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Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Zodiac Sign -what you need to know about Libra and Astrology.

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Zodiac Sign Attributions

Ruling Planet: Venus
Color: Indigo
Gem: Opal
Part of Body: kidneys
Herbs: Burdock, Pennyroyal, Feverfew, Violet
Flower: Rose
Element: Air
Mode: Cardinal
Polarity: Positive

Libra zodiac sign meaning

Your essential purpose in life is to bring balance, justice or harmony to whatever it is in your world that you regard as important. You are naturally equipped for this in that you are only too aware of the fact that there is a right and a wrong, a rough and a smooth, a pleasant and an unpleasant, etc, etc. side to every situation and person.

It is this innate awareness of the ambiguities of life that gives rise to Libra’s renowned indecisiveness. But really there is only one basic decision that you have to make. This is that you arrive consciously at a firm set of social values. This means that you have to ascertain what you think is important to society in your eyes and what you can do that will contribute to society in that respect.

Indeed, that contribution may be simply the establishing of a balanced relationship, or a balance within yourself. Anyhow, until you have begun to achieve this end, this social contribution, you will most likely vacillate between what you feel others expect of you and what you really want to do – something of which you are only partly conscious.

This in turn can lead to your being rather superficial as you use your innate sense of harmony to blend in with everything and everyone. Or, perversely, you may even be quite deliberately uncooperative as a kind of overreaction to your basic but vapid agreeability. No other Sign can draw attention to beauty and justice in such a beautiful and just way as Libra can – when you know what your pitch is. Libra zodiac sign – extract from Soul Profile.

Libra Zodiac sign astrology free chart

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