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Weekly Pet Horoscope

Weekly Pet Horoscope

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Weekly Pet horoscope

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Weekly Pet Horoscope


Week beginning 18 March 2019


Be warned, I am likely to be all over the place this week, though things will probably settle back as we approach the weekend. I don't have a lot of energy to start with, but then the next thing you know I'm practically bouncing from wall to wall, I am so excited. Thursday's Full Moon might throw me for a loop as well, though in a short, sharp blast. By Friday I will feel more settled, just in time embrace the start of my birthday month.


No wonder I am such a help for you, always calm, centred and unaffected by the stresses and challenges of the real world. Time spent with me puts things in perspective. Or at least that's how it is supposed to go. Thursday's Full Moon turn the tables, needing you to comfort me, as I look for your calm expression and demeanour to trust that all is well in my world. It is nothing more than a powerful Full Moon temporarily catching me off guard.


For the most part, I am likely to on a low energy setting this week, with advice to make the most of it while it lasts. For the reason that I am low on energy is that my tanks on empty, but with a fresh supply arriving next week, I will soon have so much nervous energy that you will be longing for this quieter version. Meanwhile, while my friends might be rattled by Thursday's Full Moon, I will find it fun and exciting. I might even find the energy to want to come out and play.


I don't know why Full Moons have a bigger impact on me than almost anyone I know and that includes other animals, but they do. For that reason, you might need to wrap me in cotton wool, metaphorically speaking, during Thursday's Full Moon. It is less that this Full Moon is any more potent and more that it catches even me off guard. Apart from that, I am having a good week.


You know that I look I get sometimes, that look that says 'I know what you're thinking', well expect that at the start of the week. If it looks like I can read your mind, in a way this is partly true, for my sixth sense is especially sharp, while a sense of curiosity will see me want to figure things out. By midweek I'll most probably lose interest, as I continue to follow where a sense of curiosity leads.


While I am still likely to want to stick close by this week, wanting to be your shadow and to do what you do or at least watch you, this is only under certain conditions. Let's face it, you are not always exciting to watch 24/7 and if there is something more interesting happening somewhere else, I will be off. I don't need you to entertain me, but if you're just sitting there I could become bored.


For the most part, this will be a good week for me. I will be feeling energetic when I need to be and able to relax when I feel the need as well. The exception could be Tuesday, with this week's Full Moon catching me off guard, both by the fact that I won't see it coming and by its impact. This Full Moon could rattle my nerves, but then will be over before I realise what's hit.


This is a week of two halves for me, with a playful energy in effect until Thursday's Full Moon and then a more serious effect after that. This is something I will blame on the Full Moon, after all, there are playful solar vibes before then and afterwards, they're gone. This is more a coincidence, but as this will herald a need to look closer at my health needs, the playful energy at the start of the week is a good way to get me active.


While I will remain a homebody all week, this will be especially so in the first half of the week. Yet this comes in a week where I have a lot of restless energy and a need to be active and moving. If I don't get enough exercise be warned, I will use our home as my personal gym, working out where and when I can. This will merge with a playful energy that Thursday's Full Moon will unleash.


I am feeling a lot more confident this week and that is good for body, mind and soul. When I am feeling more confident I am less likely to worry or feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. Despite the fact that Thursday's Full Moon is both strong and comes unannounced, it is unlikely to put a dent in that confidence and if anything, might even give it a boost.


Don't be surprised if my inner diva is well and truly on display this week and especially in the early part of the week, when I am likely to rebel against being told what to do or what I can or can't have. Normally I take the sneaky approach, waiting until you're not watching. However, I actually like the drama and a chance to make a song and dance over things. Meanwhile, I am going to love Thursday's Full Moon, unleashing a sense of wanderlust.


My birthday month comes to an end on Thursday and that means we only have a few days to celebrate. However, I am not a stickler for the rules and if you want to go on making a fuss of me after my birthday month ends, I won't complain. If we haven't celebrated my birthday, while the Sun is still in Pisces is the best time though. This is also the best time to take a closer looks at where my needs may have changed as I age, making the healthy new intentions that I can't make for myself.


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