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Daily Love Astro Horoscope

Daily Love Astro Horoscope
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Daily Love Astro Horoscope


21 June 2021


The Moon's departure from your relationship sector yesterday has left the Sun and Mercury, the planet of communication plenty to work with during their final hours together in your communication sector. It was the Moon's friendly aspect to both yesterday that has already begun the process of giving your emotional responses, relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice.


The Moon might return to your relationship sector every four weeks, but the timing makes this more than just a chance to become more emotionally engaged. This is the Moon's only visit while Venus, the planet of love is in your communication sector, with the Sun's return today adding to a sudden boost when it comes to giving your emotional responses and relationships a voice.


The Moon's left your romantic sector yesterday but it won't take much to keep the message from these romantically charged lunar vibes alive. It was the Moon's friendly aspect to the Sun yesterday that allows you to move into the final hours of your birthday month with a better sense of what you want from love over the course of this new solar year.


The Moon finds itself in the right place at the right time while playing its part in a growing mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia. The Moon is in your romantic sector and at a friendly aspect to lucky Jupiter as he turns retrograde in an adventurous part of your chart. This only visit while Venus, the planet of love is in Cancer will energise these romantically charged lunar vibes, just as the Sun returns to begin your birthday month and new solar year.


The Moon's departure from your communication sector yesterday will always leave you better able to wear your heart on your sleeve and keep the communication lines open. However, with a balance between your personal and relationship needs now more important than ever, so too is having the communication lines open. What the Moon started you can continue.


In a case of perfect timing, the Moon has returned to your communication sector just a few hours before Jupiter's retrograde turn in your relationship sector. A friendly aspect between the two, just as your relationship focus shifts to the past, will ensure that while the Moon is only passing through, this next chapter begins with a chance to give your emotional responses, relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice.


Even though the Moon is still two days away from your communication sector, you may find that it is becoming easier to keep the communication lines open on the relationship front. That is despite the fact that before leaving Libra yesterday the Moon clashed with planets on the relationship front. Any issues that this may have flushed out that are already benefiting from this.


Less than six weeks after returning to your romantic sector, Jupiter not only turns retrograde today but while surrounded by support. The Moon's return to Scorpio and the Sun's to an adventurous part of your chart will add to what Venus, the planet of love is already doing to embrace a mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia.


As the Sun leaves your relationship sector today, taking the solar spotlight off your relationships, a lot of the focus will shift to Mercury, now in his final days in retrograde motion here. As the planet of communication, Mercury is on a mission to ensure the communication lines are open and while he is here for another three weeks, the next two days are all about giving the past and unsaid words a voice.


While the Sun's return to your relationship sector today is something that happens at the same time every year, as the solar spotlight shifts onto your relationships there are some significant differences. The first is that with Mars already been and gone and Venus, the planet of love still here, you already have a good sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. The second is the communication support.


The Sun might take the solar spotlight off matters of the heart as it leaves your romantic sector today but this does not end the planetary activity or focus here. Instead, this is a chance to shift the focus onto Mercury's final days in retrograde motion and with the Sun gone, pay more attention to the doors still open to the past and second chances.


The Sun's return to your romantic sector today might always turn the solar spotlight onto matters of the heart at this time each year, what it finds is anything but the norm. The solar spotlight will reveal that Mars has already been and gone while his romantic passions and fighting spirit are being nurtured by Venus, the planet of love. Last year Venus didn't return to your romantic sector until August and Mars not at all.


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