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Weekly Pet Horoscope

Weekly Pet Horoscope

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Weekly Pet horoscope

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Weekly Pet Horoscope


Week beginning 14 January 2019


Wherever we live in the world, this is the time of year when temperatures are extreme, either too hot or too cold. I don't regulate my temperature in the same way that you do, so it might pay to watch that I am okay and that the weather isn't impacting on me too much. Mind you, I am not exactly a shrinking violet and I am bound to let you know if I'm not happy. The important question, is are you listening to me?


I am in two minds this week, especially when it comes to knowing whether I want to throw myself into everything I do or whether I should just take it easy. Chances are I will veer towards taking it easy and may appear lazy or unmotivated at times. Make the most of this, for this will slowly change over the coming weeks. When I am so full of nervous energy that I can't sit still, you will be looking back on these quieter times wistfully.


Don't be surprised if I appear a little needier this week, especially as appearances might be deceiving. It is not that I am feeling more needy and more that my heart is full with love and appreciation for you. My love is always unconditional, but this week I am more aware of just how important you are to me and I want to be close by. This means I might become a tripping hazard, literally under your feet a little too often.


This is an especially good week to look at my activity levels, aware that age appropriate exercise will not only help maintain my agility but my mental, physical and emotional health and well being. What makes this week different is that I am into it, wanting to be moving and active. If you find me literally chasing my own tail, it's because of a desire to move.


Until the Sun leaves my health sector on Sunday, the solar spotlight is literally on my health needs, as it is at this time every year. Fortunately this always coincides with the New Year, making this a good time to make those healthy resolutions for me that I can't make for myself. While the Sun is here any health issues will be more noticeable, with a need to pay attention.


I am still very much into play and having fun, but this will soon take on more serious implications, especially as a way to get a jump start on my annual health review, which begins over the weekend. For me, the word 'exercise' doesn't exist and instead, there is only the word 'play'. I can't get enough play this week, making this the perfect time to look ahead and see how to incorporate this in with my health needs. Chances are they are closely aligned.


I am not only a bit of a homebody this week, passionate about my territory and being in the middle of home and family life, but I am likely to be vocal about it. I will be on watch for anyone coming onto my territory and I won't be quiet about it. Even when visitors are in the home and it is obvious they are here I will still be telling you about it. Telling me I have done a good job should lower the noise levels.


While I am definitely not the diva I have been over recent months, I still know what I do and don't want. I may still be a little precious, turning my nose up at the things I don't like, I have come down off my high horse. You may call this being fussy, but I am more obliging and less high maintenance this week. Sometimes it really isn't worth making a fuss.


Even though my birthday month ended before Christmas, I am still full of the kind of energy and buzz that takes hold at this time of year. It is not just any kind of energy and buzz but a joyful one, making me feel happy and content. The flip side is that this might be turning me into a bit of a diva, a lot more aware of what I do and don't want. I might be in a glass half full mood, but I expect that glass to be filled.


My birthday month doesn't end until Sunday, giving you nearly the whole week to make sure that it doesn't end without celebrating my birthday. Just kidding, though if we haven't celebrated already, I won't say no to treats or some special attention. What I really need you to do before my birthday month ends, is to make those healthy resolutions for the coming year that I can't make for myself.


With my birthday month starting on Sunday I am feeling a tingle of anticipation, but for the most part I need time to rest and nap. This is something that happens every year, with the weeks leading up to my birthday month taking the wind out of my sails. I hear that it happens to you, except often you don't pay attention and push through. I have the luxury of being able to turn into a bit of a couch potato.


While I am feeling a lot more sociable, by the end of the week I will be ready to let you know when I have had enough and need some time out. I love company and over the holiday period, in particular, I have loved it with extra visitors coming to the house or if I've been able to get out and about. Yet this is just starting to wear thin or at least it will by the end of the weekend. By Sunday, if I appear rattled, it could be that my social calendar has been a little too full.


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