person, and are sure to have a few juicy, sexually rambunctious skeletons rattling round in the closet of Love.

Opportunities to express the strange feelings that emanate from your pink brain will offer themselves on many occasions, throughout your mystical life. You have your finger on the pulse and can pick up what’s going on in a room, just by sensing the vibrations. Sexually, you can play with this energy by talking deeply and emotionally to your partner while you are having sexual relations and undulations. Make your voice thrum at a certain vibratory note that tickles the little hairs around the body. These little hairs will start to vibrate to the tone of your voice, and soon you will be able to play your trembling lover like a fiddle.

Your Mercury powerfully connects (conjuncts) with Simmering Pluto

You talk with a certain brand of forward intensity, or say things that are rampant with sexual meaning, yet appearing innocent to your unsuspecting guests. You have a very powerful and manipulative mind, which is also a probe of the deep intestinal flora. You can get to the crux of the matter with one hand tied behind your back. That hand behind your back is probably caressing the crack of your own sweet bottom at the same time. No wonder you’re happy! You can bend another’s mind with a gleaming, greased smile, as you slide willy-nilly down into the depths with them. If this isn’t happening in your current relationship, perhaps you should look elsewhere for those elusive black tulips.

Enticing Venus is in Leo

With Venus in Leo, male or female, you are delightfully easy on the eyes, in some sunny, inexplicable way. Creative sunlight beams out from various places on your body, giving it that

ray-of-sunshine-bursting-through-the-clouds effect. When in love, you are affectionate and radiate joy at your partner and the surrounding world. Your desire nature burns fiery and ebullient, and you are openly expressive and passionate with the objects of your benign adoration. You expect the same adoration in return, and if you do not receive this, you will place your fierce lion jaws (and claws) about your lover’s neck until your lover responds accordingly. If they do respond, they’ll receive your great bounty of warmth and heat to light their nerve endings with scarlet fire.

Your Venus is frolicking in the Eleventh House

With Venus swinging her hips in the eleventh house, you show affection in a lively, warm, friendly way. You have many friends, and love them all dearly. In fact if you had it your way, you’d have a warm petting zoo with your friends and colleagues so you could further strengthen the cherished bond of friendship, warmed to a drizzly finish from the heart center. The fact that everyone might not go for this can leave you feeling somewhat disgruntled and shut off. You don’t want to have a partnered relationship with your friends, just something intimate and bonding. What’s to understand? Why can’t everyone just get along?

Your Venus challenges (squares) Frosty, Plasmic Neptune

You are unbelievably creative! You can create a beguiling story or song about your exquisite beloved, who stands on a shiny silver pedestal that you buff and polish everyday with your misty love thoughts and worshipping endearments and soft, spent rag. Drugged with the perfection of your partner’s soul-like wonder, you weep at their feet. When their body excretions begin to fall on you in the form of sweat and other aromatic discharges, you are jolted awake by this ludicrous reality check. Who is this piggy thing standing before you? Where and when did your true love’s blistering perfection disappear? Angrily, you blame the one before you, lashing out. How dare they change into such a revolting project? How could they have misled your genuine and tender self? If you get to know and control this sugary illusory energy, you can create wondrous stories and songs for the rest of us poor souls, so we can fly off into the hinterlands in true escapist fashion! Sexually, work this energy by creating a fascinating and sweet movement with your beloved, building a lavish experience that is part real and part visualization, and leaves you flushed and twinkling, dizzily spent.

Your Venus challenges (squares) the Sociable Karmic Nodes

Feminine energy surrounds you in a kind of agitating or stimulating way. This energy can show up in your life in the form of: Women, gay or very feminine men, art and all its forms (including jewelry), the beauty business, the clothing industry, or creamy, sweet foods. You are being prompted to sit up and take notice of this energy, in a goosey kind of way, like a finger between your plump bum cheeks! This creates conflict, agitation, and stimulation in you. Hidden within these opportunities, are the seeds of synchronistic events just waiting to unfold, to make your life a much more powerful and juicy place with lots of Mojo! Sexually, rub, roll and slide all over your lover in a sensuous snake way, undulating legs and arms and fingertips every which way. Coat yourselves in oil to assist with the process. How about adding a rubber sheet on the bed for true skimming delight?

is the type that you are attracted to, the type that will make your jade gate open, your flower bloom. Mars is also your “Inner Male”, waiting to be contacted and explored for healthy emotional balance. (Little secret: A woman in contact and working with her inner male cocky ya-ya is incredibly sexy and magnetic!)

The planets that powerfully connect (conjunctions), challenge (squares), and provoke (oppositions) Mars, gnashing teeth and manifest a more balanced and less rough use of these ambitious, squirting energies. This all depends on which planet chooses to combine with Mars and his sexual grapple to the pinnacle!

“Sticks and stone may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me” Unknown

Mars’ Sexual Urge rises in Taurus

With Mars in Taurus, you express your sexual energy in a steady, lusty, beastie way. No problems here except for when to stop! Sensuous and into taste, touch and smell on the road to bedevilment, you like your surroundings to add layers of cream to the experience. You have a strong, unending sex drive, and if it isn’t expressed on a regular basis, you may have a tendency to get constipated, in more ways than the usual one, like creatively or mentally. You have great patience and can last a lovely long time, treating your lover to sensations and smells that cause every know fluid in their body to flow like pregnant waterways converging in the Delta of Lust.

Mars’ Sexual Urge beats in the Ninth House

With Mars in the ninth house, your sexual energy plays out in a forceful, lively way. Life is an expansive adventure, full of fascinating information that leaves you twitterpated for more! Always on a search for the meaning of life (and lust), this propels you forward to experience the next episode with great slavering interest. Easily distracted by new information, your mind gallops to and fro! You are fun, romantic, and assertive as you enjoy riding your partner high on into the sunset, experiencing the glories of the Body Sublime. Listen to your partner for tips on specific techniques and pay attention! Expect your sexual mores to be challenged by your wide-ranging sexual experiences in the artichoke heartland of love.

go on for some time too, if they discover where your secret “button” is located.) When you are done, you are done, though, and will move on. You have too much impatience for long and drawn out sexual proclivities and fetish-things; nevertheless, are very open-minded and do enjoy a good juicy dare

Jupiter powerfully connecting (conjunctions), challenging (squares), and provoking (oppositions) the other planets tend to magnify Jupiter’s generous mood in an intoxicating, bloated manner. When Jupiter is flowing (trines) or supporting (sextiles) the other planets there is an excessive swelling as well, in a sweeter lazy way, like a nudge on a couch, eyes half-closed, mind pleasantly buzzing, stomach stuffed with burritos and beer. -Mae West

Jupiter Abundance spills in Libra

Your enthusiasm has an assertive, other-orientated spirit! The gift of Jupiter for you is growth through experiencing the interactions that occur between you and your lover, which will expand the parameters of your mind. The energy seeks to exchange with the partner in a dynamic process of giving and receiving. You are looking for balance or equilibrium, and can experience a Zen-like harmony that is fluctuating and powerful (not stagnant) when imbibing and sipping the nectar of Quantum Love.

Jupiter’s Optimism pours into the Second House

Inspiration expresses itself in you with a sensual and affectionate manner. Money pours in and out of your hands with alarming frequency! It is a lush and hedonistic energy that thrives on sensation activation! Smells, murmuring voices, the feel of skin are all triggers to set you zooming. Dive into the sexual experience like you are licking drops of honey from a sweetly scented honeysuckle vine, with the pink tip of your tongue. You are a very generous and demonstrative spirit in the steamy sauna of Love.

Your Jupiter powerfully connects (conjuncts) Frosty, Plasmic Neptune

Idealistic in the extreme, people you meet seem to have a stunning, lickable, rosy glow to their cheeks. As such, you may be wigging out to taste the goods and overwhelmed, as you eye the smorgasbord of life! You have great skills of illusion, and can deceive your lovers fantastically along with your cute and immeasurable self. Should you decide on a positive channel for these rather powerful but hard to control energies, locate the spiritual or mystical in your soul, the musical, or other creative outlets, residing inside you. Sexually, your love affairs can end in disillusionment, because you lose your rose-tinted glasses under the couch, and they are too far back to retrieve. You have the potential to have a spiritual soul union with a lover and be able to feel you and your lover’s genitalia, glowing with an unworldly golden light, while you are getting it on!

Saturn ties you down in Sagittarius

You respond to structure and limitation in an impatient and mouthy way. Your philosophical and religious beliefs are a point of great insecurity for you, though you cover this up splendidly by voicing all the wisdom of the ages with great authority! They call your type “a fence sitter”. Nevertheless, deep inside your bowels resides scads of true heartfelt wisdom encased in a Sacred Clown or Trickster costume, begging to come out and play in that interminable way that Sacred Clowns do. Set it free! Sexually, if your lover has a handhold on you that just won’t quit, you will respond by mouthing up a distracting word storm in an attempt to loosen their sweaty grip, so you can break free and escape through the swinging doggie door!

Saturn has you under Fourth House Arrest

Responsibility and limitations express themselves in your home. A little early on in your life, you may not have had the best laid plans for starting out as strong individual (through no one’s particular fault but mostly circumstance), giving you a bit of an emotional buckle to your knobby knees. Hence, building inner strength has become an inevitable task for you to perform as soon as possible, so you can catch up with the rest of the crowd. (You don’t want to walk around in diapers your whole life, do you?) Your home life is sometimes a burden. There, you are demanding, and chores make sweat bead on your brow

– look! – it’s blood! (Just kidding.) You expect quite a bit of leniency from your lover, because deep inside your baby needs feel neglected. Smile and laugh more when at home in your safe nest. Touch, give hugs, have someone serve or hand feed you food that is warm and delicious. Let go and melt.

Look at the sign placement, the house placement, and the other planets that are electrified in aspect by Uranus. The powerfully connecting (conjunctions), challenging (squares), and provoking (oppositions) aspects tend to create a hyper-wiggling or nervy energy that is hard to contain and needs lots of freedom to exist in its space. The flowing (trines) and supporting (sextiles) aspects intertwine together better, but still create a Uranian current that pulsates the airwaves and your nervous system, zapping consciousness with overflowing, lightening intelligence.

“Like a fierce wind roaring high up in the bare branches of trees, a wave of passion came over me, aimless but surging…

I suppose it’s lust but it’s awful and holy like thunder and lightning and the wind. -Joanna Field

Your Uranus Swings in Leo!

Your generation’s sexual kundalini energy is powerful and bright, like a cop’s heavy flashlight directed into your eyes. Blinding when you aren’t ready! Your spinal cord, once grounded and triggered gently, can create a powerful sense of inner expansiveness, and also a personal intimate awareness and exquisite touch with the Higher Self. You need large amounts of sunlight for continuous stimulation and good health. View the Northern Lights if you can! At the very least, take a lot of walks outside on sunny days, “Sacred Sun walks” as the intention. Find a large, warm flat rock in a secret place, in the sun. Lie on it naked and show Mr. Sun how pretty your genitals are and how wondrous they work!


Uranus is taking liberties in your Twelfth House!

Independence, eccentricities, and sudden change exhibit themselves in your secret life, your dream life, and your most active subconscious. Colorful, interactive dreams can teach you about power (if only you could remember them!). Secret affairs with strange taboo touches to them will also expand your consciousness, not to mention flow lubrication down to the nether regions of Love. Kundalini exercise: Choose a sexual situation that is secret and dangerous for you, against “the rules”. You are “not allowed” to be there, but you are (for spiritual purposes, of course). Focus on your heart center visualizing orange light. Allow yourself and your lover a few harmless deviate sexual expressions for good mental health!

“Lovers, to bed; ’tis almost fairy time.”

–A Midsummer Night’s Dream -Act 5, Scene 1

Neptune’s Beguiling Bubble is in Scorpio

Your generation’s sexual idealism and sexual receptivity is deep and profoundly moved by the sexual experience in a usually foolish mystical way that has no basis in reality, but you are the last to find out! Still, the spiritual-sexual opportunity is there, like the lingering scent of a lily. Be careful whom you exchange bodily fluids with, the essence stays with you for a long, long time, sometimes festering in a rather yucky way. You approach your wildly creative dreams in a controlling and manipulative way, but must learn to let go of them so that full sexual gratification can occur.


Neptune’s Silvery Whistles are heard in your Third House

Sexual fantasies and idealization play themselves out in your vivid imagination and psychic communications. You have the ability to weave a web of seduction with your shifting words, and can send psychic demands to your lover. Fantastic sexual scenarios of erotica can leave your lover damp and panting, furiously burrowing in their gear. Beware of the tendency to be a slippery, hard-to-pin-down or vague communicator, not looking in your lover’s eyes. Withholding information is considered deception, and if you do it, your lover will consider the game fair, and do the same to you and your chubby cheeks.

dweeby men in their white, flapping lab coats. Short (or long) periods of autism or insanity manifest, and then, should your consciousness survive intact, evolution takes place with a soft, unnoticeable, undulating pop.

Pluto Rumbles in Virgo

Your generation’s sexual transformation will come about through intense, holistic healing of the mind-body-soul, with great awareness of the moment and cellular wholeness. Anything that brings you sharply into focus of the hear-and-now in an almost painfully pleasing way is a particularly provocative approach to get at those sexual fears and blockages faster than a speeding bullet! Sacred approach to sexuality is a major vibrational key for you.

Pluto is Seething within your Twelfth House

Sexual power games and transformation take place in hidden closets in your dark, bubbling, subconscious mind. On the outside, you appear to be quite together, a cool cucumber, but hidden away in the murky corners of your mind are all sorts of secret rooms where magical intentions and obsessive thoughts swirl and ebb with great force. You are a nuclear psychic holding tank for the whole bloody world, and it takes great amounts of energy to process everybody’s sludge. Just like a little satellite septic processing unit! Isn’t that great? You may need to isolate yourself at times to recover from the onslaught. You have a few secret sexual liaisons going on (or will in the near future) or other secret activities that are just a little on the weird (tasty!) side. Actions you don’t really want anyone knowing about (how embarrassing!), but quite aggressively. Woe to those who underestimate your sexual ferocity, even when displayed in its softest, most vulnerable guise.


The End and The Beginning

Well, you’re all done now! And how do you feel? Why don’t you do a spot check? First, check your breathing rate. It should be relaxed and very warm. How does your brain feel? Is it a bit tweaked? How about your beating heart? Put your hand there for a moment and make it warm with your mind. Do your armpits smell musky, like pine? What’s going on in your shady nether regions?

Now go pour all the rosy red love in your heart into someone else’s heart area for five minutes, at least once a day. Keep it a secret – no telling! A stranger or a friend – pick one. Do it as a visualization and then forget about it. Do it for a month and watch how your body and your life heat up dramatically and sweetly, overflowing like a frothy rosy wave. You will be licking your lips happily all the merry day and your eyes will shine with otherworldly light. People will want to touch you and you will want to touch others…

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