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7th House Astrology

7th House Astrology is the  Natural House of Libra

7th House Astrology ruler Libra7th house Astrology is naturally associated with the sign of Libra and its ruler Venus.
This house represents the field of relationships. If the 1st house is the house of self, then the 7th is the house of others.
This house indicates how we express ourselves in our relationships and what qualities we seek in others. In particular it represents the marriage partner, at least the first major relationship with that kind of commitment.
>In general it represents the area of social contact and the need for relationships of various kinds, and can be extended to our dealings with the general public.

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Sun in the 7th House Astrology’s  meaning

The Sun is in the 7th house of your chart, which represents your self-identity. In this house, there is a need to define who you are through your relationships with others. Occasionally, you will need feedback and reassurance from others to develop your own self worth. There may also be a tendency to expect too much from relationships, resulting in disappointment when the others don’t live up to the image that you project on to them.

Moon in 7th House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Moon in the 7th House, you will enjoy romance and in particular, security within romance. You may seek this security from another, or you may be the one who provides this for someone else.

You are very receptive to the emotional needs of others but need to beware of the danger of committing yourself to a relationship purely because you feel that the other person needs it.

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