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Daily Money Astro Horoscope

Daily Money Astro Horoscope
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Daily Money Astro Horoscope


20 January 2019


As she spends her last weekend in your financial sector and prepares to leave next week, Ceres is focused less on the money and more on your financial needs and priorities. This has been the case since she returned in November, but these final days bring an urgent chance to redefine your own definition of financial success.


Thanks to the Moon's departure from your income sector yesterday, your nose for money is sharp as you prepare for the Sun's return to your career sector today. With your new professional year about to get its first real momentum and the money gods more focused on money matters as a whole, hold onto the nose for money and intuitive edge developed over the last few days.


Having the Moon in your income sector during the Sun's final hours in your financial sector is a case of deja vu. The Moon returned here during the Sun's first full day in your financial sector, creating a Full Moon that saw the two clash. The Sun will leave before that can happen, but there is just enough financial tension and intensity to give both income and money matters the push they need.


It is the Sun's return to your financial sector today that makes tomorrow's total lunar eclipse in your income sector possible. This means things might get bumpy over the next few days but with it comes the potential for a breakthrough, especially on the income front. For now, the Sun simply turns the solar spotlight onto your financial situation and money matters, as he does at this time every year.


With the Moon yet to make its first visit to your income sector for the year, as the Sun takes the solar spotlight off your work situation and job matters today, it is without getting a sense of where the money is. Not because there are no income opportunities and simply because these early weeks of the year are more because there hasn't been a chance yet to explore them.


While the Moon has yet to make its first visit to your income sector for the year, as the Sun returns to get things moving on the job front there is plenty of untapped income potential. Four months of planetary activity on the income front only ended last month and this is the first push on the job front since then. This opens the door to an exciting two months on the income and job fronts.


Ceres is spending her last full week in your income sector surrounded by support. The Moon has come full circle from last month's Full Moon in your career sector just as support between income and job forces once again peaks. Ceres' job is to leave you with clear income priorities, which can be used to steer ongoing job and professional momentum in lucrative direction.


There is a chance to catch your breath today, before moving into some potentially game changing days across the income, work and career fronts. Not only is Venus, the planet of money on especially good terms with Mars on the job front, but is just days away from aligning with lucky Jupiter in your income sector. Tomorrow's lunar eclipse in your career sector could be the catalyst income, work and career forces have been waiting for.


While the Sun and Moon will move into opposition to create a Full Moon tomorrow, it won't be a repeat of last month's Full Moon. The Moon is in your financial sector and the Sun is in his final hours in your income sector, but this near miss is more likely to energise both sides of the fence. This comes with sharp financial instincts and a smart head for money.


There is something both ordinary and extraordinary about the Sun's return to your income sector today. Ordinary, because this is the point in every year when the solar spotlight shifts onto your income situation, matters and options. Extraordinary because there is a huge amount of untapped income potential from the get go, as opposed to the cold start income matters usually get.


Timing is everything and that is definitely the case for the Moon, as it makes both its first visit to your work sector for the year and comes full circle from last month's Full Moon. This comes just as an alignment between income and career forces begins, with a chance to get your ducks in a row across the income, work and career fronts.


On the eve of a major coming together of income, work and career forces, there is a new sense of confidence, especially when it comes to fighting for what you deserve on the income front. Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos is having a dream run as he makes his first visit to your income sector since 2017, with the conditions set to improve dramatically over the coming days.


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