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Daily Love Astro Horoscope

Daily Love Astro Horoscope
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Daily Love Astro Horoscope


26 November 2020


For the first time this year, the Moon has returned to Aries to find no planetary activity in your relationship sector and therefore with no push back. Subconsciously this might push some old buttons or you might react out of habit but this is where having the communication lines open comes in.


While Mercury will leave your relationship sector next week, the planet of communication can accomplish a lot before he leaves. With Venus, the planet of love in her early days here it is all about having the communication lines open, which will become easier as Mercury approaches an alignment with Juno, the queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships here tomorrow.


When Venus left your romantic sector last weekend she ended all planetary activity there, while the Sun's return to your relationship sector was just the start of a new chapter. While the solar spotlight is now on your relationships it won't take much to keep the spirit of romance alive and it couldn't be more important.


After nearly three years in your relationship sector, Saturn moves into his final three weeks here today with a countdown that was measured in years, months and then weeks now moving into days. In 21 days' time, a three year relationship boot camp will end and with Saturn not returning for another three decades, there is a chance to use this to create guidelines and structures for the future.


While the Sun, Moon and Mars are working together to add fuel to a mix of romance, passion and adventure, Saturn is drawing closer to your relationship sector by the day. Now just 21 days away, while Saturn won't displace the romantic focus now building this will put more focus on your relationships. However, this makes it important to fully embrace the spirit of romance.


The Moon's departure from your relationship sector and the emotional responses fuelled not only leave you more emotionally engaged during Neptune's final days in retrograde motion here but during Mercury, the planet of communication's final days in your communication sector. This is an important day for ensuring the communication lines are open.


After a friendly aspect to the Sun in your communication sector shortly after its return to your relationship sector yesterday, the Moon forms a friendly aspect to the South Node there. While you are still getting used to the Sun's support on the relationship front today is a chance to slip into something more familiar, with a chance to get back to basics though with things more transparent.


Thanks to the Moon's departure from your romantic sector yesterday there is a new sense of romantic confidence, nostalgia and anticipation. While nostalgia is more about the past and anticipation about the future with Venus, the planet of love in her first week in Scorpio and dreamy Neptune his final days in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, there is an overlapping of the two.


The Moon's first visit to your romantic sector since Mars' direct turn is both a chance to check in and for romantically charged lunar vibes to merge with Mars' romantic passions and fighting spirit in order to get things moving. The Moon and Mars align 12 days after his direct turn, just as things are ready to move forward.


While the Moon's return to your romantic sector tomorrow will set the scene for a romantically charged weekend, just as important was its departure from your communication sector yesterday. With no planetary activity on the relationship front, these monthly visits are vital for keeping the communication lines open and have left you with a better chance to give the past and unsaid words a voice.


With no planetary activity in your relationship sector but Jupiter and Saturn's return to Aquarius next month bound to highlight any balance issues between your personal and relationship needs, it couldn't be more important to have the communication lines open. An alignment between the Moon and Mars in your communication sector today provides the leverage needed to get anything stalled moving again.


The Moon's departure from Pisces yesterday has left you with more than just an intuitive read on dreamy Neptune's final days in retrograde motion here. A friendly aspect to Venus, the planet of love during her early days in an adventurous part of your chart has created a mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia that won't take much to hold onto.


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