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Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign -what you need to know about Leo and Astrology.

Leo Zodiac Sign Leo Zodiac SignAttributions

Ruling Planet: Sun
Color: Gold
Gem: Ruby
Part of Body: heart and circulation
Herbs: Eyebright, St. John’s Wort, Walnuts, Mistletoe
Flower: Sunflower
Element: Fire
Mode: Fixed
Polarity: Positive

Leo Zodiac Sign Meaning

Your essential purpose in life is to bring warmth, light and vitality to whatever you regard as important. Thus you generate more brightness and creativity. In order to achieve this, you have a radiance, an inner glow, which quite magically draws the attention of others. This same quality then lends an air of certainty to whatever it is that you have involved yourself with. What could be called your royal seal of approval bestows a confidence upon whomever or whatever meets with your approbation.

The trouble is that your curse is as disastrous as your blessing is great. And the curse of Leo is, of course, pride. Your pride makes you vulnerable to being taken in vain – and when you feel taken in vain, your bright sun goes behind a dark cloud. (Some Leos are even born with their sun behind that cloud). When it re-emerges you are very wary of having your pride wounded again and anything that alludes to this – like advice or criticism – you disdainfully ignore or haughtily put in its place.

However, when you are the Leo who does put pride aside, who is aware that the sun cannot see its own shadow, and who gracefully accepts constructive advice or criticism, you become like the Sun itself – utterly inextinguishable, ever-giving and ever-warm, funny and romantic, the noble ruler, the creative teacher – the healing heart. You, of all the Signs, have the Light. All you need do is shine.Leo zodiac sign – extract from Soul Profile.

Leo Zodiac sign astrology free chart

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