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5th House Astrology

5th House Astrology is the Natural House of Leo

5th House Astrology ruler Leo
5th house Astrology

5th house Astrology is naturally associated with the sign Leo and its ruler the Sun.

In the 4th house we establish our material and psychological roots, in the 5th we seek to express our own creativity. Creativity can be expressed through children as extensions of our physical bodies, or through various art forms as extensions of our inner selves. This house is also associated with leisure activities, sports, gambling, love affairs etc. in fact all forms of recreation where we seek to express ourselves freely and without inhibition.

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Sun in the 5th House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Sun in the 5th house of your chart you need to express yourself through some kind of creative activity. This creativity can be expressed in various ways. Although you may not actually be an artist, some kind of artistic activity will give you a great deal of personal satisfaction. Children can also give you a sense of pleasure and enjoyment in life and help you to gain a deeper sense of who you are. You will also enjoy all forms of sport or recreation as a means of acting spontaneously and letting go.

Moon in 5th House Astrology’s  meaning

The 5th House represents the field of experience connected with children, love and laughter. With the Moon here you may always find yourself on the lookout for love. As a parent, experiences with your children may bring back memories and feelings connected with your own childhood and your relationship with your own parents.

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