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6th House Astrology

6th House Astrology is the Natural House of Virgo

6th House Astrology6th house Astrology

 6th house Astrology is naturally associated with the sign of Virgo and its ruler Mercury.Having expressed our creativity in the 5th, the 6th house is where we are confronted with the need to adjust to, and learn from, the demands of the material world.

This is the house associated with work and service. The 6th house indicates the nature of, and our attitude toward, our working environment and our relations with co-workers, employees or bosses.

It is also connected with health and the interaction of mind and body to maintain the efficient (or inefficient) working of our physical bodies.

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Sun in the 6th House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Sun in the 6th house of your chart you will need to help others in some way or be of service to others. This may involve work that makes you feel that you are doing something worthwhile and important, but you will also have to beware the tendency to stress the needs of others, whilst neglecting your own needs.

Moon in 6th House Astrology’s  meaning

With the Moon in the 6th House, your emotions can be quite secretive and often inaccessible to others. When someone you do not really trust or know gets too close, up go the barricades. It takes quite some time for those barricades to be broken down, for an acquaintance to become a friend.

There is also a strong connection between your emotions and your physical health. When you are feeling emotionally low, this could lead to physical illness, whereas a sense of emotional happiness will bring about a sense of physical well-being.

At work, the way you feel about colleagues or bosses may go through phases, according to your fluctuating moods. They will certainly know about it when you have that Monday morning mood.

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