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12th House Astrology

12th House Astrology the Natural House of Pisces

12th House Astrology ruler Pisces
12th house Astrology

12th house Astrology is naturally associated with the sign of Pisces and its ruler Neptune.
After becoming part of a larger group structure in the 11th, in the 12th house we experience the dissolution of our separate individual ego.
This house represents the area of experience where we feel that we are influenced by forces and powers that are beyond our control. In this house we surrender our individual wills to the service of a higher power or ideal, or direct our energies toward greater self realisation and spiritual goals.
On a more mundane level, this house is associated with large institutions such as hospitals and prisons, where many people end up if the self-surrender described above is overdone, or made to the wrong ideals.
Hence this house is also known as the house of self-undoing.

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Sun in the 12th House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Sun in the 12th house you are aware that your conscious self is only part of your total being, and that below the surface lie a more spiritual dimension. You are very sensitive to the atmosphere and feelings that surround you, and this may manifest as some form of psychic ability. You would certainly benefit from some form of meditation that allows you to get in touch with the deeper levels of your mind.

Moon in 12th House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Moon in the 12th House, your emotions are extremely sensitive to your surroundings, and periods of seclusion will be necessary in order to keep your emotions well balanced. Meditation or relaxation techniques would work particularly well for you. It is not that you are antisocial, it is just that these periods are necessary for your emotional well-being.

Your feelings may be strongly affected by memories from your past. You may also have some connection with institutions such as prisons or hospitals. In fact, you can be a source of caring and comfort to people who are in such places, but you will have a hard time to stay objective and not becoming too involved.

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