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8th House Astrology

8th House Astrology is the Natural House of Scorpio

8th House Astrology ruler Scorpio8th House Astrology

8th House astrology is naturally associated with the sign of Scorpio and its ruler Pluto.
If the 7th house represents relationships in general, the 8th represents relationships or partnerships in which something is exchanged or held in common.
In sexual relationships there is an emotional exchange, in business partnerships there is an exchange and sharing of finances and resources. This house represents the area of life in which we relate to others on a deeper, more emotional level.
It is in this house, therefore, that we often experience emotional pain, crises and death (symbolically that is). Hence this house has various but related meanings. It is the house of sex, beginnings and endings, joint resources and money held in common, and inheritances.

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Sun in the 8th House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Sun in the 8th house, you will have a need to merge your own emotions, or financial and material possessions with others. Also, you will probably have a great fascination for esoteric subjects or religions.

Moon in 8th House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Moon in the 8th House, you will have a need to share love on a deep emotional level. You will also probably feel happier in financial or business matters if your resources are held in common with someone else, but there may be changing fortunes in this area, or a business partner may be unstable and moody.

You have an instinctive awareness of the moods and feelings of others, and the atmosphere around you. In some cases this placing can indicate psychic ability. But you will also have to learn to distinguish between your own emotions and feelings as opposed to those you have absorbed from your surroundings.

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