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Daily Love Astro Horoscope

Daily Love Astro Horoscope
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Daily Love Astro Horoscope


27 June 2019


As Mercury returns to your romantic sector today, despite his early return it will be to find that he is not the first here. Juno's return last week has already opened the doors to the most romantically charged months of 2019. As Mercury returns to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page, it is to find that there is already a new sense of determination.


At a time when communication is key to keeping your relationships on track Mercury, the planet of communication's departure from your communication sector today should be a blow. Instead, Mercury not only leaves behind plenty of support to keep the communication lines open but promises that he'll be back for a double dip visit next month.


It was just three days ago that an opposition with Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in your relationship sector ended. This was the final clash aimed at getting to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. Now, just days later Mercury, the planet of communication joins a growing list of support from the communication gods.


Before leaving Cancer today, it is vital that you make Mercury, the planet of communication's final hours here count. While tensions between your personal and relationship needs has dropped back and Mercury will return for a double dip visit next month, the only communication god on the field is about to leave. It will be your job to keep the communication lines open once he's gone.


Since Jupiter's return to your romantic sector last November, the Moon's monthly visit to an adventurous part of your chart has created a friendly alliance, while highlighting ongoing support. Yet while this is still fuelling a mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia, as it has done each month since Jupiter turned retrograde in April, there is a sense of confidence, excitement and anticipation that feels and is new.


Neptune's retrograde turn in your relationship sector over the weekend has turned the relationship gods' focus onto the past, at a time when the love gods are also focused on the past. This allows the love and relationship gods to work as a team, especially when it comes to releasing the past and any old ghosts that might still haunt you.


There is something both ordinary and the extraordinary about the Moon's monthly visit to your relationship sector this time around. Ordinary, because this will always fuel strong emotional responses and even push buttons. Yet extraordinary, in that this comes with a level of confidence and support not usually seen. Something is shifting and for the better.


Two days after the Moon left your romantic sector and before it returns to your relationship sector tomorrow, there is a need to hold onto the impact from these romantically charged lunar vibes. In particular to a new sense of romantic confidence and nostalgia, after dreamy Neptune's retrograde turn here last weekend.


Today's romantically charged lunar vibes have an exciting new quality to them. There is a sense of adventure not usually present, with a potent mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia that is a taste of things to come. The Moon will leave tomorrow, but what this is tapping into today is here to stay.


As Mercury, the planet of communication leaves your relationship sector today there should be a lot more urgency. It was only over the weekend that relationship tensions began to dial back and with a solar eclipse on the relationship front next week, having the communication lines open is vital. Fortunately, Mercury will return for a double dip visit next month, while also leaving you with enough support to keep the communication lines open.


To have the Moon in your communication sector as Mercury, the planet of communication returns to your relationship sector today is a serious advantage. Yet Mercury also returns to find Juno, goddess of all relationships just now settling in for a two month visit, her first in four years. Something special is developing on the relationship front and there is support between the communication and relationship gods from the get go.


Just six days before a rare total solar eclipse in your romantic sector, Mercury leaves today. However, not before having spent the last three weeks giving your heart a voice and putting heart and mind on the same page. With Mars in his last full week and Venus, the planet of love returning next week, this is a chance to get out of your head and let your romantic passions and fighting spirit take the lead.


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