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Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Zodiac Sign -what you need to know about Aquarius and Astrology.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Attributions

Ruling Planet: Uranus
Color: Deep Blue
Gem: Amethyst
Part of Body: ankles and blood stream
Herbs: Valerian, Lady’s Slipper, Snake Root
Flower: Orchid
Element: Air
Mode: Fixed
Polarity: Positive

Aquarius zodiac sign meaning

Your essential purpose in life is to view and approach all things in an impartial and humanitarian way. In so doing, you hope and intend to liberate yourself and others from guilt, fear and conditioning. To enable you to accomplish this, you are emotionally detached to one degree or another.

If you like, you choose to not even recognize your own or others’ emotional shortcomings – or if you do, you shrug them off or distance yourself from them in some way. Being such a cool observer of life inclines you to being a natural psychologist, therapist, scientist – or simply a good friend.

However, this distancing of yourself from awkward emotional areas that reflect your own discomfort can have the effect of divorcing you not only from them, but also from some of your best qualities. Consequently, you stand in danger of being someone who has been processed and packaged by what you think should be you, rather than what actually is you. Others find it very hard to relate to this, then get very emotional, and cause you to do more of the same!

When you eventually immerse yourself in the pool, well or cesspit of your own rejected feelings, you lend a power and conviction to your outward expression that convinces, influences – and liberates – both yourself and others. The reason for this is that others, and your emotional self, can then identify with you.  Aquarius zodiac sign xtract from Soul Profile.

Aquarius Zodiac sign astrology free chart

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