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2nd House Astrology

2nd House Astrology the Natural House of Taurus

2nd House Astrology2nd House Astrology

2nd House astrology is naturally associated with the sign of Taurus and its ruling planet Venus. After establishing our self-identity in the 1st house, we turn, in the 2nd, to our possessions and what we own. This house represents the area of life concerned with the accumulation of wealth and resources as a secure basis from which to act in the world.
This can mean the accumulation of money and material possessions, but on a higher level, it represents innate or acquired skills and gifts which give us a sense of value, worth and personal security. The 2nd house stabilises the self-identity acquired in the 1st.

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Sun in the 2nd House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Sun in the 2nd house, material and financial matters are of importance to you. The problem here is that if these things are lost or taken away your self-identity goes with them and it may take some time to recover your self confidence to go on. If you can identify less with your possessions, regarding them more as a necessary means to an end, you can use them more productively as a way to establish your own sense of purpose and self worth. The same is true of any kind of possession, such as innate skills and abilities or your value system.

Moon in 2nd House Astrology’s  meaning

The Moon is in the 2nd House of your chart, the area which rules possessions and money. The Moon in this House indicates that past experiences will have resulted in a need for possessions and material wealth in order to feel comfortable and at ease with yourself. The fluctuating nature of the Moon, however, means that your finances may be subject to changes and instability.

You may also have an emotional attachment to the things you own, particularly things that are in some way related to your past or your family. You have probably inherited your sense of values from your family background, particularly from your mother.

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