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10th House Astrology

Natural 10th House astrology belongs to Capricorn

10th House astrology ruler Capricorn
10th house astrology

10th house astrology is naturally connected with the sign of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn
The beginning, or cusp, of the 10th house is called the Midheaven.
In this house we attempt to bring the ideals and aspirations of the 9th to practical realisation. This results in a career or a particular position in the social order. The 10th is also connected with our relations with authority figures in general, and with the way we experienced our parents in particular. is the degree of the ecliptic that was at the highest point in the sky at the time and place of birth. The Midheaven and the 10th house astrology therefore represents our ambitions, what we aim for and hope to achieve in the world.

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Sun in the 10th House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Sun in the 10th house, you have a strong ambition and a need to reach the top in your chosen field, a goal you can work towards with persistence and determination. A career is important to you as a means of gaining a clear sense of who are. With this position, it is likely that you will achieve a position of some kind of authority, albeit after a few set-backs.

Moon in 10th House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Moon in the 10th House, you have a need for some kind of tangible or identifiable personal achievement. You may even be prepared to sacrifice your emotional life to the pursuit of your personal and professional ambitions.

Your early upbringing may have given you a deep sense of the need for a career or public position, perhaps your mother was a career woman, or saw you as the one to live out her own thwarted ambitions. You will do particularly well in any profession that allows you to express your caring and protective qualities.

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